The 4 Best and Worst Places for a Summer Fling

Finding Summer Love

Looking for Frivolous Fun?

Hey there, single people! Want to know the best way to enjoy the hottest season of the year? It’s with a hot summer fling. If you just want to kick back and enjoy life and not have to worry about “relationship stuff,” then a fun, sexy hookup without all the pressure of a long-term, fully-invested relationship could be just what the doctor ordered.

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Your Summer, Your Business

We’re talking about a summer fling—the kind of love that so many movies have been made about. Some of those movie relationships end badly, some sadly and gladly some of them became full-fledged relationships. The idea here is to explore the world while you’re getting to know yourself better and doing it without expectations or an audience. This is your summer, your fling and your business—no one else’s.

Mr./Ms. Right Now

Summer flings aren’t for everyone, but if you’re down with the idea of seeing what the world has to offer, or just making a summer memory that lasts a lifetime, then here are a few suggestions to aid you in your quest for Mr./Ms. Right Now. These are the best and worst places to find a summer fling:

Worst Place #1: A Family Party
A family party is one of the worst places to find a summer fling. If you’ve ever heard of the “six degrees of separation,” rule, then you know that the likelihood of someone knowing the someone you don’t want them to know about is pretty high. That’s why even hooking up with your second cousin’s best friend’s friend is risky business.

Better Place #1: A Party Where You’re Your BFF’s Guest
A party where your one, true BFF (who knows how to keep a secret) brings you, is a great place to find a summer fling. Perhaps their work friend could be hosting a party or maybe it’s their college reunion. Either way, it’s a perfect opportunity to scope the room without inhibitions.

Worst Place #2: Your Office
Work is absolutely one of the worst places to look for a summer fling. Even if you’ve got your eye on the hot new summer intern who’ll be gone by fall, and even if they suggest the idea themselves, don’t jeopardize your livelihood. You might as well just email your resignation to HR with a copy to the legal department.

Better Place #2: Happy Hour With Coworkers
Go out with your work family after work. Socialize and mingle in a relaxed setting. If you find someone at happy hour who’s too good to resist, slip them your number and make a plan to meet again.

Worst Place #3: Your Neighborhood or Apartment Complex
A summer fling shouldn’t blossom in your personal space. It’s all about having some discreet fun. If things go sour with someone who lives in your building or your neighborhood, it won’t be easy to dodge them.

Better Place #3: The Beach or a Community Pool That’s Not too Close
The beach or a local pool are great places to find a summer fling. You can even use these locations as your meetup spots. You’ll feel more in control of your personal space if you look for a fling a ways away.

Worst Place #4: A Local Bar
Plenty of people don’t want to find a fling at a bar and the reasons are plenty, including not wanting alcohol to make your love matches for you. But the main reason is that your local bar is a little too close to home; everyone knows someone. And if this bar is your regular spot, you may have to find a new spot if your fling fizzles.

Better Place #4: A Cooking or Wine Tasting Class
If you opt for one of these options, it’s better to choose the next county over. Again, it’s all about privacy. Doing fun stuff with a hot stranger could be a recipe for a spicy encounter.

Summer flings are all about experimenting, uninhibited fun and making memories you’ll never forget. Have fun, be discreet and avoid all of the worst places to find summer love. No one has to know except you and that steamy summer hookup.

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