5 Ways to Tell if You’re Soulmates

Soulmates: More Than Love

Finding your soulmate may or may not be an easy thing to do during your lifetime as there may be other life events preventing you from meeting your true love. Are you currently in a serious relationship and wondering whether or not your relationship is the real deal? Everyone questions their relationship at one point or another and you might not be able to come to the conclusion that you two are soulmates without some solid soulmate advice.

If you have been questioning whether you are soulmates or not, there are some specific ways you can tell if you look closely at how your relationship started and how it looks today. Here are five ways to tell if you are soulmates and if you are on the path to a fairy tale, everlasting love-type-of-love.

Instant Connection

When you first met, did you feel instantly drawn together? Did you have a sense of urgency to see each other again and knew it wasn’t just about lust and sex? Did you get it on like a house on fire and chat for hours on end? These are all signs that you may have found your soulmate.
When we meet a person that we immediately feel pulled to—someone who we can talk with at ease and share anything with—this individual may be soulmate potential so don’t let them walk out of your life too fast. If you have one of those amazing chance meetings where a once-in-a lifetime event connects the two of you, make sure you make immediate plans to reconnect. This is not the time to hesitate!

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You’re Not into Playing Games

If you both dislike relationship games and immaturity in a relationship, this is a good start. If you have noticed that you and your new dating partner have only been direct and honest with each other and head games don’t exist, you may have found your soulmate. Soulmates don’t play around with head games when they meet their match. They magically already know they don’t need to because they have already met the one for them.

Your Values Match

If you share many of the same values and beliefs this is a great sign that you are soulmates. Usually, when two people are brought together, who are in fact soulmates, they won’t have any major differences such as religion or lifestyle.

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You Respect Each Other

If you have a general respect for each other and cannot fathom the idea of hurting your beloved, you most likely are soulmates. Soulmates will not intentionally try to hurt each other. They will not go out of their way to break down the one they love in any which way. Soulmates support each other from the very start and continue to do so as long as they are together.

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You are Best Friends

Do you feel like you already have a group of best buddies all rolled into one lovely partner? Do you feel like all of your needs are met? If you and your partner are also best friends, then this is a great sign that you are soulmates. Soulmates usually have a small group of friends because most of their friendship needs are met by their significant other.

7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Tell if You’re Soulmates

  1. Deborah Williams

    I DON’T agree with the “instant attraction” part of this…… that is usually indicative of a physical attraction which, as I’ve become older, I’ve realized is NOT any indicator of how “good” a person is or if you are compatible in areas outside of the sack!!!! That’s why the “bad boys” are attractive but seldom become “relationships”…..

  2. Bella

    Last thing YES they DO look @ a women’s income BY trying 2 figure out if they have $$$ 2 give scam out 2 their you with their dumb ass, FYI I think on (MCOM) they list it or ask you 4 it your income which I think is stupid 4 all = ANY women 2 do this or by listing their income fyi … & when they send U love poems @ 1st remember all their trying 2 do is bating -, draw you N ok , FYI trust me they didn’t write wrote them NO they copied them OFF a website lol lol & yes they do this 2 hook you @ 1st with their BS so watch their wording broken English words when they send you messages emails ok BCZ yes they use a lot of miss spelled words BCZ they don’t know the English language – = so they do half broken English BS FYI yes this is A RED flag warning also if they want you 2 do all the calling by telling U they have had time 2 get a pre paid phone card 2 call you back a RED flag ok , yea they do talk with an accent + & often & N many cases WE found all 2 be lies with the 1 s ( scam artist ) yes who are in some cases of Caucasians decent of some kind yes they do come from other countries mainly yes they DO come from Germany or other Europe countries , they go & hide out with other criminals N Nigeria or other Africa nations close by who prey on USA women bc they think us USA women are stupid give up their $$$ easy 2 scam & yes prey on women – men who are desperate 2 find true love – soulmate = a lonely woman are their main targets- and YES it happens with men 2 lol lol … With my bffs case when WE set him up confronted him he told her – US @ 1st he wasn’t lying that he would be coming 2 the USA with in a month or 2 to 2 prove you otherwise 2 hook her – you N other wise lol & Kk then later on changed his – the BS story by asking 4 – saying b4 they could come home 2 meet with my BFF it wouldn’t happen until she sent him $$$ 1st 2 come meet her = it was needed 2 be sent 1st 2 then BY via western union 1st she said hell NO or not until when pigs fly cows jump over the moon 1st lol yes she told him yes she made great $$$ & it was her $$$ 2 lol he got pissed off 2 lol … Good 4 his ass 2 … FYI the bottom line IS this PLZ don’t fall 4 their BS & double check their story !!!! BCZ I got – HAVE a bad feeling 2 the point I just had major surgery & I usually don’t have GET a strong = a reaction like this however OR when I read your write N , I saw RED flags so IT got my full attention BCZ IT made all the hair stand up on the back of my neck = IT MADE my skin crawl 2, bc I sense you’re = N danger 4 you … I trust my instinct 2 , like I have stated 2 you I get paid a lot if $$$ 2 be paranoid when I do – or I don’t have stuff 2 worry about = bc I 2 think about IT this BS IN advance 2 think about – figure out what they have might NOT of thought OF – 4 got about = LIES = BS = danger …. so yes , I’m paranoid, so I employ 4 you do some research about this man 1st on your own 1st & ASK this man a lot if ???? about this man, & IF this man gets pissed off you hit a raw nerve &!it’s bc you busted = caught his ass lying by trying 2 scam you ok , so plz rose do it this 4 your self & especially if kids are involved ok … 🙂

