The Psychic Doors of Perception

One of our readers posed an interesting question: can mind altering drugs and medicines impact your sex life in a negative way? Psychic Liam ext. 9290 offers tips on healthier ways to express love.

“From the beginning of humankind, people have  been utilizing different substances in a quest to expand consciousness, unlock gateways of perception, experience multi-dimensional awareness. And, indeed, today, many Shamanic individuals and cultures still use sacred plants and herbs to experience facets of themselves and their Inner Universes, which might otherwise remain unknown.

With Sacred Sexuality, in essence and at the core, we’re discussing just those issues of perception and altered consciousness in our own form and way. When you state that your sex life was great before taking ecstasy, I wonder if you are perceiving things in a retrospective fashion which favors the lighter side of sentiment. Meaning, really, back then, you might still have lacked things sexually with your partner, but not having perceived that you lacked them, the sex seemed good. But when you came to ecstasy, you were given a different perspective. Maybe it allowed you to move beyond old conditioning and barriers. However, in doing so you might have failed to take note of what you were truly being shown with this alteration of perception.

Perhaps you did not become dependent on these substances so much as addicted to the promise of what was already within you.

The substances might have opened doors… But they didn’t ‘create’ what you found there. Remove the substances and, yes, you close the doors…you are very correct in that. But there are other ways to reopen them though that path is a harder one.

Most Shamanic practitioners will tell you that the goal in using any sacred substances is to align yourself to such a point with the expanded perception they can provide that substances are no longer needed to achieve it. Having suffered through the perils of addiction your lover finds himself on a new and very frightening path.

The difficulties of his experience are all very fresh, and no doubt there are a lot of vulnerable emotions that have been exposed. But these issues were actually all there prior to this journey, would have been there regardless, they just might not have manifested in quite the same way. You two have been together a while. Don’t give up … You still do have that connection, it ‘does’ exist.

Even if it seems hard to really feel it right now.

In time, your passions will find a way to bridge again through methods that are healthier and more stable for the two of you. Time and patience are the key.”

Love to you, Liam

11 thoughts on “The Psychic Doors of Perception

  1. Psychic Amelia 9772

    Very well said, Liam, Gina Rose and Miss Krystal. Kudos to all of you for your insights. I hope people will read what you said and take heed.
    The drugs ‘may’ open the mind to what is already there and if you stop the drugs you close those doors. But, it is important to know that that your conscious mind has always been full of wise thoughts, and those thoughts and perceptions will always be there. By taking the slower, more clear-headed approach to understanding your consciousness you open the ‘gateway’ to a place that is more grounded in what is real. And those gates are more prone to stay open, and even expand, if you use the natural, though slow, approach to getting through them. Enjoy this process of growth toward total consciousness. The journey is magnificent and the destination is a place of peace and contentment. 🙂

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Merry Meet, Liam,
    Thank you for your kind words,Sir.
    You are a powerful, and honest psychic force….we share many of the same clients who speak highly of you.
    I do hope that your Samhain season is as blessed as mine.
    Blessed Be… to you kind Sir
    Gina Rose )O( ….ext.9500

  3. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Liam-
    I definitely was picking up on your morrison days-morrison was a sag. Prolly just picking up your partner is a pisces-like mine-something we have in common. And yes, my north node is in pisces, too, like yours.
    Was almost a cancer sun. I am on the cusp-leo/cancer. But technically, Leo.
    Leo sun, merc in leo, scorp moon, venus in gemini and mars in sag-virgo rising.
    I never met Stevie but met some of the others in the band, years ago. They were so cool!
    Looking forward to Jupiter in pisces coming-this will really open up more human understanding and being open to psychic abilities. It’s a psychic time coming for sure. Gotta Love it!
    So good getting to know you. I hope you and your wife have a real nice thanksgiving. Let’s hear it for the cav’s and lakers…Thanks again!
    Miss Krystal

  4. Liam at ext. 9290

    Greetings, Miss Krystal. It is always a wonderful thing to read your observations and insights. You’ve such a remarkable energy about you. Indeed, I was heavily influenced by Jim Morrison’s work during my bohemian poet years. Lords and the New Creatures, Wilderness…his poetry was itself an intense Shamanic experience, if read and understood in the proper energetic context. Jim rode waves of ancient energy I’m not sure even he quite understood. One of my fave pieces by him was the Severed Garden, from an American Prayer.
    I’m afraid I haven’t any planets in Pisces (though my North Node is there and my wife is one). And the only fire element in my entire chart is Venus in Leo, which I often say is my only saving grace. The basic set up is Cancer sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn rising, with Stelliums in both Cancer and Libra.
    You’re a Leo sun, I think I recall reading. Very cool. What are some of your other placements?
    Yes one just has to love Fleetwood Mac. I love both songs mentioned … Rhiannon … I recall Mick Fleetwood saying in an interview once that Stevie’s early versions of Rhiannon on stage were more like an exorcism than a performance. Incredible energy.
    In our profession, we are indeed in a unique and sacred position, and I wonder if many people understand the cathartic function of the office. Through the process of reading, the seer is very much like the conductor of a journey … It is where the script on one’s life is understood, all the hidden passions and pains revealed… It is meant to release pressure, renew the spirit; an intimate drama of the soul, where confrontation is embraced, distraction discarded. We’re very fortunate to be able to be a part of the lives of those who come to us. Like being allowed to step into their universes for a time.
    I’ve faith the Lakers will work things out. Now, if only my Cavs can continue playing as they have lately, and we just might see you guys in the finals this season. Be well, Miss Krystal. It’s always so grand to hear from you.

