Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

It’s the Thought That Counts, Right?

When you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, it’s often a good to consider which gift ideas to avoid so as not to ruin the night or any chance you have at romantic success. Unless any of these items were specifically requested by your sweetie, the following list features Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to put a major kink in your big romantic night.

Anything to Do With Exercise

Nothing drops a hint better than exercise equipment, clothes, or gym memberships. If you think you’ve found a clever way to induce your partner to lose a little weight without insulting her, you’re sadly mistaken. All you’ll achieve with this gift is hurting her feelings on a romantically special day.

Cleaning Equipment

This should be a no-brainer, but alas, there will still be someone out there this year attempting to gift his or her significant other with a state-of-the-line vacuum cleaner, Dustbuster, etc. While they may be useful gifts, they rate zero on the romance meter, so get back out there and pick up something from the heart!

Cooking Products

Unless he or she has an avid love of cooking or has had their eye on a specific product, this is a gift that lacks creativity at the very least, and at worst says “cook for me!”

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Misfitted Underwear

Ok, you should know the approximate size of your lover at this point, or if you don’t, make the effort to find out before you purchase something “sexy” for them. The last thing you want to tell your partner with your gift is that they would look great in something—if only they were thinner or more well-endowed!

Cheap Liquor

Nothing says “I love you” like a cheap bottle of booze! You’re better off buying a $5 stuffed animal at this point.

Grooming Supplies

Again, even though the gift may be useful in your eyes, it’s not romantic and makes a statement that their personal grooming needs some improvement.

Self-Help Books

This is not the occasion to tell your dearie that they need to work on their inner-self. So leave the spiritual guidebooks for another day, and focus on celebrating the love and desire you two have for one another.

Fake Jewelry

If it’s not within your budget to buy them the real deal, you’re better off purchasing something else. It’s wise to avoid the symbolism attached to gifts that are “fake” or “artificial.”

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Anything You’ve Wanted for Yourself

A surefire way to end the relationship is to give gifts intended for your enjoyment. Your partner will see right through this, and you’ll be lucky if you can salvage a romantic night after this stunt!

It’s safe to say that selfish gift-giving, where the gift is more for the benefit of the giver, will always end badly. Giving a gift that says you either don’t know them that well or don’t care to take the time to get them something special to them can be equally as insulting. Focus on coming from the heart and being sensitive to your partner’s needs with your gift-giving this Valentine’s Day, and watch how the sparks fly!

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39 thoughts on “Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

  1. Lis

    The best gift I have ever received was my daughter being born. Although every valentines day was always made special by my husband, he always gives me flowers candy and beautiful cards. But this particular day feb 14 2000 was the day we had our baby girl. We planned to get pregnant two months later I was. I had to have an induced labor and the doctor asked me to pick a day feb 13 or 14 and I picked the 14 th what a wonderful day! I love valentines day. But now I feel sorry for the guy that dates her the bar is set pretty high:)

  2. Jean Claude Concepcion

    Hope everyone has a beautiful day on the 14, whether with someone or not. I will spend it without anyone this year. I wish the best for everyone who doesn’t have that special someone.

  3. Charrmayne ext.5058

    I always make sure to give myself my own Valentine gift. This way, I’m sure to get a gift that I love for Valentines Day. LOL!!!

  4. c

    I was lucky enough to date the guy who buys gifts that HE will like and use, also many times received things he already owned, re-wrapped. Once I got a bunch of photos of him, ones that he pulled out of a shoe box and stuck in an old frame. At least he wrapped it? needless to say, he’s no longer my boyfriend.

  5. Annie

    I had the worst Valentine’s Day ever…I found out that I was expecting a baby and had told my husband. I was so excited, I had actually sat and thought/wondered about this little one. You know like the color of its eyes, if it was a boy or a girl (I already had 3 girls), what this baby would be like, happy like the rest of them. My husband came home from work and told me he didn’t want the baby, and that I needed to get rid of it. He didn’t want anymore kids. I was devastated, hurt beyond belief. I had no college education to get a good job, and no full time job…so I went….so hurt and destroyed….and yes…it was on Valentine’s Day. I lost my son that day, I can’t begin to tell you the pain and heartache of what I’d done. Yup….I hate Valentine’s Day….and I don’t plan on ever celebrating that so called heartless holiday again!

  6. Agness Green

    Never-in my life have I had a valentine DATE–nosereee–I was married for a long time–nope’–I been single a long time–NOPE’–I am the cutest thing and a very nice girl and appreciative but I think a little scary–All it would take is a nice card–or a hug–or dinner–or making love all night or for time alotted. YEPE’ gOT RED HAIR AND A CUTE LITTLE FIGURE–STAND BACK BOYS–i WILL NEVER GET BIGGER– I am going to get a dozen red roses–some chocolets–a new nightie and take myself to dinner–I WILL have a fun and pleseant evening–HAPPY VALETINE DAY!!

