7 Ways Women Affect Male Behavior

Can Women Really Change Men?

Have you ever thought to yourself that men never listen to you? Well, I can tell you they do, and what’s more, they also pay attention to your actions and react to them. In fact, research knows of at least seven documented ways that you affect a guy’s behavior, and if you have that kind of power, imagine what you could do with it.

1. Get Him to Go Healthy

Women are the caretakers of most families. Research shows that they are the ones who make all the medical decisions, including when their guys gets a checkup and whether or not he goes to the doctor for various aches and pains. Most every guy has the innate desire to impress his mate. It not only reassures here that she has chosen wisely, but when a woman shows she cares, it reassures her mate that he made the right choice too. Consider the studies which suggest that men are more likely to exercise daily when they have someone to do it with. It appears that when a guy knows a woman is watching, he will make an effort to exert himself more. 

2. Save the World

Guys can be generous. However, studies suggest he will be a lot more giving when he knows people are watching. In particular, those of the opposite sex. This is what has become known as “pea-cocking.” In fact, the more attractive the women who are witnessing his good deeds are, the more grand and frequent they will become. So when you want your guy to be generous with his time and money, make sure he is not alone when it comes time to save the world.

3. Brain Tank

This is not referring to men having an invincible brain, but rather one that can fall into a pit whenever a beautiful woman is around. Research suggests that men use so much of their brain’s capacity while trying to impress an attractive female, their cognitive skills become mush. In other words, if you know you’re going up against a guy in a contest of smarts, you can put him at a sharp disadvantage, by dressing sexy and flirting with him. This phenomenon can become particularly obvious on a first date, when a guy can’t even remember fundamental facts, like where he lives or works. The worse a guy does on your first date, the more he has the hots for you.

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4. Jealousy

If your guy is the jealous type, there are certain times of the month that you may want to be particularly aware of. Research shows that men are particularly protective of their relationship while his mate is at her peek fertility. There are several possible reasons for this. One, he may be protecting his opportunity to make babies with you. Two, he may be aware that other men are more attracted to women during their mid-cycle. Three, when a woman enters her “heat” phase, she is more vulnerable to the allure of bad boys, which may suggest her guy has reason to worry after all.

5. The Crying Game

Research suggests that the smell of a female tear has the potential to act as a chemical form of castration to men. In other words, they will literally take the sail right out of his mojo. Scientists speculate this could have been an aid in reproduction, as during the time of the month when women are more likely to cry, sex is not as productive. However, any cleaver female my be able to think of a couple other uses for this phenomenon, especially when it comes to keeping your guy’s testosterone levels in check.

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6. Dressed to Sex

There is truth to the idea that women can control the outcome of an evening, simply by the way she dresses. In numerous studies, researchers looked at women who were dressed provocatively and conservatively while seated at a bar. The results were that men were more likely to approach the female who was dressed suggestively because they believed they had a greater chance of hooking up with her. So, you may get more attention by wearing sexy clothing, but is that the kind of attention you’re looking for?

7. Name-Calling

Men take most every negative word in its literal form. When you scold your guy for being “irresponsible,” be prepared that he will not hear any words beyond this. Men cannot differentiate being wrong once, versus being perpetually wrong when it comes to certain sweeping accusations. Rather then hearing your frustration, he will only become defensive, and attempt to prove you wrong. The lesson here is to try not to participate in name-calling when scolding your mate. You will get a lot farther if you take a moment to let your anger settle, describe the action that frustrated you, and then ask him to consider your feelings the next time.

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