The Real Reasons Women Don’t Like Sex

Reasons that women don’t like sex are generally temporary and can be resolved by paying attention to the details. It’s important to know if she doesn’t want to have sex because she’s tired, angry, stuck in her head, dealing with bad memories or maybe it’s just not the right time of the month.

Why Do Some Women Shy Away From Sex?

A few years ago, the Web site found that 25 percent of women in a relationship would rather take a bubble bath than have sex. So, us guys concluded it must be true that women are just not as interested in sex as we are, and this is something we will all have to live with. However, what if I told you that there may be more at play here than just genes and hormones. What if a man could create more desire in his partner? Do I have your attention, guys? These are the eight biggest reasons why your women may not want to have sex tonight (and what you can do about it).

She’s Tired

Studies suggest that women are involved in over seven times the amount of housework as their male counterparts, and this includes her working a full-time job. Guys, if you help more around the house, this will benefit you in two ways. One, you will poop yourself out, so nightly sex may no longer be on the menu. Two, you will open up some free time for your lady, who may at first opt for a bubble bath. However, once she gets out, you’ll have a better chance of rubbing her down with lotion.

She’s Angry

Both men and women can hold a grudge. Women, in particular, can tally up old indiscretions, and find a deeper, more disturbing meaning in them. For instance, a rude comment about her flat butt, not noticing her new haircut, followed by raised eyebrows while she orders a second piece of cake, equals you fixing to sleep with the entire Kentucky, varsity, cheer-leading team. Now, if you add one compliment about her red shoes, you’ve only decreased your evilness by one cheer leader. Every man makes mistakes, just try not to make too many!

She Thinks Too Much

A huge part of sex is feeling sexy. If a woman does not feel good about herself, she is not going to want to do it. While a big portion of this is in a woman’s own mind, a guy can certainly help by initiating as many positive compliments as he can. The idea is that if a woman can get her mind off her insignificant flaws, she just might be able to give herself the permission to relax and have some fun. Turn up the romance in the bedroom with advice from Psychic Marin ext. 5113!

Bad Memories

Anal experiences, an old, selfish lover, or nights where the woman is left with the wet spot, can all have a very negative effect on her desire for sex. Consider the fact that many women have sex to feel an emotional closeness… so when a man slams, bams, and rolls over to saw a few logs, he’s not exactly giving her what she needs. Create positive memories for her to associate sex with, and I guarantee she will see the act in a more positive light.

You Don’t Know Her “Schedule”

Most guys’ sex schedule looks like the feeding routine of a baby alligator. He’s ready any time of the day, or at least would like you to think so. Women have a mental schedule. However, they also have a physical one, which is hosted by her monthly visitor (a.k.a. Flo). Flo prefers to schedule nookie somewhere between her monthly visits, which means that if you can follow a calendar, and the various types of pads in her trash can, you will know when she wants sex.

Freedom of Choice

According to surveys, most guys are dissatisfied with the amount of sex they’re getting. This means they have probably pressured their partner for sex, and they may or may not have said please. If you can remember the last time someone pressured you to join a religion or eat tofu, you can appreciate the Reactance Theory. This theory states that people are more open to something when they feel like it was their own idea. In other words, don’t pressure a woman, or you will only drive her farther away.

She Feels Like She’s Failed… and Has Given Up

Complaining about a lack of sex will have about the same amount of effectiveness as nagging a smoker or over-eater. What does a guy do when he doesn’t feel like he is getting enough nookie? He complains. What does he do if she tries harder, but still doesn’t come through? He complains more. What this accomplishes is making the woman feel like a failure, which is not exactly an incentive to try harder. In fact, it makes her want to try less.

Guys, women want to make you happy, but you have to appreciate her efforts, or you are only sabotaging your own happy ending!

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31 thoughts on “The Real Reasons Women Don’t Like Sex

  1. Blackempress

    Personally think sex life is all bout communication & understanding. Everyone would agree about the ‘fire’ between them in the start of the relationship but 2 yrs down & most ppl start feeling bored plus there’s alot more that requires attention than fondling genitals. Tiredness, psychological issues, stress, change of routine, kids, work to name a few need rescheduling around intimate time.
    Improve communication, spend time non-sexually & avoid blames to be cool with each other. Compliments & good understanding make it easier for both parties to compromise & be considerate towards the other’s needs.
    Selfishness leads to selfishness so do your part better first.

  2. marcos

    why is the man who have to do everything, ok we work, we pay the bills we suplay all in the house and still to have some sex we have to work so hard at it?.

