What Women Want in Men

Do Men Need More Than Money and Good Looks?

Money? A stable job? Good looks? While all of these factors are appreciated when women find men they are attracted to, they aren’t actually the deciding factors when it truly comes down to having a serious, long-term, loving relationship. Women find a variety of characteristics in men very attractive and some not so attractive. Some of the most favorable traits are discussed below and usually can mean the difference between a dating companion and the men they will say “I do” to.

He’s a Communicator 

Women love men who communicate. They enjoy a man who can discuss anything from the light and fluffy to the deep and dark. This doesn’t mean he has three smart phones, four email accounts, two laptops and a pager. Men who are communicators ask you about your day, talk about the weather, hold a deep conversation about the meaning of life and expresses their intimate feelings for you all in one day. A man who isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind and who can keep a conversation flowing by showing interest is a keeper in most women’s books.

He Shows Affection and Love

A man who can physically show how he feels on a daily basis and who holds your hand proudly everywhere you go is a man to love. Women want men who have the ability to show how much they care, whether it is through a soft caress and loving whisper or a big bear hug and smooch when you see each other. The majority of women love to be cuddled and adored when they are in a relationship and if the man they are with has no problem showing this type of affection, he is probably the marrying type.

He is Respectful

Does you man treat you like his queen? Does he show his appreciation when you have really helped him out? Does he express how much he values you when you are there for him during rough times? Does he put your needs ahead of his own and stand beside you when you need him to be your rock? If he does, your man is a keeper!

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Ambition is a Key Factor

Women tend to be attracted to men with ambitions and goals. 30-year-old men who sits around all day playing video games, snacking on potato chips and who don’t think of their futures and how they can improve are usually not the type of men wanted by many women looking for long-term relationships. Men who dream big and aren’t afraid to move towards their dreams, even if it is a small step at a time, are marriage material. Women want men who wants to improve, learn and grow in life along with them. Simply put, women want a teammate in life—someone who is going to fight the odds with them and put in whatever effort is required to make their lives together a fulfilling one.

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35 thoughts on “What Women Want in Men

  1. April

    Yes ! All Ture , but I got to say equal is how I see it too, and what happens if one partner can’t work dose it all go south , I think comunaction is the #1 in a friendship/ relationship , it’s what to people put into it , it’s a big job just like work . work hard at your relationship tooo,

  2. Bella

    Cj I know it’s not on / or with you … Nor does is it have anything 2 do with you or what you might of said / did … I don’t think you did / said NATA wrong so don’t feel bad ok .. So it must be only with him , FYI I know you know this yes you deserve 2 be treated like a queen everyday !!!! Plz rest assure your not the only 1 who is left broken hearted , all my warmest wishes towards / 4 you … I’m keeping the / my faith 2 … I hope this helps out … 🙂

  3. Bella

    I’m so glad I’m not worried about finding my soul mates aka a “man” = “” MEN “” right now .. “” it is what it is “” … I’m very positive person but not right now when it come 2 all “” MEN “” !!! when it comes 2 / with love / romance 4 me NO thank you, I’m waiting 4 my soulmate 2 come / find me, yes I know he’s out there just waiting 4 me as I am waiting patiently 4 him 2 lol 😉 … FYI I’m doing / I have done all of thee above lol , I’m in a great place 2 give / receive love , however it said earlier back in January 2013 that our love life 4 us CaPRICORNS love life would be rocky road but it would / will be back on track just after the last retro in 2013 like it was back in February 2013 lol I know I can’t wait , but until then I’ll wait BCZ I got a lot 2 do with my busy 1 track legal mind / hectic Capricorn schedule anyway lol .. Yes / yeah , How sweet it is between black box & TW .. That melts my heart / how wonderful 4 y’all 2 AND good 4 y’all 2 … This is why I still believe in love 🙂 BCZ yes love is stepping out on your faith 2 but 2 even be able 2 trust – open up your heart 2 receive love / 2 love back it takes a lot of faith & courage in these times … yes love IS full of kindness or it should be # 1 = hopeful !!!! yes the greatest of these is love = however IT requires you / 1 to be very patient until you work out your difference / issues … I’m waiting 4/ OR 4 my until soulmate comes around / comes about , finds me 1st lol .. I’m so so 🙂 happy 4 TW & black box , yes I applaud y’all BCZ y’all recognize how much y’all love , miss , need 2 support each other in bad / good times , sounds like y’all have / got a plan, good 4 y’all 4 acknowledge / seeing this / IT 4 what y’all do mean 2 each other 2 .. 🙂 psps I see y’all do the …… Between your sentences Just like I do how ironic is that , all my warmest best wishes 4/ 2 the both of y’all … Good luck 🙂 🙂

  4. bionic brain

    I need and article given to us with a list of what MEN want.

    It seems that they are so so so so hard to please that they change women like they change
    socks or change underwear.

    We need someone to teach us how to get a man to give us a second date.

  5. Erin

    I have found a man like this. And he is not stereotypically attractive, but I am in love with him for all of the reasons above. And I had pretty much given up on finding love or being in a loving relationship again. He owns his own business and has ambitions about making it better. But he enjoys video games and eating junk food, too. For some reason that doesn’t bother me. It’s his hobby, and he has so many good qualities. I’m not a parasite on him, like some commentors have complained about women. In fact, I make much more money than he does. But that doesn’t matter. He meets my other needs, even if we have disagreements and we continue to grow and evolve together. This article is very true.

