Top Turnoffs for Women

Guys, Don’t Do These!

Sometimes guys are so focused on the best turn-ons for women that they totally miss the key turnoffs. Nothing will undermine all your efforts to get her to like you more than you doing all the wrong things simultaneously. Check out a few of these disastrous moves below!

Phone Addiction

Whether you’ve got a Bluetooth permanently attached to your ear or are constantly texting or checking your Facebook, your actions reveal your disinterest or self-importance. Women want to feel as though they are a priority, so put down the phone and give her your undivided attention. If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before she goes looking for someone who will.


A few drinks are fine and can lighten a nervous mood, but getting wasted is so not attractive. If you are slurring your words and leaning on the closest object in sight, you can be sure that no matter what efforts you put into impressing her, she’ll soon be rolling her eyes as she walks away.

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Sarcasm Central

Most guys have a communication system quite dissimilar to a woman’s, and often of a distinctively sarcastic nature. While some teasing can be charming, too much can come across as negative and critical. You’re definitely not going to impress her if your comments make her feel horrible about herself!

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Wandering Eye

While it’s natural to notice any attractive person, an excessively roving eye is simply obnoxious. It’s disrespectful to your date and gives the impression you either can’t commit, or don’t appreciate her enough to devote your attention solely to her and not the other hotties in the room.

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Bad Hygiene

It’s not rocket science to know that being clean and smelling good are major factors in attracting others. Maintain your teeth and breath with good oral hygiene and go easy on the cologne. A little goes a long way and you’d rather have her lean in closer than take a step back with watering eyes!


Confidence is key; cockiness is offensive. No girl wants to hear about how great your job and talents are for an entire evening. Any smart girl knows that a guy too into himself will never be able to be into her. Be proud of your hard work and accomplishments, but don’t be so focused on those aspects that you sound narcissistic and disinterested in her.

4 thoughts on “Top Turnoffs for Women

  1. Gayle Martin

    Well said. I’ve had the experience of sitting in a restaurant, supposedly on a date, but for all practical purposes eating by myself because my “date’s” cell phone rang, and instead of sending it to voice mail, or, better yet, shutting it off, he’s been spending the last twenty minutes talking to someone else. Even sadder was the fact that he didn’t have a clue as to how rude it was. Needless to say, he’s no longer a friend.


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