Spot Your True Love

How to Rely on Your Intuition

Intuition is one of our greatest spiritual gifts, yet we don’t always listen to it nor do we act on what it tells us. But when it comes to true love, tuning into your intuition is a must! Attraction to and compatibility with a mate are instinctual, so don’t ignore you inner guidance! With a little work, you can learn to trust yourself more. Read on for a few ways to spot your true love using your powerful instincts and intuition.


If you are distracted, stressed out and wound up, you are not in a mental or spiritual space to listen to your inner guide. Make an effort to relax, breathe deeply and meditate throughout your day, no matter how short the interval. You can take a stroll during your lunch break or take a yoga or meditation class after work. Use the time to relax and focus on yourself. Let go of the negativity and stress and welcome the peace and quiet. The point is to get you more in tune with your spiritual core so that when you do run across your true mate, you will be able to recognize them!


As part of your meditation, visualize what you want in your true partner. Write your requirements down and be sure to include a list of things you don’t want in a partner. Be sure to be honest with yourself. For example, don’t say you want to be with someone who has never been married and has no kids, but then take up with a divorced parent of four. And don’t say you want to be with someone who is a successful businessperson, but then take up with a struggling artist. If you’re already familiar with what or who your internal guide is telling you it wants, you will be more likely to notice them when you meet.

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Body Awareness

Be aware of your body’s responses. Your physical reactions to people represent your intuitive feelings about them. If touching them and hearing the sound of their voice gets your body humming, this is dramatic evidence that you and this person are very compatible. If you feel nothing when they touch, kiss or make love to you, it’s a good bet that they aren’t your true love. Think about someone you’ve dated in the past. Did they ever get your body humming?

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Pay Attention to Coincidences

Everything and everyone is an energy source, and if you find yourself constantly being pulled towards one another, there is a good reason for that! Like energies attract one another, so trust that your inner guide is intuitively drawing you to places and events for a purpose—to meet the person closest to your frequency. Have faith and trust that your intuition is wisely leading you towards who you are truly meant to be with. Even if has been pulling you out of your comfort zone, trust that it is with good reason.

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22 thoughts on “Spot Your True Love

  1. dr. carrie

    this message is for rebecca ladd. I’m a doctor who has studied medicine, psychology, physics, energy, asian practices, intuitiveness, alternative cures, etc etc for decades…and as much as I hated to admit it,being a scientist at heart…this advice is right on the nose….looking at it from at intuitive perspective, or from scientific (although scientists usually like to call it pheramones, which is only part of it) but even from a perspective of physics, it is true that we are attracted or repelled by different frequencies, incl those of other people, depending on our own frequencies we are generating. Im not saying psychics are usually good advisors, sadly most are bogus, but there really are a very few who can help…they are not magical, just have more evolved skills of sensing energies, which eventually through evolution/learning we all will have. But doesnt it just make sense to you that its better to be around someone who makes you feel good most of the time? Rather than bad?I used to be skeptical too, but if you continue to live in such a close-minded state and believe no one can ever help you, there is nothing out there, but exactly what you see, you must do everyth yourself, you unfortunately probably will continue to live in a bitter state. I hope you dont

  2. Rebecca Ladd

    its amazing how people want someone to fix there problems, a little hocus pocus an few encouraging words, a lot of people read your writings an they want it to be true so bad they listen to u an really screw there life up so reader beware; if ur really putting any merit to these word above i got some nice swamp land for sale..u don’t need some one just like u with no special powers trying to tell u about love, finances or any other thing, u will get through it with out any fairy dust sprinkled on u ,
    i wish u could see the people writing this stuff an could see how great there lives.BEWARE a fool can be looking at u in the mirror,nobody can fix u but u

