The Male Mind: What Is He Thinking?

Decoding the Male Mind

Communication in a relationship is key. It’s fundamental that you are heard and that you hear your mate. However, why is it that sometimes we seem to be talking about the same subject, but neither of us understand each other? How many times have you thrown your arms into the air frustrated that the love of your life just turned into a huge pain in the tush? You know you’re right and you’re speaking plain and simple. So why don’t you understand each other?

The other night my fiancé asked me to check my iPhone for traffic on the highway. I knew the way he was proposing was out of our way and he would be late to his appointment if we took that route. Why would he go that that way, when taking streets would be faster? I, being a strong-minded woman, asked him. He got frustrated with me that I wouldn’t just give him the answer he was looking for.

Then I watched this video with Psychic Michael ext. 9604 and now I understand. Watch and then I’ll explain my “Ah ha!” moment.

I was thinking about five things (or more), while he was just focused on the one. Realizing this, I can now see where I might be running head long into conversations with all sorts of assumptions and expectations that are not in alignment with my fiancé. Armed with this information, I know how I will act the next time I’m asked this or any other question. I will start with answering this question, then we’ll see where it goes from there.

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4 thoughts on “The Male Mind: What Is He Thinking?

  1. Sans Zen

    in response to the author:
    Why is it I ask my sons for an answer to my question, and they can’t seem to manage it before a barrage of verbal dialogue; from a need to discuss their own agenda’s?

    I think this technique to answering ‘his’ question before any discussion of ‘her’ alternate thoughts or questions could well work for both genders, in all fairness.

    Basic communication protocol/ ethics are a two-way street, in any given situation, that many people neglect to observe and use. Good manners and consideration for each other always helps.

  2. kmlemak

    Thanks, Holly. That sure explains the frustrated reaction, “just answer my question!” I, too, will try to keep that in mind: answer his question(s), THEN discuss other thoughts I may be having related to the topic, like an alternate route.

    I have a new friend and am practicing “giving him space.” I like being joined at the hip, so this is another area where we are different. I know he cares and would like to be with me, but I also know he’s got so much going on, he has no time to hang out right now. What I like is that his circumstance is actually helping me in my effort to reinvent myself, from clingy to strong and confident, detached. And when I do hear from him, he reinforces my confidence in him that I am never far from his mind, either.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    You were all fabulous !!!!! Very good advice.

    Devyn mentioned soul groups…..this is VERY true, …..which is why when I’m training new psychics, I first make them read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton PhD.

    ( Uriella cracked me up with mentioning home shopping networks by the way ) !!!!!!

    Great Job !!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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