Psychic Forrest: My Tips for Moving On After a Breakup

My Tips for Moving On After a Breakup

Your Next Steps After a Breakup

Sometimes you can see a breakup coming. Have things suddenly change between the two of you? Do you feel like you’re growing apart? If you answered yes, are you just going to stick around, hoping your relationship gets better on its own, or will you break up with them because you know you can do better? Maybe you’re not sure you should break up with them. There are a few signs to look out for.

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If there is physical, mental or emotional abuse, drug abuse, or manipulative and controlling behavior, my hope is that you would break things off—sooner, rather than later. It would be terrible if things escalated because you hoped your partner would just get better.

Distance and Lack of Communication

If you feel like they are distancing themselves from you, and aren’t communicating with you, you know the love between you has changed. You know they don’t feel connected to you anymore. They may say they have feelings for you, but if their actions don’t match their words, you know it’s really over.

Feeling Drained and Depressed

If thinking about or dealing with your partner leaves you feeling tired, drained or depressed, this means that your soul is not peaceful in your romantic relationship. And if your soul is not peaceful, you are not peaceful. Your partner should be a source of joy in your life—not a source of distress.

Most of us can just sense when something isn’t right. That sense is called intuition and when your intuition speaks up, you need to listen. It’s time for a breakup. But what do you do once you’ve broken up with them? Here are my suggestions:

Remove the Negativity

The best way to get rid of the negative energy of a failed romantic relationship is to have no contact with your ex. I know that can be hard if you have children or pets together. In that case, limit you contact to discussions about what you still share. But for those people who have no real ties to an ex, cutting off all communication is best after a breakup. You can’t start your post-breakup healing process if your ex continues to play a role in your life. Remember the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” You can also burn sage in each room or sprinkle natural sea salt in the corners to keep negativity from entering your space. These are cleansing rituals.

Take the Time to Heal 

The times it takes to heal depends on the individual. It also depends on how much work you do on yourself and how quickly you tend to recover and move forward from setbacks. Remember, it takes guts to cut out drama, but you need to put your foot down and say, “I’ve had enough!” Then you need to do the work required to move forward. The harder you work, the quicker you’ll heal.

Your Self Relationship

During your healing process, you need to stay connected to yourself. In fact, the period right after a breakup is the best time to work on your relationship with yourself. You’ve invested so much time and energy in someone who didn’t deserve it, but now you can invest time and energy into someone who does—you! It’s time to reconnect with yourself.

Prayer or Meditation

In order to reconnect with yourself and heal yourself after a breakup, I suggest taking up prayer or meditation. Prayer is asking questions, while meditation is listening for the answers. Not only do prayer and meditation help relax they body, they also create balance in your busy life and help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are. Making time to pray or meditate is easier than you think. If you can’t take time out during you busy day, I suggest praying or meditating right before you go to bed. Either activity is a great way to end your day and prepare yourself for the next day. There is no right or wrong way to pray or meditate—just do whatever feels right to you.

Read and Connect

Self-help and spirituality-themed books are great reads for people trying to reconnect with themselves or get over a breakup. If you have some bad relationship habits or if you attract the wrong kind of people, being single is the perfect time to work on eliminating these behaviors. If you’re a spiritual person, find a local group to join. There, you’ll meet like-minded people who can help you develop a better relationship with yourself. If you believe in a higher power, spiritual groups can help you stay connected.

Reconnect to yourself and love who you are.

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17 thoughts on “Psychic Forrest: My Tips for Moving On After a Breakup

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    A wonderful article filled with great suggestions, Forrest.

    Like healing from any other sort of injury, healing the pain caused by a broken relationship needs to be taken step by step, one moment at a time. Some days will be easier than others but, ultimately, healing does happen, if we allow it to.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  2. brenda shields