  7. joe&sharon

    To all u woman who as been dumped hurt an lied hope this story touches u an encourage to to keep looking n the right one will come around here is my story I was with a lieing cheating no careing sob I asked him one night do u ever see us married he said no n my reply was this. This relationship is over get out then I met the most amazing man in jan of 2011 n may of 2011 we were married he loves me unconditionaly an as valetines day gets closer so do we an he show me what true love is an what romance is all about now we are expecting our first child so I. Say to u all keep your eyes an heart open cause one day the one u been looking for will find youan the happily ever after starts

  8. C. Adams

    I would think the best gift I could ever receive for valentines has no monetary value….. yet it is priceless. Forgiveness. Best to you all, and for those of you that are in loving relationships, cherish and protect them. Peace and love. C

  9. Kerri

    Worst gift I ever got was being in jail surrounded by a bunch of women.

    The best gift that I could think of would be something inexpensive but that came from the heart. An original poem that shows thought and effort, a red rose. A day shared together, a simple breakfast, a scenic walk, a relaxing coffee, a romantic dinner. The most romantic dinner wouldn’t be at a restaurant that is too busy. No a dinner at home we make together, nothing even really fancy but what we both like to eat, and candlelight.

    The most meaningful gifts I’ve ever given have been modest but picked out with a lot of thought re what the recipient would enjoy.

    Oh, I’ve never had this one, but think twice about buying your sweetie Ultra Slim Fast…

  10. Lisa from Chicago

    Last year, This Jerk I was with at the time. Led me to believe, that I was the one for him and that he “loved me”. When Valentine`s Day came around, I gave him a few nice gifts. Which he really liked. He gave me a lameass card with a few small boxes of chocolate covered strawberries. He said he had no money. So I bought dinner. At the time I didn`t mind. Because, he had done nice things for me in the past. But heres the kicker. That A-hole left me days later. He couldn`t give me a good reason or be a real man about it. That bastard left me hanging. I would like to say. What a Lieing, Cheating, Peace of S**t He Really is. For leading me on the way that he did. Just to s**t on me like that. But it`s all good. What comes around, goes around. I believe that no good Sleazy Jerk is getting his. So Valentine`s was nothing but BS for me.

  11. jianne

    i dont remember anything special bout v-day!!..=( coz its either im far w/ my love one or i’m single when it comes.
    i think what ever u receive,u just have to accept it and thank him..it doesnt matter at all as long as he remembers u or he made an effort..and most importantly is
    that u celebrate v-day or any special occasions together..

  12. Katherin

    After all these comments, I consider myself a lucky gal!
    Since my b-day on the 9th is so close to V-Day, my hubby and I celebrate them together…this yr, he’s taking me to Pismo Bch, out to dinner and the on th beach w/ a card and a surprise present…I wish all of you love and happiness in the future! Love comes when you least expect it!…xoxo the Kat’s “meow”

  13. Connie

    I just read the comments and can`t believe there was another woman that got a divorce on Valentine`s Day!! I thought my cheating husband was original on that one!! Men, they really take the cake, don`t they!!!

  14. Connie

    My worst Valentine`s Day gift was back in 1993 when my husband asked me for a divorce! Can anyone top that one???? Needless to say that I was thrilled after being with him for almost 20 years and had two small children to support and take care of you a foreign country.

  15. Holliday

    A number of things on this list wouldn’t bother me if I received them as a gift. I don’t have a problem getting exercise videos or equipment as gifts. Heck, I ASK for them(I’m an avid exerciser). My husband never gets them for me because HE considers them unromantic. The same with cleaning equipment. I asked for a Swiffer Wet Jet for Christmas one year and he told me emphatically that he wasn’t buying me a mop for Christmas.

    He always got me a stuffed bear for Valentine’s Day. A couple times it was delivered to me at work by a person dressed as a bear. I have way too many now, so I don’t get the bear for Valentine’s Day anymore. Cooking products would be useless for me because the hubby is the cook in the house, not me(I buy that stuff for him). Expensive liquor, never mind cheap, would be a wasted gift because I can’t stand the taste of anything alcoholic.

    I remember when hubby got me a silk flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day and all the women I worked with were horrified and outraged. “He got you fake flowers for Valentine’s Day?” It was gorgeous and I still have it. If the flowers had been real they would’ve died some time ago.

  16. Jan

    My husband of 34 years, who I loved very much, filed for divorce on Valentines Day. It takes a real prince to do that. So for those of you thinking about breaking up, don’t do it on Valentines Day. Instead, do something to show your appreciation for all the good times you’ve had. That’s the memory you’ll both carry with you on this “day of love” for years to come.

