Top 5 Reasons For Marriage

With such a high divorce rate you might be asking yourself why should I bother to tie the knot? Well, despite the obvious emotional and financial risks, there are actually a lot of good reasons to reconsider the sacred institution:

1. Happier/Healthier – According to numerous surveys, married couples report being happier than single couples. Studies also show that married couples are healthier. This so called “marriage advantage” has been documented since the mid-1800s, and has led scientists to conclude that homo sapiens as a species fares better, emotionally and physiologically, as a lifelong mating pair, i.e. married. This is not to say that any marriage will offer these benefits. The relationship must be for the most part happy, stable, and committed.

2. Stability – The phenomenon of passionate versus romantic love tells us that romantic love is what we should all strive to achieve, but in order to reach this, we need both comfort and stability. While divorce may still loom over any relationship, marriage is the symbol of commitment to a partner for “better or worse.” Knowing that our partner has pledged these vows is often enough stability to allow a couple to extend beyond the intimacies of sex, to a realm of emotional, physical, and spiritual connection.

3. Commitment – Many couples who are living together will tell you that they are doing so out of financial necessity, or to test the waters in preparation for marriage. According to research, none of the above are viable reasons. Marriage is a decision to commit to a lifelong relationship that is much more meaningful than sharing rent and a phone bill.

4. Experience Traditional Family – It’s true that you don’t need a piece of paper from the state to start a family, but in doing so you are following a tradition of life and love that spans across many generations and different cultures. It provides a stable environment for families, and gives children a positive model upon which to base their own relationships.

5. Transcending Relationship Stages – Couples may not want to be stuck in one phase of a relationship for the rest of their lives. That is not to say you cannot evolve as a couple without marriage, but considering the third stage is commitment, it is the ultimate in proof of sincerity in a relationship.

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