    And why the women need so many stuff to be told to be able to get some?
    they are never in the mood but yes they are always in the mood to go shopping and spend the hard work money. They are not in the mood with you but if you listen to them when they are watching their tv show with another fimale friend, the things they say about those guys on tv.

    we men are just like been use to have some kids with them and to suport them once they have that safe, you will get nathing from them.

  3. sherina

    It’s a well established fact that women are sensual creatures; think…Venus!!! So if ur woman does not warm up for you this article pretty much covers why. So guys perhaps you should stop bitching about being told you are not perfect and start taking notes!!!
    Oh and here are three more reasons she regards you with all the enthusiasm reserved for… well, tofu:
    1. You come too quickly. In the end you make her feel like she was just used for masturbation. Yeah that’s wat I said. You slam in, come and walk off to rinse off. How is that different from when you use ur fist on yourself?
    2. You make unkind jokes or talk dirty without first finding out if she is into dirty talk.
    3. She thinks you are spreading it around: women are more possessive than u know. If she thinks you are cheating she may not be too eager to get down and dirty!
    Ps: If you ARE cheating, then she will know once she sees the clues i left for her on my blog.
    Ciao fellas.

  4. hilari

    Ok,men…so if you really want your woman to relax and enjoy sex, maybe even give you the best sex of your life,then I have some advice. Here goes,don’t think about the next encounter as if it has a time limit… look at it like this..from the first time you are with her to the last time you ever will need to think of every moment as a chance to make her feel sexy,sexual and appriciated. (WOMEN.THIS GOES BOTH WAYS!) Think about all the things ever said to you that made you feel inferior throughout your life and how each thing made you feel. Kay,now think of the things said to you that made you feel wonderful,powerful and sexy. Try to put yourself in Your partners head space and figure out what makes them feel great or miserable when they hear it…now, I know that this can be hard,its okay to actually ask your partner what they like and don’t like to hear.
    If you make a concentrated effort to make your partner feel good with most every comment or complement and stop judging,and blaming. Because nobody feels sexy when they are being judged. Then your sex life will improve.
    Doing this should be a joint effort. Talk to your partner and find out if they feel the same way you do.
    Also,fondling ( at appropriate. Times and in appropriate Places will get you even further.a woman will most likely feel sexy when a man looks at her like shes his last meal. Touch her. Compliment her. Look in her eyes. Tell her shes beautiful. Even if shes a mess in that moment.
    Ladies,men need complements. Too!

  5. Tracy

    This message is for blackie. I bet you are a single man and it is that neanderthal thinking that will keep you single. It can’t be all about what you want, that is being plain selfish. If you want women to meet your needs, then you have to be willing and able to meet their needs as well. Believe it or not, we have needs too. This wam, bam , thank you mam, bullshit is not going to get you very far. You have to preheat the oven before you stuff the turkey, if you know what I mean. If you need me to explain that, let me know.

  6. Real Woman

    This article was 100% accurate and correct! Men really need to follow this article’s advice even if they think they are doing okay with their woman.

  7. Fran

    Someone needs to tell blackie he has a chip on his shoulder and needs an attitude adjustment. Oh wait, I just did!! Blackie, you’re an idiot for thinking I’m shallow because I have an opinion about men and sex. You don’t know me. I work just as hard as my man. I’ve raised 3 children and kept the house too. I don’t rely on him to buy me anything. Life happens and things change. How do you know what my private life is like, now or in the past?? You probably got burned a number of times by women who thought YOU were inadequate and you can’t handle the truth about yourself or your relationships. I have many friends who all say the same thing about their man — he’s not satisfying them. They have the desire, but they don’t want to have sex when he can’t even last longer than 2 minutes. So don’t attack me when the fact is that some men, and I’m saying SOME men, just don’t have what it takes to keep a woman happy in bed. You are obviously one of them.

  8. Kimberly

    RE: To Charles, concentrate on your girl and make sure she comes first! It might be a surprise to you but many women have confessed to the fact that “It’s not all about your penis”! Go figure. Make sure she has come or is pretty close before you have intercourse. “We” all know that you will get yours, so get off yourself and on her… Sorta speak. Lol Be passionate and show and even tell her how much you want her. Use your tongue not your penis to get her close. If you are so inclined, and want to learn how… Try the internet to teach you. And NOT by watching porno’s! Good Luck

  9. Alexandra

    Well, this is an “old” perception and dont know who invented it…but I can tell you I am a woman and I LOVE SEX…(and so say a few of my single, middle age lady friends)..When married my partner and I had wonderful sex, till he turned 50 and lost interest..(hear many men start losing interest about that age.) soo…when we parted by mutual accord, I met & fell in love again, only for the second time in my life…and sex was wonderful…( I do not engage in casual sex) also, in his mid 50’s he is too busy getting another College Degree, 2 jobs, and other responsibilities too busy to be in a relationship or have time for sex…??which I cannot buy that people cannot make time for sex, specially MEN…no matter how hard they may be working, etc. etc. Where there is a will, there is a way. If the attraction is mutual, nothing should stand in the way of setting time out for a little LTC.

