Tips to Find Your Soulmate

If you’re not one to wait for the universe to take its sweet time, then it’s important to know what kind of person you are in order to find your best strategy for finding a soulmate, tells Tammy ext. 9380. “If you are inclined to pursue, then get active, get out there and make sure you are in all kinds of places that speak to your heart. If you attract people to you, visualize them and listen for inner guidance.”

Be open to dreams and signs and the universe will guide you to your soulmate, Becky ext. 9605 believes, who at age 34 recently met her soulmate online. “Use your intuition when meeting people. Don’t assume that everyone is your potential soulmate. Never force or be forced to connect with someone. When the universe brings this person to you, you will both feel it without a doubt. I’ve had soulful connections before, I’ve been proposed to… but I’ve never felt butterflies in my feet. What a feeling!”

Our psychics, who believe in being proactive in seeking out a soulmate, suggest creating a love list – a wish list of characteristics, wants and inner needs you’d like to attract. Write it in the present tense and then release it to the universe. When you wake up in the morning, grab your list and say out loud, “Today as I go about my day I am open to meet the perfect person for me with the following qualities…”Then read your list. When you finish, affirm,”I am open to meet this person and have them love me as much as I love them.” Do it every day for at least one lunar cycle, or 28 days.

From the intuitive point of view that there is nothing we can do to make the other person come to us in a flash, our psychics’ consensus is to just stop looking – desperation tends to send soulmates running. Stay out of the universe’s way. When we try to orchestrate things ourselves, we often end up delaying the process or settling for second best. Instead, put yourself “in the meantime.” It’s a place of self-improvement, finding one’s niche and becoming the person that the universe wants us to be. “Through cultivation of our spirit-filled path and the ability to be complete and happy, we draw our soulmate to us.”

Jonathan ext. 9601 agrees, “If you cannot find happiness and contentment within yourself, there is nothing that can bring it to you. Your soulmate will not be drawn to you unless (and until!) you are content with yourself. Content souls meant to be together will find each other.”

When a soul is ready to find a mate, and the universal timing is imminent, psychics have various ways of reading the meeting. “I can see a pink light around the caller and the person they are meant to be with. I can also sense a giving, loving feeling emanating from the other person. It’s a definite draw, like two magnets,” describes Ariel ext. 9775 .

One of my favorite readings is a “soulmate sighting” says Tammy. “Working with the caller’s name and general location I look around them Clairvoyantly and see who shows up!”

Whether you meet your soulmate after intentionally working to attract them, or bump into them right outside your front door… the relationship only begins there. All relationships require work, even when they’re made up of two like souls who love and respect each other.

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12 thoughts on “Tips to Find Your Soulmate

  1. Pam

    I wish I knew for sure. my husband was all I thought about the feelings and all I felt for him. Last few years things have been rough and hard from his surgeries, no job unable to work, I was doing so much and gave up my time and job to care for hi at home and still am. For a while there we were not close or intimate in 2yrs maybe 6-7 times were close. I kept asking making moves and all thinking may help bring us closer and help him as well as us but it was like it went over his head. I started getting feelings for another and was used for make another jealous, that was like having your heart ripped out I thought he meant all he said but didn’t he just wanted to have what he wanted my cares and feelings meant nothing, “thank God nothing went anywhere and he is out of my life half way he went to my sister that was the hurt too. Then a friend he talked and I talked and he said he cared and had feelings but was unable to be close so another wall hit. Even though I was battling feelings or attraction to another at same time by looks given glances stares and winks and sometimes talked lots but he is my brother in law. I am still trying with my husband but it is like my wants and desires and all means nothing unless it is what he wants. It hurts and I don’t know what to do.

  2. Kaitlyn Cardillo

    I think I’ve found my soulmate. He’s both companionable and compatable. We like many of the same things, like books, movies, food, but atthe same time we like to argue over vegetarianism and certain authors (I am because I’m allergic to cow product, he’s not) and we’re both able to take each others critique. Moreover, we’ve gotten to that point in our friendship when we’re able to just sit and read for hours at a time and not need to speak. He’s younger than me, though, by about three years and we’re in undergraduate studies in college. I’m 23 – Should I keep looking or make a move?

  3. noreen

    Over 24 yrs ago I thought i met my soulmate but after over 20 yrs or so of being severely Physically and mentally abused (which I thought he loved me cuz he told me i had never been loved,which i never had even from my parents, and he would be the only person to ever love me) I was basically programed but finally, after state workers(cuz we have 2 girls), doctors, therapists, domestic violance advocates and my 2 girls telling mehe was going to kill me if given the chance, I finally started faceing the horrific things he did to me. I ended up meeting someone that is my soulmate and kno it from my heart and soul he is but because of my demons and withdrawing my self as a coping skill i ultimatly lost him. My husband died over a yr ago and it took time but have learned to except what he did to me as much as i can. I have a dream to have my real soulmate to please kno I want him with all my being and will do anything for him! He makes me happy and it makes me happy to make him happy. He is my bestfriend and want him to please come back to me>

  4. Mary

    I have a background in counseling and I agree with most of the advice offered. However, I believe you have to be pro-active Visualizations and affirmations are important..Dating and meeting others has changed since the internet and online dating surfaced. I think you do have to go into online dating with caution and trust your instincts. I was online on and off for about 10 years. Last year I did meet my soul mate online. It takes work and patience. I have never met anyone at work I would be interested in. Most of my social contacts are married. I think you should keep all options open but not try and direct the outcome.

  5. Theresa Bradley

    I have been with the same person for 19 years feel so alone in this world!! Lost and have no clue where I should be.

  6. Jenny

    I was introduced to a fellow as a Golf partner in May. We remained meeting every Friday to play couples night. He started asking me out for walks and Tea. We were getting to know one another slowly. A work project came up that he needed help with. I offered to reduce the level of stress it was causing him. And after 14 days the job was complete. I was impressed with my ability to get the job done. But to my knowledge he was more impressed with me. As time went by we grew closer. It scared the hell out of me because of past failed relationships. I thought I’d given up forever. Romance continued and feeling were coming on stronger from both of us but I still remained composed and he respected my every wish. When the time came we felt it. We knew it was time. It was a magical magnetic moment. An experience I never ever experienced with anyone else. It was so perfect and natural. Our bodies are amazing. After taking the time to get to know one another and Analizing the big picture we’ve found that we’re meant to be together. Everything was great on the outside. But after experiencing and sharing true feelings through intamacy was the most gratifing natural feeling I’ll never let go of. Yes Butterflies in your feet, down your Spine in every cell of your body can hurt in a good way. Thank You to my Angels and to my friends that knew us both and thought we were a match and to the Universe. May God Bless all who are looking for a Soulmate this can happen to you. Just take your time to build the relationship with respect for one another and you’ll know if there the one. having an attitude of Gratitude will send such positive energy out to the Universe and Miracles will start to happen. God Bless one and all

  7. Bobbi

    I have heard the same advice from many different people, and in different ways, yet it is still the same advice. So I will try to find my inner peace and stop looking and just enjoy life and work on me. I figure if enough people say it I had better start listening. Even though I want to find my soul mate now!

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