    I was in 3 marriages and knew after awhile I atracked FIXERUPPER’S as I called them. but it was me who had to see me and why. I am a spiritual person and study and join groups and also read about MY self. I needed fixing to accomplish what I felt for my self, in stead of splitting myself in two. I was a people pleaser with no thought for myself and getting healthy after a alcoholic and disfunctional family. I knew as a child I was different and my siblings went on as the family. not me, but I was to strict with myself and never thought I could have anyone care unless I was them. I divorced them all. then got in a relationship with a narcissistic person who broke be up in pieces. I went to a medium and found out from his father[who to the day had passed 22 years ago] what his son was and would be. and I walked out of there HEALED, from him. 20 something years and I have been trying to fix me and stay away from relationships and grow to a higher plain in myself to fix myself. some times it takes us just to GET OUT and fix ourselves. but he didn’t get away with it as he fell to pieces himself and was under a doctor’s care for a while after. angels on my side this time. and I talked to him about my spiritual life and he always agreed, but could not ,or would not ,stop playing games. we attract these people and they play us. yes I get lonely, but better to be happy with myself, then played with. we aren’t perfect but we can grow. everything has an effect on our life if it’s negative and unhealthy. find our own level. don’t expect perfection from yourself or others.

  3. Sharon

    Excellent article that is right on point!!! You confirmed for me what I already knew which was to stay away completely from my ex. You are very empathic. Wow!!!

  4. Amanda

    Wonderful hints, really helpful. I break a addictive relasionship a while ago. Was and is very hard, but i am stick in my decisión and i am very proud of myself.

  5. Jeanifer

    What a perfect lines I read since i am about to give up on life many times. But only prayers are the weapon to fight what is to be in this world, Thank you for all of this!!! God Bless!!

  6. James

    Having been going thru a separation process for two years I GREATLY appreciate your suggestions & advice. Been a rough road to hoe.

  7. Sarah

    Thank you Forrest, I have been having a tough time with my recent break up because I felt and still feel that this man was and is my soul mate. It just doesn’t seem right that we have separated.and I honestly believe that somehow we will be together. But in the meantime, it has been hard for me to accept and move on. This passage has definitely helped.

  8. cecilia

    i dont want too breakup with my husband i am deepley in love with him . he is my soulmate and i no this truely . but the promblem is his family does not accept me because iam not greek iam ITAIAN. they treat me like iam a stranger off the street and trash. i am agood person i dont do drugs i clean all the time his mothers house, and they do not eccept me. me and my husband are never invited to get to geathers or anything. ect. and so much more can you help me ? thank you cecilia morisi .

