7 Things You Should Always Do Before Sex

Do These Things Before Sex and Make Sex Better!

Surveys suggest that a new lover can spend up to six hours preparing for just 20 or so minutes of sex. That number dwindles when a new lover turns into as long-term relationship—people start to make less of an effort. But there are still some things worth doing before sex, like brushing your teeth or clipping your toenails! However, there’s more to preparing for sex than fresh breath and short nails! Check out these physical and mental preparations for better sex!

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It may surprise you to know that sexual organ malfunction (for men and women) due to stress is a common issue in the bedroom. Sex is supposed to be fun, so why do we often make such a big deal about it? Why do we stress out over pleasing ourselves and our partners? And why do we let work and life stress get in the way of a good time? Just take a deep breath and relax before sex. 

Make Sure You’re Ready to Have Sex With Them

Sometimes people have sex simply for the pleasure of it; other times people have sex because they see it as an act of love. If you’ve started a relationship with someone, you may want to hold off on the sex. Sex can bring up feelings and emotions that aren’t really there (yet or at all). And the research supports it. Surveys also suggest that many relationships start off on a better foot when a couple waits long enough to learn each other’s communication styles before sex.

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Think Positive

Be confident about who you are and what you look like. Think good things about yourself. A confident partner is a sexy partner and sex is great when it is between two happy people who are also willing (and not hesitant) to please each other. If you think positive, you’ll feel good and your partner will feel good about you. Think positively about the experience of sex before you have sex!

Value the Journey to Your Orgasm

Surveys suggest that many sexual encounters fizzle out when one partner is too focused on achieving an orgasm. Yes, orgasms are great. However, the people who report having the best sex also say they enjoy the path towards the finale, as much as the finale itself. If you find yourself with a partner who is running a marathon to get to the finish line alone, don’t hesitate to speak up before sex.

Talk About What Your Prefer

Sex isn’t always great the first time two people have it together because they don’t take the time to talk about what they like and don’t like. In fact, many women are uncomfortable telling men what they want in bed. Ladies, don’t be shy! If you’re going to have sex with someone, you should feel comfortable enough to tell them what you like and don’t when it comes to sex.

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You warm up before you run a marathon, right? Sex works the same way! Don’t just jump into things the moment your clothes come off! Take your time and engage in some foreplay before sex. It can be as simple as letting your partner explore your erogenous zones and if you want to make it more complicated than that, talk to your partner about the things that turn them on.

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Limit Alcohol

When it comes to sex, people often use alcohol to help them relax, but drinking too much can have a negative effect on your libido and your body. If you need a drink to loosen up, go for it, but limit yourself to one or two at the most. If you have more, you could be ruining your night and your partner’s.

18 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Always Do Before Sex

  1. Marta

    I seem to have multi orgasm, even over phone sex, is there a reason
    woman can do this , I have a good lover and just by saying the right things I can enjoy more than 2 or 3 orgasm.
    Is that common?

  2. angel

    @@@-marcus –man, I soooo agree! People have to be on the same page mentally and if necessary, able to talk about the physical. Relaxation is an important key, as well as an unselfish partner. I gained

  3. Hope for sex

    Sex is something amazing only if you talk to your partner n do it the way you both like it but if you don’t know what other side like how can you make her or him hapy n enjoy it to maximum sex is for both to get orgasam not only for one side take it nice n slow n make each other special n there is nothing nicer if you can get orgasam at the same time
    It meens that you really care n know each other you can’t get this with every one try it n you’ll see what I’m talking about

  4. Sam

    To Tim hey talk to that best friend about what you’re thinking! If they are your best friend, you should be able to talk about anything, and that would definitely include sex. Maybe they are thinking the same thing. Talking it over first will alleviate those fears, and at the least, bring you both to a new level of understanding, which is always a benefit, even without sex. You have everything to gain here, and even if your friend is not on that page yet, you will know where you stand, and that sharing will bond you further. Be honest and be yourself and enjoy your wonderful friendship!

  5. tim

    I have never had sex, but I would love to give it a whirl… with my best friend, but am worried it will destroy the relationship we have already.

  6. rohit

    to get a honest decent matured female lov trust nd friendship for a man while she married or aged too its so precious if someone allow to see her its so amazing in chat too

  7. rockchick66

    birth control has been around for decades ….how hard can it be to take a pill every morning at breakfast or at bed time?????

    why give up something…pleasurable and intimate …between 2 people who are in love or just enjoy being together….be responsible, be mature enough to take precautions to prevent an un wanted pregnancy ….

    make love…not kids..lol

  8. Marcus Ambrester

    Sex in the human species is almost never for procreation, it is a social activity. In addition to that our sexual energy is one of our most vibrant energies and is certainly the one that carries the most emotional attachments.

    There are few aspects of our lives about which we have more fear, judgments, and shame than our sexuality. That fear cripples our sexual energy as well as emotional intimacy.

    Hardly ay one of us was taught growing up what our sexual energy really is, the emotional parts, the spiritual parts, nor how to enjoy the playful, raucous parts really well.

  9. Linda

    This every couple should know,LOVE MAKING,is an ART,you should enjoy and discover each others bodies during foreplay,that’s what makes it fun and meaningful,don’t be afraid to try new things.DON’T BE ONE SIDED IN BED! IF YOUR PARTNER PLEASES YOU,DO IN RETURN.

  10. Jess


  11. Paul Saran

    The subject above is true and it could make the love partner feel good I believe in it as well and wanted to learn more about sex life. Yes, Woman always get shy especially in my country Cambodia women not dare to speak about sex life experience I would like to share this with my Cambodian woman so that they could have a long love life. thank you

  12. Phyllis Root

    You people seem to have forgotten what nature invented sex for. Remember making babies? And that’s worked too well. The earth now has over 7 billion population, more than it can handle. We should be discouraging sex for amusement just as was done in the past. The earth has too many people.

  13. rosecoccarr

    how can you be with your p;artn er if it is not allow..i know you have sex so have it.. n oltsol m any..ik don’t like it..wshat do want me tlo dlo…te.ll ypujr friends ikf hyou could be with me..tghen I wkill everyh dayh….I love you btbujt //. trust meki want tlo be wkith hyoluj….it is nt sex I am worry aborry it is your friends….


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