Think Like a Man: Sex! Now That I Have Your Attention

Earn His Attention

Are you discouraged by how minimal your guy pays attention when both your panties and bras are pulled up and fastened? Do you have to bake a lasagna just to get him out of his recliner? The promise of sex and food has always been one way to get a man’s attention. However, do you really want to swing around a stripper pole or delve into the Betty Crocker homemakers manual each time you want attention? Well, you’ve got to think like a man in order to earn it.

Gain His Respect

Men respect a woman who takes pride in herself. This is a woman who speaks her mind, expresses her opinions, and inspires him to be his best. Another tactic is to police yourself on the use of phrases, such as “I think,” or “little.” Admit it ladies, how often have you said something along the lines of, “I think that you should mow the lawn tomorrow.” Why? Because it sounds like it is more of a question than a request. Men interpret statements like this as belittling, and gradually lose respect when you do it too often. Speaking of be-little, inserting the word “little” into any phrase is a gigantic no-no, as in (“in my little opinion,” “I have a little problem”). When a man respects a woman, he will seek her out, because he truly wants her opinion and approval.

Listen Up, Buddy!

A prenatal study concluded that soft music does not seem to calm boy infants nearly as much as girls. Upon further investigation, the researchers realized that it wasn’t the music itself, but rather the fact that the boys couldn’t hear it. Your guy’s hearing may not be as good as it used to be; which means it is even worse than how bad it was originally. So, when you want his attention, raise your volume a bit.

Call Him By Name

Pet names are great in relationships, but men often associate them with unimportant love quips. If he’s not paying attention, call him by name, and he will know that you mean business. I can even count the number of things I have agreed to over the years in which I had no idea what my wife was actually asking me.

Live Your Own Life

Women who get caught up in maintaining their guy’s attention will only succeed in losing it quicker. By going about your business, and doing your own thing, you will create curiosity in your guy. Sure, at first he may seem all too glad to have his own time. However, it won’t be long before he’s wondering what you’ve been up to.


Men are spent by the end of their day at work, and this is not just laziness. Research suggests that men need time to reinvigorate their oxytocin-poor brain cells, which is generally right before dinner. This also happens to be when many women would like to have his attention. Psychologists recommend giving a man his zone-out time, where he can be alone and taunt flies with an open mouth. After a half-hour, you can snap your fingers, and he will awaken from his slumber.

Don’t Dilly

Guys often glaze over after about the first minute of listening to a woman. From his experience, the first couple minutes seem more like a rambling of feelings, rather than getting across any important points. Think of your man as a game show host, and you’ve got to get your opening statement out within 30 seconds or less. Men are not interested in the unnecessary facts, to be quite honest; our verbal cortex is a bit short on space, which means we can only process so much of a conversation. When you keep most discussions direct, to the point, and limited to 15 minutes, your guy will be more likely to pay attention to you now and in the future. Remember…

• Men
• Dig
• Bullet
• Points

Always Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

Some women try to get a man’s attention by creating buzz, but only succeed in letting him down if the hype doesn’t meet his expectations. The less you build up an event, the more surprise you will elicit, which will give him more reason to perk up every time you enter a room.

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6 thoughts on “Think Like a Man: Sex! Now That I Have Your Attention

  1. Debbie G.


    Thank you for this amazing article! I learned so much in this about men. Things I had been wondering about you have now answered for me and I didn’t have to pay someone $200.00
    to hear about it. You really opened my eyes. again thank -you. I do have a question though if you get a chance could you answer it . Are men curious by nature?

  2. Debbie

    Wow! I wish men had even a little bit of the insight this man has into their make up and how they think and react. But I guess women don’t do much better, do they!

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    Very funny stuff indeed, especially your comment below !!!!!

    ” I can even count the number of things I have agreed to over the years in which I had no idea what my wife was actually asking me.”

    And I especially liked the parts about Timing and Don’t Dilly……wise advice !

    I always enjoy your articles AND your humorous writing style !


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