Surprise Turn-Ons for Men and Women

Looking for More Ways to Turn That Special Someone On? You’re in Luck…

If you’ve been wondering what makes you or your partner “tick,” it could be all about what drives them crazy in the love department. Their “ticker,” in this case is their heart. When exploring the things that turn on a man or a woman, the results may surprise you. Understanding that no one man or women is exactly alike, we all do share some common characteristics when turning each other on. Let’s take a look at some surprising turn-ons for men and women.

Turn-Ons Men and Women See

• How you flip, tease, trim, wave your hair; comb your hair; twist you hair; It drives us guys crazy! There’s something about the au natural way that you girls express yourselves with you cherry, golden, or dark mysterious locks of love. Women love guys’ hair too. And yes … bald can be beautiful too, for both sides. There’s a certain exotic vibe a woman can give even with short to no hair. Some women love to see a tough guy with a shaved head. For many of us who find hair a turn on it really represents us seeing a level of self-awareness and confidence.

• Seeing your partner’s “natural expression” can be a huge turn on. A biting of the lower lip, a crinkle in the nose; your smile, your laughter; whether it’s in the bedroom or outside of a personal setting, both men and women get turned on by the other’s natural movement and instinctual reactions. Why? Because you’re being you. You’re relaxed, natural, and normal. You’re human.

• The loss of weight can be a huge turn on for both men and women. I’m not just talking about your partner losing weight and appearing better to you, but also you, yourself, losing weight. I have guy friends whose dating life “took off” when their weight went down. One of the sole reasons is when you lose weight, your self-confidence goes up because you feel better about yourself. That being said, many guys like many different shapes and sizes. Surprisingly, many women also get turned on by guys with “a little mean on their bones” too.

Turn-Ons Men and Women Hear

• Accents and Dialects; yep, they’re a turn on! Many guys will just fall apart if they hear the broken English of an Italian Girl, German Girl, well … heck anything that sounds even a little out of the norm. What woman doesn’t sometimes fantasize about a James Bond-esque partner, Australian lilt, or a strong cowboy with a charming Southern drawl? Voices with accents represent what’s out of the norm. They can be a colossal turn on.

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Turn-Ons Men and Women Touch

• A recently released study found that women are easily turned on by a surprising thing; clean sheets! In some instances more than losing weight, women claim that a humongous turn on for them is a bedroom with clean, soft, sheets! (Guys; take this as a hint! do your bedroom laundry a little more than once every 3 months!) There’s a sensual side of either partner when their sense of touch gets to experience the comfy cozy feel of silk or cotton sheets. There’s a level of comfort being registered. For guys… it’s less about the sheets and more about your pajamas. Plenty of us guys love to see and feel a woman in pajamas. Some love silky lingerie. Either way, to us, this is a “call” to share an intimate moment with you in the bedroom. Just the thought of it can be enough to drive us wild.

• Erogenous zones; Feet, Ears, Behind knees, abs, inner thighs, eyes, neck and forehead; they all share the same things in common. It’s very personal space where you’re allowing your partner to explore. Erogenous zones will vary from person to person, but once you find your sweetie’s zone, it can swing the door open to mutual turning on; and what fun you’ll have trying to locate where it is!

Turn-Ons Men and Women Smell

• Cologne; perfume; particular food smells; the smell of a morning or midnight rain; they all can be super turn-ons. Why? Sense memory through our sense of smell is one of the most significant ways we can experience the sheer excitement of events from our past. What at first may seem like a fleeting moment becomes surprisingly authentic and instant. Sense of smells like these trigger chemical reactions within our brain. Those reactions can equal the endorphin-like feeling we get when we fall in love and have our moments of bliss. It becomes a personal element, and makes your heart race like a teenager in love.

Turn-Ons Men and Women Taste

• In the same vein as smell, taste can do the same exact thing. Turning on your partner with the taste of something familiar, which reflects heightened moments from their past, can send their tail waggin’ and back leg thumping like a puppy dog. If you’ve never seen the refrigerator scene from the film “Bull Durham” I urge to rent it. In what could be one of the best food/ erotic scenes from any film, it touches upon how are taste buds can trigger emotional response with our loved one. Outside of food, based on our chemical and physical make-up, each person can have a distinct “taste.” Just a kiss on the lips can easily turn on your other half.

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Turn-Ons Men and Women Feel

• There’s a sixth sense, and it’s one that supersedes all the others; what you feel in your heart and how you love. Many men and women, surprisingly, list fear as a definite turn-on. Maybe it’s what a woman sees in their “bad-boy” type. Many men see the unknown path with a woman, in and out of the bedroom, as a definite turn on because the fear of the moment can excite them.

• Outside of fear, many if us guys get turned on when we see our gal; wearing our clothes, being thoughtful, or accepting us even though you know all about our pasts. Plenty of women heat up when they know a guy is thinking about them, or putting them at the top of their “guy’s list.” Selflessness, kindness, concern, and true love for your partner is easily the biggest turn on… and that should come as no surprise at all.

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