The Truth About Breakups

As psychics, we often receive calls from people in broken relationships. Recently, a client called to ask about her boyfriend who ended their relationship. The breakup, like most, seemed so abrupt. My caller needed a reason for its demise. At that moment, I heard her angels say, “He seems to be running away, but he’s trying to find his own path!” I relayed the message, helping her understand her ex needed time for himself to forge his own path. Feeling confined, he sought freedom. But she had a difficult time trying to grasp his reasons, and couldn’t see his point of view. Her heart hurt from their split. Her angels wouldn’t relent, either.

They kept repeating, “Tell her to keep moving forward, but to have faith that this is a blessed change for them.”  I passed this on, telling her that great blessings will come — as long as she sets him free for now. “But,” I said, “The Angels don’t want you to stop living your life, they want you to move through this difficult period with as much faith as you can muster.”  My caller’s pain was so deep and her heartbreak so strong that she could not process the message.

“But when will he come back?”

“It’s going to take him some time because he feels the need to be on his own right at this moment,” I replied.  It’s not that he doesn’t care about her, he simply needs the room to be able to move about freely while he discovers himself.

Sometimes we have to relay messages that are not easy for people to hear. But in the end, it’s the truth that will set them free. It helps them focus on their path and purpose. once in a while, we all need a reminder or nudge that we can’t control another person. No matter how much it hurts to see them walk away, it’s our life lesson. At times like these, we need to recalibrate — and shift our focus. To keep moving forward.

Angels are always here to remind us that there is a hidden blessing just around the corner. Even though we cannot see it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The most prominent message the Angels give us all: “Keep moving forward, do not become stagnant.”

This is the truth, which is why it can be difficult to hear and process. It propels us to move when we feel stuck in our lives. So, get moving because you never know what hidden blessings may be around the next corner!

29 thoughts on “The Truth About Breakups

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  2. Nancy

    My boyfriend of 5 years has been trying to break up with me for the past year, off and on. At first, he swept me off my feet, sending flowers, giving gifts, taking me out. He wanted to be with me all the time, called me 3 or 4 times a day, never went out while I worked graveyard shifts. Told me he wanted to be with me forever, gave me an engagement, told me “you’re my whole life”. Then he started sneaking out, lying, and trying to meet other girls. We’ve been fighting off and on for a year. Now he only calls every 3 or 4 days. He’s been saying, “okay, we’ll try again.” Then when I think things are getting back like they were, he tells me horrible stuff like “I don’t love you anymore, but we can be ‘friends'” and “I feel trapped” and “I know I’ll find love again some day.” and all this kind of crap. He is stubborn and will not really give me a chance. I was good enough at first, but now I guess it’s “out with the old, in with the new”. He says we can keep seeing each “sometimes” during this “transition phase” and keep having sex. I guess til he finds someone better. I am 49 and he is 35. I always worried about the “age thing”, but he always said it didn’t matter to him. My mistake was taking one last chance to believe a guy, after 30 years of dating lying jerks. This was it for me; I don’t want to go thru this again. This was the high point of my life; it’s not going to get any better. Nobody means what they say; “forever” and “I love you” are just words people say. I’m done.

  3. ann

    Hey, thanks for sharing, I went thru the same thing, waiting , waiting for his to reply to me, Nothing at all!
    I felt sad and angry of myself!!:-( Everytime i close my eyes, i will think of him, the words and his face!!

