Unrequited Love: Surviving Lost Love

Unrequited Love: Surviving Lost Love

Letting Go of Unrequited Love

This is never an easy subject to discuss, so take a few deep breaths and understand that you are now on the brink of something wonderful. Yes I said, wonderful. Stick around and perhaps you’ll see a glimmer of hope in my point.

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Each person who comes into our lives is sent to teach us something about ourselves or others, and how we relate to them. The Universe and God are both teaching us things every day, but it is up to us to discern and learn from those lessons—the mistakes as well as the triumphs. I want you to do something. Make a list of those things you’ve learned, (good and bad) about your previous relationships. Don’t just start with the romantic ones! Go all the way back to the beginning and consider your relationships with your parents, teachers, friends and even your pets! This is how you begin to let go of unrequited love.

Repeating the Same Mistakes

You can repeat the same mistakes over and over again until you get it right, and when you finally get it right, it means that you’ve learned whatever lesson you’ve needed to learn. Getting it right means learning to stand up for yourself in an assertive (never aggressive) way. You need to listen with your heart as well as your mind and trust your instincts when it comes to discerning the truth.

Will They Come Back?

Many of  my callers ask me the following question: “Will they come back to me?” But what they really want to know is, “Will they come back to me and make everything as good as it was or even better than before they left?” The truth is: probably not.

You should think about why you want your lost love to come back. Do you really want to experience all that pain and heartbreak again, because chances are, you will.

Single Long Enough?

Another popular question I get is: “How do I know I’ve been single long enough before looking for love again?” It doesn’t matter if it’s been weeks, months, or even years, you’re not ready for a new relationship if you are still holding on to a past relationship. You may claim you’re over that person, but if you tell me you want to feel like you did, with them, you’re not. Admit it, you want them back, and the ghost of that relationship isn’t going to let you move on because it’s still a big part of your life. It’s not fair to you or your potential mates that you’re still holding a torch for unrequited love.

Why Did They Leave?

The most popular question I’m asked is usually in two parts: “Why did they leave?” and “Was there someone else?/Did they cheat?” When you have lost your trust in someone, it’s going to be difficult to get back to that warm and fuzzy place of love you desire. Without trust, there can be no real love. Love is an emotional and vulnerable state to be in. It’s one thing to be able to trust a partner, but in order to do that, you first have to trust yourself.

People leave relationships for many reasons, but often, it’s because they weren’t ready. And while that’s not as satisfying or comforting as other reasons may be to you, the fact is, it’s often the truth.

Saying Goodbye to the Ghosts 

Now, it’s time to put the ghosts of lost love, the unrequited love, behind you and start writing your own relationship script. In it, you are in charge and you know what you are really looking for in a mate. It’s going to take some time for you to figure it out, but while doing so, you’d be surprised by how much healing you can do—of your heart, mind and spirit. You’re working to present your true self to someone who can share your life in a more enjoyable way. If you let go of unrequited love, you can get something much better.

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15 thoughts on “Unrequited Love: Surviving Lost Love

  1. Psychic Fiona #5178

    There are patterns operating in our relationships of which we are often unaware. When we recognize the patterns we can also see the lessons therein. If we keep doing the same things then we keep getting the same results. Self honesty is a must, and although it’s hard, it is what frees us. Life is about growth and moving forward into new insight, new experiences, and new love. Love is always all around us. The Universe is wired to point it in our direction. How many times have we rejected it because of this or that? The door to love is open, so are you sitting there waiting, or are you standing and ready to walk through it?
    Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

  2. annu

    Hi Cecilia, I had a friend some 28 yrs back. had seperated but after 28 yrs later i happened to see him and be friends again. been friends for 2 yrs plus now but again had some tiff and not talking again.what is this friendship Is this real?

  3. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    @Marc from the UK

    “The moral is feel the pain and joy or you truly are missing the point of it all.”

    I couldn’t agree more, though I would add “Be generous with the joy and frugal with the pain you bestow upon yourself and others; make sure it is truly worth it.”

    Suck the marrow out of Life!

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  4. PR

    “Letting go is hard, but refusing to is even harder” Anonymous.

    I have learned many lessons in love. people come in to our lives all the time, some stay and others go but, I have learned something from all of them and realized that these experiences have shaped who I am today. Does it hurt? Yes. but time heals in its own way.