  3. Bella

    Rose , psps also my BFF reminded me when they send you pictures if their selfs … They often – always send you ONLY profiles pictures of them , they try 2 look like models I WE think it’s funny lol lol they also use yahoo emails accounts NOT in 1 case did WE find a legit or a normal regular email address they paid 4 they are use FREE emails addresses ok .. Also they have a several websites out there where you can. check them HIM out on 4 your self maybe use your brain & not your heart , if I’m wrong I am being very apologetic N advance but I don’t think so … FYI I would be very interesting 2 know how you met the last 1 – verses the NEW 1 I bet it’s on the this same dating websites is my best guess ???? No I’m not kidding yes they do try 2 victimized you once again by doing this again bc they get off on IT or on your kindness BCZ they are ALL a social paths , yes you can call me paranoid however I get paid a lot of $$ BCZ I’m so paranoid – I know I’m ruthless in cases of where kids are murdered the DAS offices literally throw $$ @ me 2 get my help working on these high profile cases however I have never ONCE accepted NO $$ BCZ it’s blood $$ you see I flip my stuff when any 1 asks me 2 take $$ over any child’s death I flip my stuff 10 ways sideways & NO I don’t care who I offend IN the process telling them OFF … I know I’m great @ my job it’s bc = I trust NO 1 , so now back 2 you sorry but NO I don’t think I’m wrong . I’m Sorry if I’m wrong but Like I said I don’t think so … WHY BCZ all I do is social injustice causes – case 4 FREE so yes I can see – tell BS really quick – fast however about folks even though I specialize in juvenile justice “” LAWS “” cause – cases like now where I live @ like when dfacs office lets a child go back 2 an unable home where they are later on murdered by or @ their own parents hands I help 2 bury 2 with in 30 days a part of each other … I’m pissed off @ everyone BCZ I’ve spend – spent a lot if time n courts & reading – hearing folks BS excuses in court FYI !!! So im really quick & good @ sizing up a person – folks jury or N a situation really quick or fast ASAP BCZ I’ve heard if all b4 in superior court – juvenile court of law B4 …I hate scam artist FYI I think the our federal gov is not doing enough about this problem is my way if thinking YES I am worried about you bcz as another woman 2 another woman I can sense your in a very vulnerable state – place … I hope that Maybe this will might help you out once again I pray I’m wrong about this man I hope HE is your soulmate BCZ you deserve it , but my gut is saying run like hell on , trust your intuition 2 but with me all I see right now is ALL RED flags warning signs flashing going – off right & left ok , be safe & BE blessed – be well plz … Psps I an still standing by my original statement about not join NO dating sites I’ve only did it once & NO I want ever do it again , yes I fell in love with him but come 2 find out he only wanted me 4 my legal profession & 4 ONLY my VIPs connections = I’ve learned my lessons come 2 find out I never did need 2 join a dating websites in the 1st place & neither do you try maybe sone 1 @ church or joining a in person dating mixers or maybe find a dating sites what do they call it oh yeah speed dating it’s called lol with my experience
    I was only trying 2 find someone who didn’t know who I was from Adam’s apple due 2 my high profile JOB & DO you see what it that got my a$$ 2 lol lol .. Take care 🙂

