You Do Deserve “Happily Ever After”

Getting the Happy Ending You Should

How do you know if you’re ready to move on? Do you really spend quality time together? Are you sad more than you’re happy? The relationship is clearly not meeting your needs, and yet you are still questioning whether you should stay or go. There was a glimpse in the beginning, your relationship started on such a high and you simply cannot move on because you want that high, you deserve that connection, you deserve that happily ever after relationship, that romantic feel-good movie relationship. Often weeks or months pass and you find yourself settling for so much less than the ideal relationship. You are confused and looking for answers. But wait! You did all the right things, you ask questions, and you communicated your future plans. This can’t be happening.

You were the perfect couple in the beginning and you let yourself visualize just how the future could be together. You saw the strong relationship you have been dreaming about and said this must be the one. And then, that person pulls back and distanced them self and everything changed. You just do not understand what happened. Answer is it could be a number of factors or simply cold feet, could be career is not where it needs to be, or it could be the person is just unavailable, noncommittal or playing games.

You must try to assess the situation from your point of view. Love yourself enough to do what it takes now to get the life you deserve! You must love yourself enough to be honest, do not make excuses for their behavior. Do not defend their behavior especially to yourself. You deserve better, and sometimes that means letting go and moving on! For decades, Hollywood has given us countless romantic movies and examples that painted a beautiful picture of relationships and living happily ever after, no matter what the odds or outside distractions.

It’s true, you do deserve a happy healthy relationship, and many times the glimpse or the beginning of a relationship is just the preview and not the actual relationship. Many times the other person is caught up in a drama or karma in their life or their focus is elsewhere, and bottom line, you do not seem to be a priority, or they choose not to step up to a long term commitment. This is when you have to love yourself enough to take off the rose-colored glasses and look at the big picture of where you are and where you want to go, and stop investing yourself into a unhealthy relationship. Go get the happily ever after ending you do deserve!

When all the signs are there that the relationship is not working and you’re not happy, then stop, breathe and regroup. Because the world, the universe, is full of an abundant life of joy and happiness waiting for you to discover. Does it take work? Yes! For you to stay and settle for less than you deserve, honestly, is more painful and harder work, and it’s just not fair to you. You must find a way to believe and love yourself enough to uncover the happy relationship you do deserve. Think of it like a scavenger hunt, with the prize being happiness. You go to the door and ask for an item on your list such as love, honesty, trust, or stability, and the person says “I have some of those things on the list, let me get them,” and they bring a few items and keep you waiting and waiting for the others. The longer you stand at the door and wait, the more valuable time you miss, and then they bring something close to the things on your list, but it still falls short of an exact match.

Well, guess what — close is not what you’re looking for, and close will not win the prize. You’re looking for the real thing. And while the glimpse in the beginning looked exactly like what you wanted, the truth is that the other items on the list are just not there, and it matters. Yes, many people know the beginning steps to starting a relationship, but it seems that few know how to maintain the relationship and go the distance. That’s where you have to keep looking at your list and re-evaluating what you’re receiving every step of the way. Many relationships are mere stepping-stones to another so perhaps you can appreciate true love when you have it. Sometimes it may seem easier to hold on to what will never be than allow yourself to start the process of looking for another. But the tears and the swollen eyes should cleanse the view, not cloud your judgment. Please do not cheat yourself out of what will be the best relationship your heart has ever known. Remember, if it’s not “Happily ever after “ then it’s time to love yourself enough to move on. If I can help in this process, don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    ” Many relationships are mere stepping-stones to another so perhaps you can appreciate true love when you have it. Sometimes it may seem easier to hold on to what will never be than allow yourself to start the process of looking for another. ”

    I agree with the above quote…..nice article, Deejay !


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