  10. elenore

    i haven’t had sex in ages & i’m pretty happy all the time. i’m a charm & a flirt, i admit, but i’m the type that retracts quickly when a man gets (too) close!

  11. blackie

    Someone out there needs to tell Fran that when they met she had no problem and he is the same now with more on his shoulders. His money goes to pay bills and not to take her out and also she needs to look at her clothes and shoes and the purce she carries.

  12. -quinn ext.5484

    hi charles,
    >>>>charles October 17, 2012 at 2:06 am
    What can I do to satisfy my woman in bed cos I come quikly wen having sex with her<<<<

    start slow, lots of foreplay, have your orgasam, then start again, by the third time you should have more control and be able to contain yourself. practice this for a bit or masturbate before you have sex so you are not so hot. also buy a penis ring. they help to prolong the man from quickies.
    good luck in your long loving sessions to come.

  13. Tiger Lily

    Clearly this subject makes men feel inadequate even to discuss. Most of my married women friends tell me their husbands have the sex drive of a pancake. Most of my male friends complain that their wives have the sex drive of a petunia. Obviously something is amiss here! For the fellow who says his wife should go out and be on her own, well, dude, most women work for a living just as you do, except they get paid less for the same work as a man. They are also expected to have meals prepared for the family, the house neat and clean, and look like Catherine Zeta-Jones on a good day! Men seem to feel that all they have to do is roll over in bed with that, C’mere, baby look in their eyes, and she’s going to be thrilled at the prospect. Never mind he probably has a belly the size of Montana, genitals the size of peanuts, and halitosis. Gentlemen: Ask your woman to show you what she likes. Compliment her now and again, offer to pitch in around the house without being nagged, take the kids away for a Saturday and give her the day off. See if that doesn’t help get things rolling again. And ladies, say something really sexy to your man, touch him affectionately between sex sessions, make it clear you appreciate him for the nice guy he is (unless he isn’t!). Talking can be great foreplay, if it’s done properly! Bottom line, start communicating out of bed, and the non-verbal communication in bed is bound to get a whole lot better.

  14. blackie

    OK this is all about women needing love there way again and again. Well let me just open up alittle open to. When women think that they have everything a man needs is bullshit. That’s right girls you don’t. Men usualy work longer hours on the job and fiscally I might ad and come home at night to here, I have had a stomack virus or something most of the time. I like a neat home so when her friends come to see her there not ready to go. I clean cook and organize only for this to be recked and my last marrige will be exactly like that my last marrige. Women like to perade around the thought every man has her as a dream scape and this is not true at all women has there parts and men has there parts. I couldn’t tell you when the last time the other said lets go get ice cream at sonic and talk to others in there hot rod and if pretty girl walks by it looks like you have just raided the chicken house. I was born a boy and really loved to play with girls growing up but now its like if you want to play with me you have to earn it first. I say to hell with that. I wish every male out there would do just what I’m going to do get me a big home with a pool hot tub and spoil myself for awhile and see the girls want to ride with me again. It will not happen. If it did they would in the end throw me out and act like they paid for it. I say let them starve.

  15. Fran

    The author failed to mention that perhaps the woman doesn’t want to have sex with her man because he doesn’t turn her on anymore. Or the fact that he’s not good in bed. That he’s not satisfying her needs. All the reasons mentioned have merit, but the author never places the blame for a sexless relationship on the man’s shoulders. But as a woman, I’m telling you that when a woman is not interested in sex, 9 times out of 10 it’s because she’s just not that into him any longer.

  16. hollis

    12 years of marriage, female libido(Virgo) is very low. Male libido(Libra) khundalini fire is always high. I totally agree.

  17. amber stone

    I love love love sex!!! Its my man whom has issues with it I think bcuz of his past…I’m never ever too tired for it & I’m always ready!!!

  18. tony

    What if 7 years ago she had a historectamary (however u spell it ) and she says she does not feel anything below the waist /.? . i have tried a lot . we are like room mates i have been taking care of thing mysealf


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