  4. Bella

    This is 4 rose , look I’m gonna say it like it is I hate 2 be the 1 to say or tell you this BUT or however all I see with this your 1 like with the last – 1, all I see IS A LOT of RED flags – warning signs … I see scam artist written all over IT – HIM 2 .. What my bases is – are is this #1) he’s from Nigeria # 2) trying 2 make you feel & ease by “” saying they love you already & UR the ONLY 1 ASAP … #3) moving way 2 fast they might say all the right things THAT you DO want 2 hear but it’s just a smoke screen bc they sense BY knowing your being vulnerable they want 2 hook line & sink you ASAP & FYI … #4) the reason 4 IT this bc they are trying by building your trust up 1st so fast their agenda IS 2 get U 2 trust them so they can give U some sob story about the – their past 2 get then 2 trust you FYI .. #5) they might say they can’t leave Nigeria unless you send THEM some $$$ ASAP 1st … #6) & this is VIP in most all cases they say they are always “” WIDOWS “” so they don’t need 2 have 2 explain THEIR past !!!!! #7) they use kids that they don’t really have 2 try 2 get $$$ from U … #8) they might try 2 fake an illness 2 get $$ out if you 2 .. FYI i work N the legal profession even though it’s not my specialty but & BCZ this happened 2 1 of my bffs I used my resources 2 check ALL folks 4 her out. 1st & what I found through my research & ( like I said I know someone who went through this BS ) she was on a dating site (M.COM) scam Artist are all over dating sites FYI .we got suspicious about 2 weeks into it & WE set his ass up BIG time 2 we went along with his BS until we could put our plan of – into action.. once she – WE figured him out she confronted him & she asked 1 of my our bffs friend who works 4 a certain VIP agency 2 call him caught him off guard 2 – & he called him out on it expose him as a scam artist HE IS, well he ( scam artist) flipped his stuff & we she laughed @ his dumb ass about what was done with 2 him .. She went back out there & more cautions than ever b4 but later on HE tried 2 again 2 re connect with her AGAIN on (M.COM) by creating hisself as a whole NEW FAKE scam artist profile ID 2 try reconnect with her & when that didn’t work either he showed his true colors he got pissed off wents nuts 2 try 2 show her he was still N power – control of the situation however all his attempts were not = unsuccessfully if I might add , but this piece of crap well this guy went ape sh!t bc she turned the tables on him – reversed the roles … Later on why She was still on match. com he would always try 2 messenger her while she was on line instant messaging by pretending 2 be sone 1 else – NEW … She changed her # email address & she switched dating sites once again he tried AGAIN FYI on that dating websites … Until this day he still try’s 2 sends her so much fake BS like on FB creating FAKE profiles 2 get N touch with her ECT once again she rejected his A$$ it I might add once again HE was NOT unsuccessful again , but this scam artist are rejected BCZ they are bit in control they try 2 do everything 2 get BACK in contact with her the more she rejects HIM the more HE becomes un glued , just 2 TRY 2 do BS 2 TRY 2 show her he’s still N control , but he’s not = & once again HE was not = unsuccessfully … This went on 4 about 3 years until 1 day he crossed the legal US FEDERAL government lines & broke severL federal “” LAWS “” which IS a no no . Bc then they the federal gov got involved & they tracked him down guess what WE wee correct they were living N the gutter a none existent useless life. FYI however the federal gov don’t mess – play around , FYI so they tracked him down & along with some of his criminal bffs 2 this little hole N the wall place running a scam artist situation- scenario there where they were running these scams from @ that time …being The “”LAW”” well they took pictures of them OF all OF @ all if their hard @ work BS celebrating & bragging about their latest victim they scammed some $$ out of their latest victims $$ , so check this out lol lol the next time they he contacted her we cured back @ him – them & since they committed – broke a federal law lol this made them fair fane the Feds well they took the liberty 2 sent then pictures right back @ them about what they were doing or had been done taken while under surveillance of them & along with their contact 411 lol lol .. That was the end of that – them they packed up left but the “” LAW “” & dateline followed them again … Long story short bottom line IS this you couldn’t pay me enough of $$ 2 join NO dating websites due 2 all the scam artist out there FYI bc once you let these criminals N your life they are hard 2 get rid of IF & especially IF UR able 2 turned the tables on them take back the control of the situations BCZ then they loss the power4 control U C so plz be careful …. BCZ FYI remember UR dealing with low life criminal who don’t have NO conscious BCZ they are social paths without NATA else 2 lose N their minds except 4 NATA but criminal intentions … My advice 4 U IS 2 ask a lot more ???? & ask them say- excuse me inform – tell them with all the BS out there U hope they don’t mind but since U have been used b4 if they love you then they want mind if you could do a back ground check on them , my guess is they – HE will flip out ON U & give U excuses as 2 WHY you can’t by saying #1 it’s his job #2) if u do then that’s the end of y’all … Stick 2 UR guns tell them – say UR doing this anyway 4 reassurance bc of what happened last time , my guess IS I bet he tells U there IS no need – reason 2 do 1 … # 1) RED FLAG if they = HE SAYS NO I = I bet 100% YES he’s a scam artist 4 damn sure FYI lol lol … I hate 2 be the barrier of bad news I yes they will try it again & I bet it is either him OR 1 of his other criminals bffs hard @ work trying 2 prey on UR vulnerability bc they are social paths , so BE aware … My advice is 2 do YR own research 1st BCZ it is of MY beliefs with just UR 411 U have provided this man IS not real FYI & in these times – society U can’t never be 2 careful & I don’t trust no 1 unless I run a back ground check on them 1st … Last but not least when a fake profile was set up 2 get them WE asked so many ??? They even tried 2 get 1 of their criminals bffs 2 say he was a priest 2 vouch 4 them by saying they have done all these good things over N Nigeria guess what it was a lie 2, even said he got robbed with his kids they needed $$ 2 feed his kids ECT !!!! Psps like I said U couldn’t pay me enough of $$ or give me a free membership 2 NO dating sites out there no I don’t never did DO allow NO new friends ON my FB act that I don’t personally KNOW BCZ of those damn scam artist THAT is – ARE out there oh hell NO !!! Happy holidays 2 you I wish you the very best N your life endeavors & PLZ be careful … I just had surgery or I’m so passionate about this I would run his back ground check 4 you BCZ I’m sure this man is a scam artist so Check them out 4 UR self throughly 1st b4 you give this man UR heart and don’t U ever send this man NO $$$ ever NO matter what sob story he might give U ok … 🙂

