What He Really Thinks When You Make the First Move

When it comes to dating, there are all kinds of so-called “rules” that men and women are supposed to follow. Yet, while many of these rules are meant to be broken, they’re also always changing: For instance, traditionally, men were the ones who called the shots, from the very first romantic encounter to the marriage proposal. But, these days, it’s not only acceptable for women to make the first move—by asking a guy out—it can also be preferred.

While some guys are totally down with a woman who knows what she wants, others are intimidated and some even take advantage of the situation. Here, common male types are broken down so you know what kind of guy you’re dealing with.

The Ambitious Type
While you might think that ambitious men prefer docile sidekicks, this is simply not true. An ambitious man actually loves a woman who is intelligent and knows what she wants—like he does—and the fact that you wants him makes you seem all the more attractive in his eyes. But he may feel out-played if he’s trying to get your attention and you totally steal his thunder with your own moves. While these guys love being fawned over, they don’t like feeling like they have to compete with you.

The Man-Child
Taking the reins is one of the only ways to really get anywhere with this type of man. These guys are perpetually stuck in the past (usually somewhere in middle school) and are used to being doted on by mom, who attended to them, nagged them and pleased their every whim. If you can recognize this guy soon enough, you’re better off saving all your best moves for a mature man who will appreciate them, not a guy who just needs to grow up.

The Shy Guy
This man is not only a bit leery about making the first move, but he may also feel uncomfortable if a woman puts him on the spot by making a move herself. But, you will likely need to take matters into your own hands with this kind of guy because he certainly won’t. So, don’t be afraid to use your entire arsenal of moves if you think he could be a keeper. Frankly, only the guys you want to avoid will see your initiative as bothersome.

The Sensitive Man
A true sensitive man gets his name because he is easily overwhelmed in today’s hectic world and feels quite deeply about said world, himself, and other people. These guys don’t like to play hard to get so they may interpret complex flirting moves as less than genuine. Just tell him exactly how you feel and, if he’s into you, this could be the start of a (hopefully) beautiful relationship.

The Bad Boy
Players always prefer to be in the driver’s seat of a pickup situation, as being in control is the only way to “win the game” from their points of view. The only first move these guys like to see are the types that wave your availability in his direction, such as a smile, direct bursts of eye contact and plenty of appropriate body language. Proceed with caution on all accounts.

The Divorcee
Recently divorced guys are usually far removed from the dating scene, having been married for however long. Therefore, making the first move is a good way to let these men know exactly where you stand since they might miss more subtle cues. These guys really dig women with patience who can offer security and confidence. The confidence part is easy, as making any move will be a compliment, but keeping things as laidback as possible with your invitation will actually be the key to your overall success. After all, he may or may not be ready to get back out there.

The Mysterious Dude
This guy is fairly used to being picked up by women—his intriguing nature certainly entices—and this will put you at a disadvantage since this kind of attention is typical for him. But once you get on this guy’s radar with an introduction, inspire him to let down that mysterious guard. If he shows some vulnerability you’ll know that you have him snared.

The Man-Friend
If you’ve been friends with a guy for a long time, and are wondering what would happen should you ever overstep the friend zone into more intimate territory, chances are he’d roll with it just to see where things might go. After all, the line between friends and lovers can be a thin one indeed, so it’s worth seeing if this friendship can transform into a relationship. If things don’t work out, you can laugh about it later.

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