  9. Filly Devotie

    would like a reading from phychic Forrest big troublesome affair since October 9th going bad.please help meeeeeeeee..thank you filly.he’s returning from vacation feel he forrest says;intuition..I followed once he left town on so called holiday.never called like said he would..not letting him know what I found after background,e-mail &reverse telephone many aliases..don’t want to meet his not want his kids to know what I look like-when forrst reaches me-i’ll tell him why-one reason-I’m thtrough kids older than his.married 3-4 times adopting all kids-taking from exes..talks highly of ex-with his kids/hers left her ecerything after with kids/aries father? as mate-diet of chaos & lies as I felt gut me to drink-when I dislike drinking..told me things that-let me know-no marriage for me-will not live with him-snoring but aliases.very tight lipped on some subjects-like hiding something..right down to lying that he/I had same phone company..can you feel any type of him-blocking-or ignoring 1 text-forcing me to call him-wanting to hear his voice-first call-he shit a brick-rushing me off.defensive saing with son..w,t.h..he just told him prior to leaving he wantedto introduce him to me-reffering to me as special lady..wines,dines,me buys present..along with lustfull roaming eyes to women,when with me-they’re drawn to him-for he puts it out there..picked up on my vibe-during dinner 3rd date,clicked with women-she attracted to him/trying to be polite to me-invinting us to her restaurant I never heard of in my town I lived infor 15 yrs..I asked him if he came fro his town 20 minutes south of me to pick up chix-for my town has reputation for beautyfull loose women..he said no-his dog died-tired of his town-crossed paths with ,while I crying to police & towing company..thought truck stolen..he spoke to dispatcher that hung up on m.truted to get in his truck-to go to towing lot/recietrive truck-then first dinner..did I feel more than blessed & happy,someone was there-I in shock-could barely think what cab company to call.thought he an angel..jewish-turned buddist..hides behind the buddist b.s. I’m also a real buddist & do not mislead others.flash cash,and dress down-not to attract to much attention..said was 10 yrs.older-found out 11 yrs.older.i’m planning on getting older & no support..he’s older set inhis ways-and lots of support..brothers,cousins,kids,ex wives he lies getting along with..then told me broke up with girl after 2 yrs.traveling-he pays for everything.opens doors-since we’re not on “MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER- I text some screening questions to see what he wants out of life,relationship,friends with benefits..most important question;what are you looking for/his answer;I DON’T KNOW.he wants no tyies,commitment..i’m not sticking around-wasting precious time-for I’m 56 not 26 &very keen to lying planet venus,born on earth-day..i’m taking courses over past few days..calling say meditate-I said to him-he was going to meditate me outta his life..saing-whoa all thse questions;met on beach for he acted as if he wanted to talk-I wondering/not wasting time..he has type 2 diabetes.made him get STD TESTING LAST WEEK-HAD BLOOD SUGAR TEST..results coming this week-if he in fact got it..did say-pretty black girl took drew his blood-as I study few text he sent-I went from “beautyfull lady” your the best woman he ever met? now he addresses mre a lover-so secure -for I drank & slept with him..i’m going through torture-like my male-married friends say..hairdresser says-let him pay for dinner,he buys you few presents..i feel that’s bad karma-yet I never go out-bored with this state-I’m packed ready to move to calf; where I can grow,not sure about finding love out there..the state has changed.went through 6.0 earthquake.showed him house broker sent me-he can take me or leave me-says he wanted to go to farm-then changed his mind-lets get nice room in hotel play tourist.i put my foot down saying I live & work here-I’m trying to get to know you & to many distractions in my town<women he's attracted to-& do not want to introduce him to my dentist<my peacefull turf & wondering lustfull eyes..what should I do..block his telephone number-already changed other phone number..i'm afraid of what I found on & instant checkmate,blew me away when I found he lied aboutus having same cellcompany-he does not & I feel he blocked me texting him-playes dumb-saying never got if I text him-say address unavailable-asked him if changed phone plan-not telling him I found has different cell company,or aliases, still waiting for..he's driving so crazy-I possed as man to some off the wall physhic-praying to get her chart reading in 3 hours-now it's been 24 hours.compatabiity chart.things expressed.please help me–or call I in danger with this ma-my heart hurtssince background search.removed my voice from my voicemail phone-so he wont bestimulated by my loveliness-he so stled fro me in such a soft-methodical way..why was I crying ,why am I still at first site runs in my family.but with record-he’s on something.high blood pressure medicine-no drugs-except said tasted drink he bought me withdinner-then lied said he never swallowed.been scared to drive as his passenger..found 12 car accidents he’s involved with.many people come to my state-creating fraudulent car accidents-all in the name of the almighty $$$$$.can you see what kinda company he own-those he have lover that cares for his books-seems to run a tight I tried texting;all I wanted to say was;can you pick me up “snowy-crystal ball in wash.d.c. with god bless America song-I would reimburse him& explained I collected them..said sure,can I call you tomorrow heasked..I think he’s returning tomorrow-had need to show me his itenirary plane trip,with son-going to meet up with duagter in college,& other son-supposedly got tickets for red-skins game..i feel he’s cheating on this trip-like my gut feeling ,prior to background..please-I was up till 6a.m. this morning-meditation/god/therapy not working..other things braking my heart..he’s coming back refreshed-I’m buried I responsibilaties..and do not want to take him to calf to hike..he plays dumb-background shows calf; address on him..his utility bills not under hisname-e-mail he gave me cannot be verified.unfriended request on FB &erased all pictures of not want his ex-wives-kids viwing me-I missing one hand.yeah they say I’m pretty-but lately feel like a dartboard dodging darts..i keep telling him I’m scared of him& I feel hes keeping something very important-that may hurt me..pleae help-I’m waiting for forrest on call.please,please please.want to sleep tonight-afraid if I don’t nswer his calls may ome by my home-have cameras around house..i have not healed from vehichle towed with handicap plate in handicap parking space..he meditates-nothing bothers him-I hate that about certain so called buddist..met to many-all about sex-the richer the worst..theology has changed.i’m a realist & old enuff to no better-why do I feel trapped..will not share my heart,body with this man-her’s out to make me pay for all others hurting him-not one did he admit to any wrong doing in married cheated,was married-he cheated with first-dealing drugs-went to jail-gave her everything-hooked up with second wife-her kid from other man-the one he want me/him to meet-he claims his mother “bad-woman”claimin son hates her & adopting him after turning 18-he’s 17??? he’s tolen all kids from mothers..what kinda crap is that-& expects my input into his son..hes a heart-taker,hangs you out to dry-once he’s had his fix..i asked him-how do you knw last girlfriend after 2yrs.broke up,now fat-I said u left door opened.he said”ran into her at beach with her girlfriend..i say he drove her to the point of no return-he claims marriage was not in cards-neither in love with other-so I guess it was sexual-not monogamous,or longterm.only long term sex,lie dating sites I stay away from..asked if I could borrow book.he said yes.before he left he called-I excited about book-he said;hey I thought book about us,now it’s about me-for I tld him forgot a lot of whatever SRI he follows& uses to his advanyage..why am I so turned off,with bad gut feelings-background validating more than I thought..he keeps me confused on how many times he married.3-4.i can only find 2 divorce-where’s the third.. may be 67 but acts like 87 when he can’t get way with me & very set in his way..taking away from the US I thought god sent to me-for I rarely get out,busy time of year.will I end year of the horse alone again-with no-one to kiss at midnight..glad waiting on year of the ram-but he is aries april 17th,the ram that’s gonna stick another thorn in my texting,screening questions-he took with grain of salt-ran outta time-I didn’t want to hear anymore..all I know;we all have luggage-but is he going to be there to elp me unpack—do you see anytning wrong wit my taures my age,knoledge-i strike while the iron is hot–you put love,kisses,hugs on back buner-i fade away..the waiting game is for the young-not in your fifties…I have a lot of responseabilities..I thought he brought joy o my life-I felt he could be my last soul-mate…never again wil I live with man-without ring on my I want no ring from him-live together for what–to clean up piss on toilet-he can be cranky & loves his space & lovely apt;where if I did move in-truly no room for me..i’m a homebody-work hard outta my house..cannot pay my bills around him-nor want my things in his apt.he said-we need to get ou a toothbrush to keep here??? what the heck is he thinking..i saw him walking through my house-seeing everything packed..i’m very unconfortable living like this.but it’s my space-hating myself for sleeping with him..pleas get back to me-took me hours to type with one-hand ouch…