    Am not sure how to get of him!!! Please help me!!

    i remain..A

  4. jp

    Dear Sara, my heart is breaking for you, yes it is hard to move on when your hurting so much and don’t get out much, please start to go out away from the house, if you work ask a friend to do dinner one night after work, what about church? they have meeting’s there they might have one for you, or ask and see if they have activies you can do like we have the crafters they make things for the needed they meet once or twice a week and have a good time, or does your church ask if any one could give some time we can use your help. do it Sara you will find in time that making a few changes in you life that you have moved on. it won’t be so lonly and the hurt that you feel now won’t be so bad. you need to fill your day and things to look forward too. I’m sure there are place’s you can give your time to, that need your help and the friendship will come.
    if you are looking for a companion ship well its not hard to find on the internet or just friendship you can find that as well. look we are here. you told a little part of your life. and I care about you! see friendship comes when two people have one or meny thing in commen. I live by this, raised my kids on this,
    what goes around comes around always in a 10 fold, Sara go and do some good for others give with heart and it will come back to you in a ten fold. take care and have a nice weekend.
    if you need to chat Sara I’m here. god bless you oxoxoxo


    It is a reality check for some as not all are faithful to their partners. On the other hand there are some long distance relationships that are working out well and they have a great life in the end better than closer ones who see each other everyday.

  6. Sara

    I was in a relationship and married (mostly happily) for almost 31 years, when my ex turned into someone I didn’t know. He hurt me emotionally, then physically, but wouldn’t admit it, or ever apologize. Next thing I know I get divorce papers. It’s been over 2 years since we were together, the divorce was final just over a year ago, and I cannot find how to move forward. I have disabilities and need help with some things, live in a very isolated area in a house I can’t sell and don’t have money to rent anywhere else, so I’m alone almost all the time. People in the general area are not friendly at all, and there is almost no place to go. (I don’t go to bars.) I still love him deeply, and don’t have a clue how to pull myself out of this horrid grief and depression. Anyway, thanks for listening.

  7. sedona extension 5272

    Dear Riley,
    Thank you for such a beautiful article. I feel so moved by it, and soothed as well. Such a healing message!

    Dear Bloggers,
    Thanks for so many wonderful stories and for sharing your wisdom.

    I have so much compassion for anyone still in love with someone who’s broken up with them, especially when it’s unexpected or sudden. I know how hard that is from my own experience.

    I also know that it means a blessing really is right around the corner for us. Something better has been prepared. It’s ready for us when we’re ready for it. That’s why the Angels and Guides urge us to keep our eyes on the future rather than the past. The Angels and Guides are always willing to repeat their message of love until we finally get it.

    Wishing you beautiful relationships and many blessings.

  8. jp

    There are 4 things that you can not recover in life
    1) The stone…..after it’s thrown
    2) The word……after it’s said
    3) The occasion….after it’s missed
    4) The time……after it’s gone

    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, All of which have the potential to turn life around.

    I belive and live by what comes around goes around all in a ten fold
    so I live and belive in giving with my heart and letting god worrie about the rest. have I been hurt Yes! I have bye my husban of 25 years cheating on me, can I do the same to him? yes I can. but will I no he will see his 10 fold. and has a little he lost me and the respect of our childern and family & friends he wants it back. I pray that the angels in my life will guide me through all this, Psychic Riley can you ask the angles what is in store for me this article telling me it’s time to move on and get the divorce? thank you.

  9. jovy

    i got my heart broken six years ago. it’s so sad to say but i was never able to let go of the pain and the emptiness because nobody was there to tell me what i’m supposed to hear, i had no Angel…until now, i’m living through the pain…and honestly wanting to find happiness. it’s so hard to live like this. i just hope that someday, somehow, God will help me find a way to finally be able to move on and be happy.

  10. Deon

    lonleyness…..did I spell that corectly??? I know I didnt….. cant spell it…….cant deal with it. the lonelyness. the sad deep pit of darkness that we feel……..and truely, TRUELY feeling it. letting it wash over you and knowing that at the end of that moment… or that hour… or that night… you will survive. you will not be gobbleded up. you wont die. Only then can we move on and become ok with our selves. ok with whom ever comes into our lives anew.
    I am an infant in this process…..I pray god with help me to grow to acept the chalenge of feeling the lonleness……so I can move on to a level of love that is good for my heart and soul.