  3. Portia burton

    I worked in a call center, a man called in, Something in his voice shuck my very soul. Bells went and alarms were sirening I’m scared. and placed him on hold to compose myself. I took care of the call and released the call. Something inside woke me up me about his voice. i tried to let it go. a week or two passed and he call in again and got me. I heard his voice and the same thing happened again. After, finishing up the call i asked him if he would call me outside of work and I gave him my #. He called and we met, i was so in aw with his apperance and the body language was on time. he liked me and I liked him. I had never been the type of woman that would kiss a man on a first date. We were so drawn to one another. Things just was like we knew one another and the chemistry was so powerful, I’d never experienced it I was frightened and I was 40 years old. We dated for a year he wanted children and I couldn’t have children. I knew he loved me, and i loved him. One time when we were together the earth would pause, and everything who go silent. He told me oneday that he could not see me anymore and It was killing him and he had to leave. He left the country. I was devisitated. 10 years later i found him on the internet. he had married and had the children he desired, but was not happy and the wife wasn’t happy with him. We talked and he started filing for a divorce and i walked away this time, because i felt I didn’t want to be a rebound. We concluded we were David & Bathseda in the bible. i know with every fiber of my being he and i had loved one another over many life times. After, i walked away i became very ill and was hosiptalized my body organs Kidneys started to shut down. my temperture was 103.5 i was dieing and I asked God to help me. i wasn’t ready to die. it took me about 2 months for my body to adjust. He will not talk to me and the last words spoken by he and my myself were i love you and I will always love you. everything felt right, but our timing was wrong in this life again. i truely believe he is my soulmate. We know there something strange about our magical connection. this is how he referes to us as being magical. This is something in my life i will never forget… i am now 57 years young, I believe we will always be in love!!! However, i have gone one in life, and in pursuit of love again. I have opened my heart to give and recieve love. I will know it when i see it.

  4. america

    hi i been in love with a virgo men for 3 years now . in the begining he seems very interested . but then he got cold .. but we still chat only b/c i text him .. i ask him to tell me if he had find or have a woman n he wont say ,but if i show him a pic of me n another men he tells me to act like his dead .. am very confuse .

  5. deneita

    What if you thought you found that someone and for awhile it worked but then the other person is unsure after a period of time?

  6. sharon

    it make is true that I won’t sometimes come out my comfort zone..also there has been time when looking at a picture of the man,hear his voice set off an vibe..sometimes when I shake a hand or, hug a person.. I get a numbing chilling sensation, that puts me off, not in a good way..I’ve once been involved with an man recently..when it became intimate..i literally felt like I needed to vomit..even though,, I was attracted 2him..each time we try I literally almost vomit on this man..i had to push him away..i kept asking is he involved with sum1..else..he denied, but sum thing would force me to step back like an neck ache,,i don’t I kno,,but I can sense things, but don’t kno how I kno..when it come to me in a daydream..before it exhausted..when I come out of the daydream,,like I took a trip or been sum where..if I dream it at happens within 10 or 12 days..after I dream it..or I know something happen before I pic up the phone..instead of fighting the feeling..lately I been succumbing to it,,but scare when I get close to what, I need to see,,i stop myself..each time i’m mentally and physically exhausted after..whatever happening to me..i feel it getting stronger inside,,won’t go away,,after I whatever happening2me..kno my blinders are off,,won’t allow me. to go back to the way I was before..i became open to name is Sharon born 4-14-61 at 6:02pm.. I have longevity in my family..grandparents live to be 100..or the elders make it pass at least 95yrs. of nana..always said that child has the gift..but not just other siblings call 1 another mins.. behind each other when sum thing is wrong..or don’t feel right..we will call to check up on 1 another..i become long winded and get off my main subject, but your right about visualize, and body awareness..some I do,, sum I tend to adnore, and get close with the wrong guy,,knowing he’s not4 me..i need to stop..stick to what I know im looking4 in a man,,and stop adnoring my gut,,when it tells me..feel now..regret later,, mad with self, because I didn’t listen to my GUT!!!!

  7. Michael Kolody

    Alina Mikos
    Dear Alina

    A great article, I can associate specifically with your comments with respect to body awareness and coincidences.

    Meditation during the day is a great plus for all of us.

    Again well-written.

    Love Light Peace


  8. PJ

    I have been trying for over a year now to develop a relationship with a Gemini man. He didn’t marry until he was 37 the first time and it ended 14 yrs later in divorce. He has been on every dating site known to man for the past 11 years. He is afraid to trust anyone
    He claims he trusts me more than most and seems to be very happy when we are together. But 30min. after leaving me he is back on the dating sites looking again.
    I am a Pisces, am I wasting my time here? Life is too short to continue to work at a relationship that isn’t going anyplace except dinner and a movie once every week or two. We have also been on several 4 day trips together and enjoyed them all immensely. He seems to be very happy when we are together. Is fear of rejection holding him back? Or is he just a playboy who will never find the “right” person to love?

  9. silvia

    i have bee divored for 2 ys and had 1 realationship, and it did not go well my dream is to findsomeone to share my life with but it is so difficult people ar just looking for one thing and that is to have sex. I want more out of life i am 46 ys old orn may 19/1967…how and when is the right time ?ans also looking to progress inmy carrier and seem to be tuck where I am and not where to move up..


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