The Swoop and Scoop: How to Score a Romantic Rebound

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your closets: You may notice an influx of couples parting ways this time of year as people reevaluate their relationships and decide to throw in the proverbial towel. (With Facebook, this is made oh-so-clear as relationship statuses switch to “single” and cheek-to-cheek photos start disappearing from your news feed.) Spring is an ideal time for splitting up, after all, without the pressure of major holidays and family gatherings—plus the promise of summer is just around the corner.

If you’re single and looking, now’s the time to capitalize on your newly single dating network by doing what’s called the swoop and scoop: You’ll spot an eligible singleton who piques your interest and scoop him or her up before anyone else gets the chance. Think of it as scoring a romantic rebound.

One caveat, however: Before swooping or scooping, you always want to consider the friend code. If a close friend’s ex becomes available, you must, first and foremost, be sensitive to your friend’s feelings. While you don’t need to assume that someone is automatically off-limits, you do want to have an open conversation with your friend before making a move.

That said, here are five reasons why someone on the rebound makes a great candidate for your next partner.

1. He or she has learned from the past.
A newly single person most likely learned something from their last relationship that improves their ability to be with you. While things didn’t work out with their ex, they may have grown and changed in the areas that caused issues that contributed to their breakup.

2. Someone else’s ex knows how to be in a relationship.
Being with someone who’s experienced a significant relationship is a major plus. They have experience with considering someone else’s feelings along with their own and they may not want to waste time playing games. A seasoned relationship veteran always makes a better partner.

3. He or she is ready for fun.
Conversely, if the timing is very soon post-breakup, someone else’s ex might not be ready for a relationship again, which could be perfect if you’re both looking to have a little fun and move along. Freedom can fuel passion, after all.

4. Someone else’s ex will appreciate you more.
If someone was just dumped, they might not feel very appreciated. You could give them the pick-me-up that they desperately need by showing interest. In turn, they will appreciate you more for appreciating them.

5. You’ll both benefit from the chase.
We all know it feels great to have someone chase after us. Maybe, the person in question is shy about getting back out there and you’ll need to start your pursuit. For them, the chase will provide the self-esteem boost they need to be their best self. For you, doing the chasing will feel amazing when you really want someone, go after them, and get them. Feeling like you scored will make your new partner feel like they scored, so it’s a win-win.

3 thoughts on “The Swoop and Scoop: How to Score a Romantic Rebound

  1. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    I absolutely LOVE the take charge of your life and make it happen attitude and advice in this article, Jennifer.

    If your first attempt to swoop and scoop doesn’t pan out, keep at it. As the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold.”

    Brightest Blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  2. judith

    I wonder how far is my relationship with jeanlouis will go, sometimes I feel as if he is pushing me to the edges but I remain faithful at all circumstances.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    These are all very good points to keep in mind…nothing ventured, nothing gained !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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