  11. WGA

    Well I think I need more than angels…..its been 16 years andi feel like im still missing part of my heart.
    I dont know if i was the trauma, I ended up in jail for hitting the guy she kissed at the bar while she was with me.
    She wasnt even with him, she had someone else and I blamed him for ruining my relationship, why didnt she just break up with me when she kissed him that night. Why leave it up to me, when all i could do is LOVE her and FORGIVE her. Only to have her totally crush my heart and soul two weeks later, leaving me behind with all my VIRGO questions that would only serve me in future relationships….but no, i was left hearbroken and eventually did a few months in jail and 16 years late…..i havent heard one word from her. We were together during high school and i know those relationships are usually forgotten. But when do i get to forget? When do the angels stop telling me the same “move on” but do nothing to heal my heart, like SHE is the only one who can erase the bad memories and the hurt , by just saying……”You were special to me too.”

  12. Nareena

    Hey Judy

    It is hard to let someone go. One thing you need to remmeber above all is that you are NOT stupid. Everyone has there own life paths and lessons to learn, from my experience in recent months it has and is still showing me that you might not be able to let him go just yet because of a lesson that either one of you is required to learn before you can move on. When it is the right time for you to let go it will happen and the transition will happen before you have realised it. For the time being go with the flow and don’t be afraid to feel what you feel.
    Blessed be.

  13. JUDY

    yes, i know, i have to let him go, i just love him so much, i don’t want to share him with anyone else, but, he
    is right, i gotta to let me free, and go on, but it’s just so hard for me to let him go, i could see if it was just\
    us, and he was not very happy, but, he found someone else online, to speak to and meet with, i am very
    jealous about it, he is right, but, i am just being stubborn not to let him go, i have been with him for 6 years,
    we talked tonight, and he is right, i need to let him go, i love him so much, i am very wrong to call him,
    everyday, i am just stupid, i just can’t help it, i love him so much, more than ever……. it’s best i let him go,
    that’s what he wants, please, god, help me,

  14. Lisa Satiro aka Acorn

    For years and years now I have been given messages …mainly for others . I try and share what I receive in the kindest way …even though sometimes the messages are “tough” ones . It never fails the message I give is warmly received and appreciated. Not long ago I got a message in a dream from someone crossed ….screaming at me to speak to his brother for him. An old lover of mine ..I am still smitten with. The dream was so vivid and he was so harsh with me ..I was actually sick from it . Well after much debate , I finally called him to relay the message to him . He was quite cross with me about it , claiming not to want to hear from the brother The message was a simple one . His Dad needed him and I needed for him to make the effort to go see him. He misread me and took this as a health thing … I assured him it was not ….it was a father /son thing …and off the top of my head I added …he may need you to just come visit and share time with him and trim some trees for him . Long and short of it …he made the trip cross country and came home ….and sure enough …spent the WHOLE day trimming trees in the yard and bonding with his Dad . Of course I never know the value or understand the meaning …but I feel when I receive it …it’s important to pass on <3 Blessed Be

  15. Nareena

    I read the article and like it. I have recently seperated from my husband.the thing is that he has moved on by moving straight into another relationship which is fine if that is what is meant to be then it is what it is. I am moving forward, I have accepted the situation and taken responsibility for my actions, I have released him and let go. I want him in my life but I also know that he is not ready to return to my life and may never be. but so far out of the life lessons I have learnt from the seperation they tend to lead me back to him everytime.

  16. shailendra

    very good & true article,it is very true whatever happens good or bad we have 2 go on moving,as in the article she has to move forewad and live and face life happiely. every one lives for themselves but sometime we have to live for other so just keep on moving

  17. Donna

    Nice article, most times it is for the best when the split happens.

    However, I would not wait around for someone who is that lost. Because then I would not be following my path. Even though the article does not say so, there is much more going on than what was told to this young woman. She needs to follow her own path and find happiness within herself.

