Valentine’s Day From a Man’s Perspective

Valentine’s Day From a Man’s Perspective

It’s Not Easy to Be a Man on Valentine’s Day

Disappointment. Bank Roll. Attachment and Chivalry. These are the highlights of every man’s Valentine’s Day. Now, here are the details.

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Would you like a personal, handwritten poem from your love this Valentine’s Day? Most women would. Yet, only around 10 percent of us guys will feel comfortable enough to handwrite a poem, even if it’s borrowed from some talented bloke from the 15th Century. Why? It is just a huge emotional commitment to own up to the feelings of true love, and most men aren’t good at that.

There is a huge percentage of us guys who plan on professing our love through some technological means, such as Facebook or text. Some of us will put off Valentine’s Day preparations until the last minute. Unfortunately, about half of our women will be disappointed that we didn’t go the extra yard and buy them a card from the store, according to surveys. Don’t be too hard on us, ladies! Valentine’s Day is just not a big deal to us, no matter what stage of the relationship game we’re in.

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We didn’t get the memo and we didn’t pick up on the numerous hints you dropped that you would like us to spend the entire evening lavishing you with romance, gifts and compliments. However, there are some men who use Valentine’s Day as a means of showing off.

Bank Roll

On Valentine’s Day, most men have one thing on their mind: sex. And sex comes cheaper to married men than it does to men in a new relationship. Even if the women they are with tell them that Valentine’s Day isn’t important, men know better. Sex is very important to us, but husbands can get away with a $20 bouquet, while boyfriends have to shell out a lot more money.

According to a survey conducted by an online dating website, unmarried guys have to spend around $218 before their dates will consider sleeping with then. Some may look at this as buying sex, but the truth is, most guys want their ladies to feel special and that’s why they spend the money. They just hope their ladies will make them feel “special” in return. Men also want to demonstrate their ability to care for a woman by showing they can provide for them financially.

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About 40% of women who agree to go on a Valentine’s Day first date might also be willing to have sex as a means of celebrating the holiday, according to surveys. This suggests that the holiday is not the player’s gold mine most guys think it is.


Valentine’s Day seems to be more important to women who are in the early stages of a committed relationship. Women who are completely unattached (single and looking or single and not looking), and women who are married, don’t seem to care as much about the holiday. This is the one time when men and women are closely in agreement about the importance of this day.


According to studies, men are predisposed to helping women in need. It is in our nature. However, according to one study in particular, the words “Valentine’s Day” bring out some extra chivalrous actions in most every man. The study went like this: Researches enlisted a young woman to ask men where either Valentine Street or Martin Street was located. Four out of 10 men who were asked about Valentine Street were willing to help the young lady, compared to the two out of 10 men who had been previously asked about Martin Street. Researchers suggest that the idea of love made these men more chivalrous.

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So while most of us guys may not exactly be a match for Romeo, I think it is clear that most everything we do for Valentine’s Day, we do for you!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day From a Man’s Perspective

  1. Jeanne Moffitt

    Julie ,”Nailed” it.
    We as women want to be treated special all the time…… And men want to,”Get some” all the time. So I say………let’s work together and we will all be happy and the end of the day. Don’t you think?

  2. Julia

    Let’s see . . . married guys pay $20, unmarrieds pay $218? Did you comparison shop at the local red light district to see if there’s a better deal there?

    Married men have made an emotional, legal and financial commitment. They “pay” far more than the price of a bouquet. You want the cheapest sex – both in dollars and that uncomfortable emotional stuff? Stay home, watch porn and play with yourself.

    Sex is not love. If you just want sex, please don’t pretend to love some woman to get what you want. Tell her flat-out what you want and maybe you’ll get it. That’s honesty.

    If you love a woman, try leaving your comfort zone and proving yourself worthy of her love. Stop pretending you “didn’t get the memo” when you so clearly know what a woman would love on Valentine’s Day.

    If you truly love someone, their happiness is at least as important to you as your own. Maybe it’s more important. So what’s that feeling you’re having, guys? Just horny, or are you longing to leave your macho prison and risk loving someone?

  3. Jessica

    Julie, the impression I got from that statement of Eric’s, is that the “players” would be doing it for themselves; but for other men, knowing that the woman they want to treat as special on Valentine’s Day feels that he is also special, is best experienced through the tactile means of sex.

    I take that to mean that men who aren’t players assume the woman they’re in a relationship with or would like to be, aren’t going to have sex with unless they feel the man is special.

  4. Chrissi

    Valentine’s day has always been special to me as it is my birthday – but it does mean I rarely get flowers or taken out for a meal as it has become so commercial that prices for both of these put guys off

  5. Julie

    “I think it is clear that most everything we do for Valentine’s Day, we do for you!” Yet you say Valentine’s Day is all about sex for men so aren’t you really doing it for you to ensure you’ll get some?


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