When Your Guy is Bi

signs your guy is bi

The signs of a bisexual man can be discovered by looking into his past history, present actions, present feelings and future intentions.

What is Bisexuality?
It is important to understand that just because somebody is labeled a bisexual, does not mean they are a deviant, confused about their sexuality, or incapable of monogamy. Some women worry about beginning a relationship with a bisexual for their own reasons, and whatever those reasons, they should be respected. If the bisexual individual is open and honest about their lifestyle, great. If they are not, they may be putting a potential sexual partner at risk.

Bisexuality can be defined as someone who has been involved in romantic or sexual relations with both persons of their own and their opposite sex. Bi-curious is defined as someone who may have only experienced relationships with one sex, but is considering ‘experimenting’ with the other. Dr. Alfred Kinsey rated human sexuality in six degrees, starting from zero (entirely heterosexual) and ending at six (entirely homosexual). The bisexual fits somewhere between one through five, and may change his rating throughout his lifetime. Contact a psychic today to find out if someone you know is bisexual.

For some men, bisexuality is simply a phase that will lead to either a solid monogamous heterosexual or homosexual lifestyle, or for others they will be forever bisexual, even though they may eventually settle down with one partner.

The Signs of Bisexuality
Determining whether or not a guy is bisexual may not be an easy task if he doesn’t want you to know. Many bisexuals choose to lie if they think it will put them at an advantage. Studies have shown many that bisexual men realize their chances of success with the opposite sex is greatly diminished if a love interest becomes aware of past homosexual relationships. There are four main ways to identify the bisexual male: his past history, present actions, present feelings, and future intentions.

To be successful at gaining access to his life story, it is important to keep the first few dates light. Mentioning too many turn-offs or dislikes can put you at a disadvantage by putting him on the offensive.

His Past History – One place a bisexual will find difficult to hide is behind their past relationships. As soon as it feels appropriate, casually bring up a discussion about his early experiences. He may not want to talk about it, but over the course of time, he may open up more. Pay attention to how he addresses these folks, in particular if he accidentally uses the words, “he” or “him.” A lot can be said about his family life, too. Depending on how open and understanding his family is, he may be at odds with them.

• His Actions – Pay attention to his friends, in particular the way his same-sex friends treat you. There could be tension and jealousy between a supposed ‘friend’ who would like to be in your place. Pay attention to the places he likes to visit. Bisexuals often have their own hangouts where they feel comfortable. Next, bring him around your own friends. They may have seen him somewhere questionable, or may pick up on cues you may have missed. You don’t have to take their advice as the gospel, but do consider their feedback.

• His Feelings – One of the quickest ways to uncover a closet bisexual’s tendencies is through his feelings. Just because a guy hasn’t acted on something doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about it. Bisexuals can be completely monogamous, but if you happen upon one considering making ‘the discovery,’ the odds will not be in your favor. Does he speak of your relationship in terms of a future, or does everything always seem up in the air? Depending on which side of the Kinsey scale he resides, he may not be that interested in you.

• His Future Intentions – Lastly, when a relationship reaches more maturity, you can talk more about future plans. Ask playfully and inquisitively, but don’t push. If you plan on investing your time and effort in this guy, you deserve to at least know his plans. If you notice over time his attention and time diminishes, he may already have a new love interest in the works — of either gender.

Risks of Bisexuality
While there is no reliable information as to how many men in the world are bisexual, some experts guesstimate the number to be somewhere around 7 to 10 million. With such a substantial number of experimental guys out there, it is important to discern your risk levels. Of all the risky behavior associated with HIV and AIDS, male-on-male contact is one of the highest risk groups in the U.S., according to the National Prevention Information Network (NPIN). Out of the 40,000 new cases of AIDS reported each year, 42 percent are related to homosexual/bisexual relationships.

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  1. Daniel Lawrence

    This friend I know had a girlfriend and had a baby together at first he denied it was his,he likes being around guys and since has moved out of his place the girlfriend kicked him out for what I can’t find out and wont tell me either. He was supposed to be staying at his grandfathers place which is his address but stays with his gay aunt and associates with her gay friends. Could this be an indication he’s bi he denies it and every time I want to come by he has an excuse to be gone.

  2. Rose Cocca

    if anybody would of told me that i would not believe it….i wonder if you born with that way….maybe he does have someone out there man or women…we could still be friends….i though youn can only get aids from a woman….im just shock…but acceptable..just fine out you will have relationship.with ..a.man or a women…or have your freedom…


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