Signs She Wants to Have Sex

Signs to recognize when a woman wants to have sex might include late night invitations, playful touch or even her modeling different clothing for you.

Understanding Her Sexual Cues

While it may seem to women that they are being quite direct regarding their sexual interest in a man, sometimes a guy would prefer clearer messages. Whether or not a women wants to play coy (or perhaps is just shy!) regarding her sexual invitations, there are some recognizable signs of sexual interest that will help take the guessing out of the interpretation game!

Any Handsy-Ness With the Nether Regions

If she’s going straight for the kill, or close enough with, say, a hand on your upper, inner thigh, odds are it’s a direct invitation to fully explore said region with her.

The 2 AM Invitation Back to Her Place

If the hour is indeed late and she still invites you inside for “a drink,” she’s probably looking for more than just a drinking companion. Whenever a lady invites you into her personal space at a time when she would otherwise be in bed, you’ve got a great shot at sharing her bed along with that whiskey on the rocks.

“Embark on an active journey to see what romantic potentials may await.” – Althea ext. 9582

Your Own Private “Fashion” Show

If she’s inviting you to a private viewing of her swimwear, underwear, or sexy nightwear, odds are she’s letting you know she wants you to see her in them and then get her out of them (especially if she’s changing in front of you!).

Play Wrestling

When a woman wants to get physical with a man, playful physicality can be a subtle invitation. She clearly wants to roll around on the floor with you, body parts colliding, etc. and there is a definite playfulness involved which also translates appealingly into the bedroom.

“Sex can be very emotional, but remember to look at sex in a practical view too so that it won’t dictate how you think you feel emotionally. If you can enjoy a person with or without sex, then that’s a special connection.” – Leo ext. 5265

Her Favorite Topic of Conversation is Sex

Unless she’s a nymphomaniac, if she chooses to engage in sex talk with you, you know she’s definitely got sex on her mind, and she wants to share it with you. Lascivious expressions can serve quite effectively as foreplay for her, so listen up for provocative phrases spoken with a gleam in her eye—this sexual serenade is just for you!

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34 thoughts on “Signs She Wants to Have Sex

  1. Dave

    I was on Meet me while back a Young lady ask me would you date someone like me? I then ask her why would you question your self?I dont try to date anyone that I have nt known for a while. Im very personable about who and what kind of a peron I deal with. Lets face it sex is as personal as two people can get. We all as grown Adults should be careful who and what kind of people we let into those most secret parts of our souls. Its so scarey to think someone might just be so careless they would just take a chance so affecting all those around them. We must think of what cosequinces may follow being promiociuos and wreckless about the people we suround ourselves with!I do believe we should be forth coming with our partners. In all cases be so cautious and know who it is your getting jiggy with!

  2. Marta

    Randy, It’s really nice to hear a guy say what you said about wanting to be stimulated intellectually first and that guys get more picky as they age. My boyfriend is the same way. We had been friends for a year before anything physical happened. He is very smart and I know he appreciates my intelligence as well as my body. We are both at the half century mark. lol With that kind of attitude, I wouldn’t think you would have a problem finding a good woman. Good Luck!

  3. Marta

    Randy, It’s really nice to hear a guy say what you said about wanting to be stimulated intellectually first and that guys get more picky as they age. My boyfriend is the same way and so we had been friends only for a year before anything ph

  4. lost

    that is even more funny that some bone head named cassandra is on here asking questions that dont even apply to the topic, thanks alot chick. my name is also cassandra, AKA CRS

  5. Michael

    Love the Article….Wonder what happened to my wife? seems the farthest thing from her Mind! In her Late 50’s, Cougar….Uhmph…Still looking for her Cougarism, Playfulism, Etc!

  6. Marge

    I agree! I was recently with someone I found very attractive and wanted to have sex with and all of those things happened…naturally!

  7. kavin

    I think a woman should just keep it real tell me what she’s feeling and if I’m feeling the same then we can see where it goes from there. Contray to popular belief, men have female friends that they have no sexual intrest in. We don’t spend alot of time with them but when were together we just want to be friends in a relaxing non-sexual setting. Yes, it’s true when were young we’ll have sex with a female monster if it’s friendly enough, but as we mature we become very selective. Now times are so much worse, we have to contend with the thoughts that you may be a virus carrier. My whole point is that you (ladies) should do the easiest thing with us men and tell us what you have in mind and if we have like desires we’ll definitly gravitate towards those goals, on the other hand you can waste hours giving signals that we see as something other than sex. We don’t want to do something that will exclude us from getting closer to you, so assuming you mean sex (if we really like you) is just not an option…

  8. Gezim

    Will I ever come into a lot of money? If so, how will It come into this money and when will I have this money in my savings account! and if I will be lucky?

