What Are The Signs You’re About to Break Up

Many times we are not aware of what is truly happening in our relationships. It is really easy to do with everything we have going on in our day to day lives and the ruts of routines and life. When you get complacent and not putting effort into something like a relationship you can see it disappear with out noticing a thing. We want to help you identify the ways that a relationship can fizzle out and cause a breakup.

The 5 Signs You Aren’t Noticing

Most handyman books state that you can solve just about any problem, as long as you can identify its cause. Relationships are a lot like your typical clogged sink, or broken ice maker. Fixing these begins by dismantling the parts, and then looking at them carefully to determine the reason for your troubles. Maintenance is designed to reduce the likelihood of a complete breakdown. These are the signs your relationship may be in need of a little fix it 101. Get personalized advice from a psychic!

What You Don’t Think Can Hurt You

Interpreting other’s actions is not always an easy task. It is something that takes a lot of dedication, effort, and practice. However, there is a certain ideology that says, Why bother? If your partner doesn’t know how to communicate, is it your problem? If there is something on your partner’s mind that is negative about your relationship, would you want to know about it? Can the things you don’t know really hurt you?

According to one study, most relationships are in trouble long before we’re consciously aware of it. Couples can appear to be in love, yet a closer look, says that one of them is starting to move away. They may not even notice these early signs, but they are there for those who pay attention. This is why it is important to have a working knowledge of interpreting your partner’s actions. Here are the all-important signals that your relationship may be on its way to Splitsville:

1. The Non Signal: One of the most popular topics on relationship websites is identifying a lie while it is being told. The idea is that anything that your partner may not want you to know, is probably something you should. There is just one problem. We are terrible at detecting deception. In fact, we are so bad at it, you probably stand a better chance at guessing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Liars are good at what they do because they know how to appear truthful. Your best chance is to forget about reading into their words, and start paying attention to their actions.

2. Reconsider Their Asymmetrical/Fake Smile: Women are known for the fake smile, which indicates discomfort and hesitation. Men are particularly bad at reading these smirks when initiating sex. A man will take any smile as a green light, when in actuality, a smile that does not involve crows feet, is more of a consolation prize, attached to an IOU to try again next week. The asymmetrical smile is a partner’s reaction when they are trying to be polite, while their body is still being honest. If a woman gives a man one of these smiles, you can be sure she’s not completely aboard whatever train (proposition) just passed her station. Wondering where all the fun has gone in your relationship? Get it back with the help of Psychic Skylar ext. 9887.

3. The Not-So-Tender Touch: Early in relationships, most women accept any touch from their man as a sign of affection. However, in some cases, a grasp of the arm, or hand on the shoulder, may be the sign of a dominant tendency, and potential for an abusive relationship. This is especially true in men who speak condescendingly towards others, and use their piercing stare as a form of intimidation. Another not-so-tender form of touch is the “distal touch.” This is when a partner performs an intimate action, such as hugging and hand-holding, but only presses the bare minimum of skin to yours (i.e. the tips of their fingers). This suggests your partner could be pulling away, physically and mentally.

4. Kicking the Nuts and Bolts Out of Innocent Appliances: Whenever your partner slams the oven door closed, or vigorously scrubs a pot, as if waiting for a genie to appear, what he or she is really saying is, we need to talk. Don’t let these innocent appliances suffer; step up and take the initiative.

5. Don’t Shrug Off the Shrug: Studies suggest that when either a man or woman shrugs their shoulders while answering a question, they are non-verbally stating hesitancy to perform whatever action you are requesting. If you notice a hunchback appear during a serious conversation, don’t accuse them of being insincere, but rather restate your request, asking if they expect to have any difficulties with the new arrangement. Feeling rejected by your partner? Psychic Hern ext. 5239 can tell you what’s going on. 

Take Action

Many of these cues are things you may have picked up on, but failed to react to out of disbelief, hesitancy, or fear of consequence. The problem is rarely that we can’t read between the lines, but rather that we fail to take action, while there is still a chance to turn around a waning love affair.

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2 thoughts on “What Are The Signs You’re About to Break Up

  1. Charles

    I’ve asked my partner 3 times to talk in the past month and she is always too busy. Finely had time and we say down to talk we started and she got a call from someone to turn something on TV and left the room. She is obviously avoiding this serious talk for a reason. I have seen signs of her pulling away for the past month, I’ve even mentioned that she is pushing me away from this relationship for whatever reason. Its been a while since I’ve felt close to her and suspect the reason she is avoiding this talk is she knows things are not going to turn out for the best. But I want to see if there are things we need to work on and if she’s not willing to work on them or at least identify there is a problem I’m going to have to end this.


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