  6. cj

    I had all this with a wonderful man. Then one day he was very distant with me, no touching, no hand holding, no longer listening. I told him I still get butterflies when I see him. He said he doesnt anymore. We had been dating for almost 4 months. I thought we were going to have a future together, but then he didnt like when I said we were a couple, he said he wanted a best friend. Why would a man treat you like a Queen and then be like that. I dont understand. I am heart broken. Does anyone have any idea what could have changed things

  7. Dama

    Women want men with an open heart. Men want women happy enough with *herself* that he can open up.

    Women: you need to be happy in your own skin

    Men: You need to be the hero that shows her you see she’s radiant all on her own.

    Watch the magic 🙂

  8. TW

    My Big Rooster
    Yes you OVERWHELM me with your love….we do most of this for sure and will always be close

  9. TW

    My Big Rooster
    You overwhelm me and I know you LOVE me. Yes you already do much of what is stated…… and more as well…..

  10. Lisa

    I agree with your article with everything in the artical and mention everything a women needs from a man. Love,compassion,respect,a communicator and ambition. You missed one,sence of humor! If you don’t have that,life togther becomes to serious and not half has fun. My husband has a great sence of humor and from that laughter we’ve been together for more then twenty years.

  11. Ro

    When two people truly love each other unconditionally, consider each other’s needs. Each person is aware that it takes two people to have an awesome partnership in all aspects of their union. You get what you put into your relationships together. One person alone cannot make the relationship all it should be. You never give up making each other feel special in each other’s eyes. Treating each other with respect around each other’s families and friends speaks volumes. Always looking with in your relationship with each other to keep the communication open with love for each other never looking outside of the relationship when adversity strikes. Its so important that when you start to date make sure you see the person for who they truly are, not for what you want them to be. Ask the 10 most important question on your required list and stick to it. I thought the article above was spot on.

  12. Gianni

    I’m a man going through a divorce my opinion on this to all the men is forget the fifty fifty BS and start giving 100% and you will have a great marriage and sex life. I lost my soul mate, when you truly love your wife you don’t keep score you give and keep giving from your heart and soul

  13. Michelle

    Women today tend to go over and beyond for their husbands and don’t get much in return. A man is to be the provider and protector of his wife and feel good doing this. The above pointers are what women need from their husband and in return a husband should also feel loved and needed. A marriage should be an equal balance and I’m sure there are articles out there about what a man looks for in a potential husband!

  14. Darlene

    I believe I have found
    that man that’s been
    described and I’m not
    going to let him go.
    With him and I it is a
    two way street. We
    both indulge in everything that was
    mention. I believe we
    are going to make it.

  15. Black Box

    I am in love with a beautiful blue eyed raven haired beauty named Patricia. I want her to want me so much, my heart aches in her absence. I believe I am doing all those things that have been stated for a woman to love her man and be one with him.
    Babe be mine, love you Girl. Kisses and hugs all the time.

  16. LolaV

    Response to the non- kissing guy.

    I am dating the same type. No passionate kisses- no real hand holding- no romantic whispers.
    Says we are older now, and other things are important.
    I agree- but I still long for the passion.
    Not sure how much longer I can go without kisses. It’s been 3 years.
    Everything else is pretty terrific.
    Stumped on this perspective from a man.
    Thoughts guys?

  17. Roger

    You notice how all the women agree that men are to be used to satisfy all their needs and wants, but the men all agree there is no equality.

  18. jo

    I have been with this man over a year now, and he does not french kiss Never, other than a peck on the cheek and when were out in pubic never holds hands he says he loves me but this concerns me he is definitely not a romantic man, is this not french kissing a common thing, I just never been with a man who did not kiss. I did ask he why he dont kiss and he just answered I dont know, we are in our late 40s not youngsters here. Any advise would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  19. Rock

    Explain to me one thing :
    Why in an equal to equal relationship, man has to do more than a woman…
    Aren’t we equal ?
    I will do exactly the same for a woman than she does for me.
    If I have to get you in a restaurant, you have to do the same that’s what we call equal to equal

    Before a woman go in a relationship she look if the man as a good job, we don’t look at that…
    Before a woman go in a relationship she look at the house a man has, we don’t look at that…

    If a woman as a good job, she won’t never date a man on welfare without any car and house…

  20. Angela

    Boy ! this a great article. You keep getting better with interesting articles and just to mention they help me in seeking a mate that will be right for me in the future.

  21. Chris

    Been there, done that! This only lead to the woman as parasite effect. Not interested in being fodder anymore!
    Communications has to be two way, pouting, sulking and isolating behaviours turn away men. Respect has to be two ways, put downs are not supportive of keeper, pulling away from contact, means just that, go away!
    And when all ambition is belittled, he will find another partner!

  22. Elsida

    Women want men who is very respectful, caring, understanding and always show his unconditional love ,and sleep together in one room.

  23. Antoinette Gueorguiev

    Absolutely true…now if I can only find the man who has it All-in-one…Life would have an extra ray of sunshine, for sure!

  24. DonnaMarieFougere-Gaudet

    I Want A Man Like You suggested above.I Don’t Need Diamonds and Millions;Just Love and
    Love to cuddles at times..Who deep down inside dosen’t scream if you shed a tear;What are you cying for now!!


  25. Natasha Singh

    That is soooo true!!!! Sure good looks help to kickstart the attraction but those aforementioned qualities help sustain the relationship. Well said! (So the perfect guy can really exist!) Hope the guys out there get a chance to read this and up their game!!

  26. Darlene

    I have recently started dating a man who has all the qualities mentioned. And I was also questioning whether I should be looking for someone in a suit etc. This article seemed to speak directly to the questions going through my head. It reminded me if my wish to live a life with someone who I can have fun with and be inspired by…and who shows his love for me do well. Thank you!


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