  5. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks Liam! So awesome to hear from you.
    Yes life can be odd. It’s true what you are saying. We know for sure that some people are still trying to escape old emotional hurts -thank goodness you, me and our wonderful team here are an option so we can try to help.
    Funny you mentioned stevie (and fleetwood mac her old band)-I used to listen to that song, “Gold dust woman” as a child. I would ask my mom to tell me what it is about, she would use her discretion lol
    same with, “Rhianon”-
    I guess I try to make happiness out of anything I can. Having the sun, mercury and mars all in fire signs, I am a true optimist. But still realistic.
    Please write some more. Love the philosophy and deep thoughts…Keep them coming…You are deep! It’s awesome.
    Hopefully the Lakers will get it together. I am a bruin fan and it’s been sad for a while lol those lakers need to shine….
    Miss Krystal

  6. Liam at ext. 9290

    Greetings Miss Krystal. Thank you so much for such kind words and
    remarkable observations. I was quite flattered to read your
    comments, as I’ve rather been a Miss Krystal fan for some time now. I have always found you a very intriguing individual and your insights, your expressions of your life and times, are of much interest to me. Something about you, my friend … Something … ‘There is magick all around you, if I
    do say so myself …’ if I may steal a line from Stevie Nicks
    And indeed, your observations on my observations are highly perceptive.
    The internal perceptive factor … That we don’t really ‘lose’ passion in many cases, or love, or tenderness … Like
    the argument from Quantum Physics; if we do not observe something on a
    Quantum level, can it really be said to exist in our Newtonian/linear
    terms? Fuzzy area. The trick is, finding a mode of observing the quality
    once again, finding it under different terms with different methods, or a
    different device of measurement, etc. It works the same for pain, too.
    Pains, hurts, fears, as we know, oftentimes don’t go away at all (unless we have true catharsis), but as we don’t observe them directly, they seem
    nonexistent … Yet, they lurk, take other forms, only to have to be dealt
    with later. Ah, Miss Krystal … Is life not the oddest thing?
    Now, I might be mistaken, but I believe I read something about you being a Lakers fan. What on earth happened to them last Friday night? Be well,
    Miss Krystal. Thanks again.

  7. Liam at ext. 9290

    Gina Rose,
    Hail and well met, priestess of the Old Ways. I hope that you and yours are
    fairing well this magickal Samhain season. It’s always such a pleasure to read your insights on these blogs. Our clients are very blessed to have one the benefit of the counsel of one such as yourself. You empower people, and you encourage women especially to empower themselves, my Lady, with your well-deserved reputation for courage and tenacity. I salute you.
    Btw – Your post regarding religion and psychic readings, where you
    explained the total seperation of the intuitive and the theological, was one
    of the most lucid and most potent commentaries I’ve ever read on the
    subject. Good on you. Be well.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Liam,
    Very intereting article….since in Wicca ,
    ( legal ) , but very potent ,herbs are commonly used for a wide variety of things. Since REAL Wicca is associated with, and all about healing to begin with.
    When it comes to the use of herbs, potions and plants…my daughter & I teach a ” less is more ” attitude to our Wiccan students….since alignment of mind, body, spirit is the true goal.
    And , as I alwys teach my Wiccan students….
    ” the REAL MAGICK come from within “.
    As far as sex goes … tis better to get from point A to point B naturally, if you get my drift(?)…there is much to be learned between both points naturally without the sexual aids of herbs.
    Blessed Be )O(…….Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Wow Liam! Thank you for your illuminating and deep thoughts-you are very philosophical. I really enjoyed this. Interesting perspective for sure. I am still thinking actually lol
    For myself, when a caller claims they or someone close to them has been dealing with addiction, it appears that a lot of times, there is also some type of “trauma” they are trying to work through. Something I have noticed, in my own observation. Issues of trauma and then, bringing sex into it, well, it seems to have an interesting “impact” from what it appears-definitnely some type of clash/challenge.
    Interesting about Shamanic practices. Your remark, “You still have that connection it does exist even if it seems hard to feel.” Very profound, intense and thought provoking! Deep stuff!
    Miss Krystal

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Liam,
    I agree with everything in your article 500% !!!!!
    Better to ” get there ” naturally whenever possible….no matter what nature the end goals may be.
    AND , as a Wiccan Elder, I not only teach this to others, but follow this myself in my own life as well.
    EXCELLENT article !!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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