  5. Rose Overstreet

    I met a man on a dating site after being involved with another that I thought was my soul-mate, the 1st guy turns out to be a taker, giving promises and lies, a con. I thought he loved me at first, if I cried he cried, I emptied my soul to him, he was always vague, would always say he loved me and we made mutual promises to always be together, always love one another, never leave the other, it was was more his coaxing than mine. Nov. 27, 2013 I met a man on-line that
    had read my profile and immediately contacted me with the most beautiful declaration of the things he’d like to share with me in this lifetime, my faults, a carriage ride, get caught in a rain storm together, count thunder together, share a bowl of ice cream & Spaghetti. Find 89 ways to express he loves me in 89 different countries, send a talking telegram just because, a stuffed animal, carve our names in a picnic table, plant a tree in our yard at our house, make torrid love in the moments of passion, back rubs, gently
    stroke my cheek, be across a room at a party and the look in my eyes from across the room would display my love by the looks in my eyes, when he comes from Nigeria in a month meet me, have debates, show me
    the error of my ways and make passionate love some more, marry me, let him be the one that I come to for love, letting him be the one that resolves all my cares & worries, marry me. I cried when I read this and my heart actually fluttered. I can’t hardly wait for that 1 month to be over for him to come from Nigeria, so you tell me what do you think? He was born 1/3/57, I was born 7/4/1949. He was born in Germany, I was born in Daytona, Bch, Fla.

  6. Acinta Monteverde/OnlineLoveCoach

    As I met my soulmate 2 and a half years ago through a dating website, I can vouch for what Natasha says in this blog. He and I also say many things at the same time using the same words. We also sigh, make similar sounds and have similar aches and pains at the same time. We are so closely connected that I have now decided to help others meet their soulmates by authoring my Ebook and periodically holding workshops. I feel so blessed that we were brought together after many years of marriages and long-term relationships that did not last.

  7. Bella

    Ok no more Soulmate’s talk plz lol lol … Ok I’ve done all if thee above even though I thought u did everything right u had all of thee up above it still didn’t work out … I the 3rd time us the charm so we will see lol … Blessed tis the season 2 show goodwill 2 all man kind .. Remember 2 so a random act of kindness every day .. Happy holidays 2 all !!!!


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