  17. sammie

    Why make Valintine’s Day such a big deal… why not do something special everyday… that is what means more… The best Valentine’s I had was last year where I spent the weekend in bed with my love… no gifts were exchanged but each other… I did cheat and bought him a rose 2 days earlier…

  18. Debra Dennis

    It’s sad when a man acts as though he really likes you, then all of a sudden he just doesn’t call you anymore. Hurray! There is a holiday coming up.

  19. Debra Dennis

    It’s really strange how men will talk to you for days or months; as soon as a holiday come up you do not hear from them for a while.

  20. Fiona x5178

    Although it happened years ago I’ve never forgotten–The worst Valentine’s Day gift I ever got was during my college days when my boyfriend tried to give me a recycled sex toy. During the ensuing argument because of it, he accidently hurt himself with it, and he left crying. We aren’t together any more.
    Gina Rose – I must say that if I got a vacum cleaner for a Valentine’s Day gift, I would use my creativity in such a way that the man who gave it to me would probably find that I’d done something with it he never dreamed a vacum cleaner could be made to do. Imagination can be a wonderful thing!

  21. Cyndy Prince

    A beautiful heart shape box it was something I had never seen ….Until I opened it ….and there it was BEAUTIFUL chocolates! Different shapes and sizes….Looked YUMMIE!!! I was given BUGS!!!! Grasshoppers,bumble bees,ants, Oh my God ! Maybe that is why I don’t care for chocolates!!!

  22. shelly

    My Ex husband gave me a box of 1/2 eaten candy one Valentines Day. When I asked why he did that he said you would have shared it with me anyway. Thank God he’s gone!
    I have Mr. Wonderful now, he buys me Godiva chocolate, a dozen roses, takes me to a great restaurant and takes me shopping. Most of all he LOVES AND RESPECTS ME!

  23. rosemary

    the best v-day gift i could get,a divorce. i can no longer put up with my husband and his girl friend,he says he doesn’t have, but i overheard him bragging about her. she can have him lock stock and barrel,then when she finds out how mean,crue and nasty he is she will feel sorry for me,and wonder how i stood him for so long,30 years,i have been married to this cheater. and we were only married for 8 months when he sexually assaulted a friend of mine .even had an affair with a gay woman in our home while i was at work,i walked in on them unexpectantly, caught them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes ,i never once got a valentine card or anything, par for him i guess. well hope all the women of the world have a great v-day

  24. Josie

    Mine gift is easy, spend time with me. I don’t care for most traditional gifts, though since I do love cooking…new gadgets for the kitchen is always welcomed (I get that from my mom!). I’ll pass on the cleaning supplies. I don’t like a lot of jewlary, and though I love flowers, I’m a bit picky on them.

  25. Violet

    I’m with Doc on this one. As a Frenchman once said to me about Valentine’s Day, “If you have to pick just one day in February to celebrate love, you have problems.” (It was February 13th, and we had just walked into a steakhouse decorated with creepy stuffed bears holding plastic roses. It was hilarious, but also scary.)

    However, cut the guys a little slack on the presents! If a man gets it together to give you anything, even if it’s a stick with a bow tied around it, at least he’s remembered to make an effort. The best Valentine’s present I ever got was a single pink hyacinth.

  26. connie

    omg come on men quit cheaping out, I believe you would get more of what you want , all woman want gifts we could brag about or show off.

  27. jane

    Great advice. About the stuffed animal option though — fine if you’re 13. Go for a single rose if you can’t afford anything else. Yes, it’s the thought that counts as long as you’re thinking with your heart.

  28. Gayle Martin

    Sometimes the simplest gift works the best. Roses, or flowers, a romantic night on the town, or even a bottle of her favorite perfume. What she really wants the most is a few hours of your undivided attention.

  29. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I was once given a vacuum cleaner on Valentines Day……I never voiced my displeasure , but I was a bit disappointed ….and a bit sad even after that.

    I didn’t expect, or even want, a lavish or expensive gift……but I heartfelt card and a single rose would have been much more appreciated.

  30. virgo2757

    Worst Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was, at first sight, a very cute sweatshirt with bears holding hearts on the front; what spoiled it for me was my boyfriend (in his early ’30’s and still living at home) telling me his mom found it at a garage sale.

  31. Melo MP3

    Eish unfortunately for me I’ll be spending valentines day alone. My doctor she told me to stay away from girls 4 2weeks. Eish and this was 1st week and my 2nd week will b my 2nd week. I haven’t told her yet I don’t know how 2tell her that I won’t with her!!!!!!!!! I know I love her and she’s the only woman in my life, she’s the only1 I’m dating. I wish I could marry her 1day. But now I just hop she understand!!!!!!! Melo


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