  9. Randy

    I am more confused now more than ever I respect women but I have been in the place where I felt like Ineed to run away. I not the kind of person who would go for sex for the fun of it I need to be stimulated intelectually to see what I have under the hood. This takes more time and most girls now don’t want to take this time and I’m not going for pot luck and hope that would come next.

  10. karel

    This is in Response to (Antonio) There are Plenty of Articles Etc on-line for Tips on getting “things” back on track. Just Goggle & give some a try. From a Women’s perspective, of course. If they don’t work, you’ve got your answer!

  11. Linda

    The problem today is most of the guys want sex for a one night fling, or non-serious relationship. Girls do not expose yourself to all kinds of Venerial Disease over some
    pig who wants his weene wet! If more women would wait, we wouldn’t have so many impatient men drooling on us. I like sex but I am not going to sprad my legs for any
    guy who shows a little interest in me. Think of the pigs that have fathered more than four
    children, who are not married, fail to support their children, maybe it will be easier to keep
    your legs closed!

  12. sbsteinb1Suzanne

    I don’t believe any of the assumptions in this article are accurate. However from learning the hard way I think as a woman it is important to know these assumptions so that we can avoid being forced into sex. I think these assumptions are the reason for so many men’s over-reactions, and sometimes even rapes. I think often the problem isn’t men not knowing a woman’s sex drive I think it is men not understanding what woman need. Slometimes what may look like an inventation into our bedrooms is really a desire to be loved, and we all need love. Sometimes a non phyiscal relationship can heal deeply what a body could never touch. Those sometimes are the hard truths and dissapointments that woman experience with men who are to eager to see between her legs than her mind.

  13. Randy

    The old sag here I guess I’ve missed alot of good things. To bad for me 50+ people needs a map. LOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Shawn Catherine Fisher

    Well-put, indeed! Now … How about interpreting “his” signals for “Go” or “No-Go?” Thanks! 🙂

  15. TERRY

    I’m An VIRGO man in Love with a Aquarius woman can we MAKE IT WORK I love HER very very mush………………………..

  16. Bronwyn Maddison

    Interesting perspectives.I would agree with most,but I have to say that I love to talk about sex & will do so with men mainly out of interest in masculine perspectives,or simply enjoying story-telling about my previous[v.previous!] sexual adventures & wanting 2 hear theirs-it is in no way an invitation to bed,with me,though it could be……
    As an astrologer I know that there are certain signs-not necessarily the sun-sign-who will talk the head off a donkey on any subject,given the chance-mainly Gemini,Sagittarius & Aries.
    Ciao,Bronwyn x

  17. Manohar Hnduja

    I m Manohar Hinduja age 49 yrs ( widow ) my wife expired two years ago having a Son I would liike to have your mails India time morning 9 AM is it possible may be I will be wanted to talk to you in future
    Regards & Thanks
    Manohar Hinduja

  18. Michele

    Will I ever come into a lot of money? If so, how will It come into this money and when will I have this money in my savings account????

    Will I ever have a true love again. And can you give me his first name? Or can you give me his first initial. Do I already know him?

  19. Parmida

    thanks to tng me know how can I ask fo rsex, could you please write an articl about those wife who their husbands are cold in sex?
    I’m caraving for sex badly, and my husband is a huge potato.
    I don’t know should I cheat? divorce? or what when other guys aproach to me, and I have a great body and normal beauty , but myhusband is potato yet

  20. Loraine

    What a load of tosh, no wonder guys push and push when you ask them in for a coffee, To me you have been out on a date with a guy it is only polite to offfer him a night cap before he goes home, sometimes women are attacted to guys and a way to show this is through physical contact, not full on sex, the last one is spot on if a woman is talking sex talk with you then yes she probably does want sex, the rest, well she probably just likes your company and wants to have fun with you, thats fun spelt F U N NOT S E X. So go easy guys, unless she is talking dirty to you don’t push your luck 🙂


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