  18. Cesy_Blue_Eyes

    I have been touched deeply by this article and even thou I’ve been searching for answers for many years now, this one made me understand fully why we meet others in our life and why we part. I am going thru a break-up right now which I can say that broke my heart, but I’m glad I’ve been on this road with this guy which I’m thankful for,
    because he made me see and realize what a wonderful person I am and always was. This was (I believe) one of my life lessons, and I will love my on earth angel always for helping me learn, even if our paths are not taking us to the same road anymore. God Bless Him! My Higher Self always has been guiding me to where I’m supposed to be, if only I would listen more and stop worrying and keep that faith that some days it seems just as small as a mustard seed.

  19. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Therman,
    Just cruising on thru…..but WOW!….very, VERY well said.
    I have to say I was delightfully impressed….as a psychic of 44 years,not too much impresses me anymore.

    I try to impart that same message to my clients during a reading.I also tech that same lesson to my students as well,…so many people, in general nowadays, become mired and stuck in the ” wet mud of yesterday “, as you so aptly put it, that they forget to LIVE.
    Yes, we are all spiritual beings, existing only on the earthly plane
    to learn and grow from experiences, good and bad alike,by coming into contact with, and inter-acting with other souls.
    I will try to get back in here when I can, but Therman, you delivered a very powerful truth in your posting….I really hope to see more posts from you when I have the chance to get back in here myself.

    You have the gift of writing I see….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  20. Therman E. Ames Jr.

    The journey on the river of life is regulated by the currents of source energy. I believe we are learning many valuable lessons that can only be discovered in relationships. ONLY in this world can we experience the wild river rapids of emotions and feelings. The highs and lows of daily living should teach us that we all learn how to overcome and shed our internal ego’s and graciously take on the butterfly wings of forgiveness,compassion,and gentleness. Nothing in life stays the same,so accept the changes, release and move on with the source engergy flow with JOY for the experiences, instead of sorrow because of the wet mud of yesterday.

  21. waynebray

    Thanks for those great articles.My girlfriend went quiet and illusive after 8 months of closeness.she cam back saying that she wanted space which I couldnt understand at the time.She eventually asked to be friends.I love this lady a lot, Im 51 and she 47.She lives alone but is quite independant.I thought god had found the perfect lady for me.She is an ALANON lady and recently lost the guy she loved for three years who died.I though that she was an unavailable type and I guess she is for me. I practiced acceptance of today and gratitude that at least I had her in my life. She has opened the world up for me regarding shows,restaurants and good times.I dont know if I miss her or the activities.I do know its my issue although she said she was hurting too.I would marry her at the drop of a hat.we just gel so much together.Absolutely nothing happens on gods earth by mistake.Given a chance I would right wrongs and carry on-There has been no noticeable reason why we split.We never argued but just got on and enjoyed each other.Wayne

  22. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Riley,

    Thanks for a great article and very much on point.

    It is so very crucial and also very difficult for any of us to progress past the “But when will things go back to exactly where they were?” It seems that we all do get stuck there and, therefore, hold ourselves back from moving forward, and almost hang on with both hands tightly to prevent ourselves from moving forward.

    Thanks for reminding us there are always hidden blessings around the corner and each step forward brings us to the next, more positive offering available in our lives as we evolve.

    Thanks again for a very special article.


    Psychic Maryanne
    Ext. 9146

  23. julian garcia

    truth, faith,lessons,move forward,a blessing is on its way around the corner,turning away and walking away , as painfull as it is, you moveforward and find yourself, everything meets, eventually,before we depart from this life, and become one with the ONE,last breath, just take it with a sigh, and we start to live. amazeing we are. in form and in spirit, just amazeing. know your spirit. its beautiful, its your angel, its talking to you, to move forward,have faith at the breaking point of not haveing it, and at the end when we finally meet, our breaking point of faith kicks in, lifes lesson, move forward, and faith. thats the light to your path, my crystals, will, show you the light to where you need to follow. blessed it be.

  24. julian garcia

    this message was talking to me, souly me, move forward, strength, and faith to the point of cant take it anymore,faith,move forward, lifes lesson is move forward, and have faith. amen.


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