Tips for Navigating Short-Term Relationships

You Want it, But Not Forever…

Navigating the distance between a one-night stand and a committed relationship can be tricky—even if, all considered, it’s probably what most people are looking for. Maybe you share a lot of common interests and have a lot of fun together—but the requirements for a serious commitment aren’t there. What do you do next?

FOX News Reports:

You’ve met someone you enjoy spending time with and you want more—more time, more affection, more intimacy, etc. You find yourself giddy and want to text and talk constantly. You talk in terms of continuums, events and activities you can do together next week, next month. You go from dating to a relationship without sparing a thought to boundaries or expectations.

Yet what about those relationships you enter into for the time being—what I call the right now relationships? Those relationships that you know will never really go beyond the bedroom or the occasional pleasant interactions and weekend trips. Those relationships in which you share a mutually intimate interest yet you know will never reach the happily ever after so many of us crave.

How do you navigate those waters?

Below are a few hints and thoughts to consider to help you deal with the vast array of emotions and, at times, turmoil that may surface in the right now relationships. Having a few of these guidelines in place may help minimize or prevent conflicts and assist you in keeping your perspectives in check.


It’s essential to set boundaries. Not only with time constraints but with what behaviors will be tolerated. Though you might be willing to compromise on the actual relationship, your pride and self-worth are not up for negotiation. Set boundaries on dating others and how the individual should act in your presence, at home or in public.

What do you think—what’s the key to a successful short-term relationship?

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