    My daughter sent me a poem: God Doesn’t send you who you want, he sends you who you need. They may love you, hurt you and leave you. But they will make you the best person you can be, strong, beautiful and loving.

  5. Chrissi

    in life my ‘lost love really is a ghost- he died a few years back but I still miss him- though it was only then I had to face the fact that all the relationships since then failed because I’d been looking for a guy the same as him, not someone with the qualities I’d found attractive in him- and worse as we’d always got back together again if we split even if we’d had relationships with others I had to face the fact I’d not really cared about what might happen to my marriage as I’d imagined once our children had grown- (his family had married him to a girl they chose for him ) we’d probably get back together again and grow old together as I’d matured from the silly 17 year old I was when we first met and the daft 24 year old I’d been when we split for the last time when he got married- and we had still dropped in and out of each other’s lives – well he had – usually when I was at my lowest ebb and in a situation where I felt life wasn’t worth living, he gave me the strength to go on, it has torn me apart but now it means although to me the world is a sadder place without him in it I now have to face life and my choices- and work at my marriage, fortunately my husband and I are friends though he loves me- and so I must learn to love him

  6. Tatiana

    Hello, dear professionals in psychic!
    My name is Tatiana (femail), I am from Russia. I am 52 years old, but I still hope that will meet my soulmate, or may be I even have met him already ( his name is Yury, born 1960.10.10), but need to get sure if I got it right this time or still not. So, I need your help to understand: “will I meet my soulmate? When?”

    Thank you!

    P.S. I would like to use my right to ask 1 free question but never manage, because there is no Skype telephone number offered there and to call USA from Russia by ordinary phone is too expensive.

  7. vicky

    Thank you for your thoughtful words.
    My 16 year old daughter is a beautiful Virgo with all the wonderful and challenging Virgo qualities. She is a singer song writer and is in the middle of her Sophmore year (a year older than her friends due to a late birthday).
    She is very busy with her own life but would like to meet a boy she can share her interests with.
    She has fallen in and out of “love” but this last boy took a while to get over but I think she is finally ready to move on but all the boys she meets are so immature and all they want to do is “hook up” !
    I don’t want her to get frustrated and bitter .
    Is there any relief in sight ?

  8. Linda

    I read your article and I find it to be truthful. I think about my past marriage of 18 years and I don’t want to go back to that feeling. I do believe he will let me down again. It doesn’t really matter why, now. I do know now, it will happen. Thank you for the flashlight.

  9. Nanette Scott

    This is great advice, but what happens when you’ve learned already from a few bad relationships, then finally found true love, were happy, and then he died. Its been almost five years, and even though I have dated another man for a few months, 2 years ago, there is no one I can find, that I am even slightly attracted to. How can I just stop comparing, and open my heart up again. I miss my husband terribly, and feel I can never ever find another true love.

  10. Sibila

    Not to forget:
    Stop talking about past hurts, especially to a new love interest.
    This also applies to men. There are many women out there who
    say they feel like they are someone’s therapists when referring
    to a new love partner. The new person in one’s life should
    definitelly take a good long time out before starting anything
    new and/or seek other help to overcome past loves, I agree with you.

    We are all looking for love but usually not seeing and finding it
    because we are looking through the eyes of past pain and disappointment.

  11. Sibila

    Dear Cecilia,

    thank you for helping with this very heavy topic for most people.
    Maybe one important thing to add would be: “Never talk about
    your past hurts to others and especially not a new love interest.”
    Talking about it only gives power to the past and hinders us to
    live in the present love life.
    Secondly, it is very unattractive and might even fuel a new
    lovers insecurity ti talk about past loves, especially if there
    was one standing out as for eg. a big love. The real question then
    would be if we are ready foe a new love to be welcomed into our
    lives or, if one is just looking for a shoulder to cry on or even worse
    to complain about men/women who passed through our lives.
    This same is true for both women and men.

  12. syd

    Cecilia, Thank you for the insightful and beneficial post. The reminder that there are lessons that need to be learned and explored is beneficial to all of us searching for a way through.

  13. Marc from the UK

    Saying goodbye is so hard, meaning it is harder. Do we really heal? Maybe in time, but like a cut, it can come back so quickly, our hearts really can bleed, we only get wiser and stronger, but only through living the life that hurts as much as it brings joy, The moral is feel the pain and joy or you truly are missing the point of it all. Not a day goes by and I do not think of how I have hurt or felt hurt, my compass is in helping others to understand 🙂


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