Wake Up! You’re in a Dead-End Relationship!

Caught in a Bad Romance?

Another night alone? How many lonely nights have you spent waiting for your lover to see the worth, the value, in being with you? How long are you ready to wait? Forever?

Humans have a need to survive. Sometimes in that need we get confused about what it is we need. Who we need. Our perceptions become warped because we lie and fight with our own intuition until it’s useless to us. Even if the love is one of destiny—a soul-to-soul (soul mate) connection—it doesn’t guarantee that your lover is spiritually mature enough to meet you on that level. We all have free will and we can choose to use that to pull away from all things spiritual—we can be like stubborn children and refuse to eat fruit and vegetables, refuse to stay away from poisons like drugs and alcohol, or we can use our free will to steer clear of our spiritual destiny. We can also spend our lives in denial, waiting for an illusion to suddenly become a reality!

Matthew Henry was a man of many famous philosophies, yet his thoughts on denial, “None so blind as those who will not see,” pretty much sum up what we do to ourselves. We turn a blind eye to any and all forms of truth that do not “fit” into our rosy, romantic view of our lover, and our relationship. Our desire is rooted in fear: fear that we may not be able to attract another lover (low self-esteem), fear that the confrontation will be ugly (survivors of abusive times), or the fear that we do not want to be…”alone” (Every human being I know fears this.). FYI we are never, ever, alone.

There is a saying I use a lot. I read it in 12 step books: FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s not about what’s ahead of you, but things from your past that are haunting you! It’s not real. Break free of that limitation and of the prison of trying to make a bad romance into something it isn’t. I know it’s hard to tell, but that’s one of the reasons California Psychics is here for you! Use our abilities to look into the psyche of the person you keep making excuses for, and find out if they are worth the energy you are spending.

My last words here are meant as a wake-up call. I have clients—amazing, attractive, intelligent women, and men—who have been in dead-end relationships, night after night alone, for years! Yes, some as many as 16 years waiting and waiting, for their lover to “realize” the value of their relationship. Those same years could have been spent in a valuable relationship, planning and living the day-to-day life, sharing life’s ups and downs, growing closer… spirits coming together, instead of stuck in the more mundane logistics of life, more alone than ever. Choose happiness, please!

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6 thoughts on “Wake Up! You’re in a Dead-End Relationship!

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  3. narrell

    If you can’t find happiness on your own. or make yourself happy. You have set yourself up to fall, as no one will be able to make you happy. This is something that took me years to learn but once you master it, you will live a very happy and fulfilling life. 🙂

  4. marc from the uk

    F.E.A.R false, evidence, appears, real, I must admit I do relate to that comment! I have some things I will not do, foods I will not eat as that represents to me inviting past unhappiness back! Crazy I am sure! I know AND AM LEARNING THAT WE ARE WHAT WE THINK, SO WE SIMPLY ALTER HOW WE THINK AND LOOK AT THINGS!

  5. -quinn ext.5484

    love your wake up message. CHOOSE HAPPINESS.
    thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

    my husband once said to me that where there is fear love cannot get in.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree with Yemaya 100% on this.

    Stop wasting your time….get on with your life !!!! End the stagnation by opening new doors !


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