  10. Diane

    Thank you for this information. I guess my relationship is over with this man I have known for two years but never really met him he was so much in love with me and I with him but never wanted to really be with me he said he did but never made the effort to do it and crazy me I am still hanging on he waits a week or more before calling me says he cares but does he really care I don’t think so I know he has moved on in his life now I still have him as a contact on my computer when I want to contact him so now I know what I have to do to let him go. It is really hard for me cause I have lost so much in my lifetime in this year still trying to cope with it all he was always there for me when I needed him to help me with the pain and I assumed he would always be there for me but he is not there for me how can a person go for long periods of time without contacting the love of their life not even knowing if they are dead or alive so thank you for this information it will be hard for me so now I can move on with my life. I was waiting for an answer from someone guess you were my answer now. It is really a shame not for me but for him cause he will never know what a good person I really am but like they always say if you love someone enough like a bird let it go and if it loves you enough it will come back, thanks again

  11. Heidi

    i have been married for 22 years and i lost myself a year ago. i am seeking help, but lots of drugs
    no togetherness in way over 2-3 years i have become not needed so feel. i can not afford to live on my own i am on SS

  12. Juanita

    What do you do when you have unrequited love for a person, and you know they love you too but because of past hurts you have no voice. And the three little words that people throw around casually won’t come out of your mouth and you both go away in reqret. But you know that they are the one I dated it felt like a lie. I read, prayed, left the town. and still love this person. at this point I am trying acceptance ok you love him, maybe it isn’t meant to be. But you have the right to love him its not a sin. Well that worked untill someone loved me. I love him but as the saying goes am not in love with him and he wants to marry me but I have to tell this person the truth and goodby and I have no idea how .

  13. Sherida

    Wat’ perfect timing this is Psychic Forrest! Wat’ you wrote is exactly wat’ I am going through rite’ now! After ‘hanging out’ for over a year (this is the second time around), he has decided he wants to date others! Altho’ I am trying to distance myself, he is still texting & calling! Ugh! Anyway, thank you very much for sharing this…..your tips are very, very helpful! Blessings ~ Sherida*

  14. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn ext. 5484

    very important article – thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight into the realm of love and love lost.


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