3 Signs it’s Time to Move on in Your Life

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The only constant in life is change, as the saying goes. Remaining on a plateau whether in your career or with a person who is no longer right for you is destructive, no matter how comfortable you may feel. We are meant to change, to grow and to move forward. Sometimes, though, we need a better perspective before we know when it’s time to make the leap. Let’s look at a few major signs that it’s time to pack your bags and begin life’s next journey.


Putting everything you’ve got into a job or relationship will eventually wear you down. If your spirit is exhausted and your efforts are not being reciprocated properly, it’s time to think about a career or relationship that feels worth the effort and sacrifice.

Compromising Your True Self

If it’s gotten to the point where you feel a person or environment is compromising your personal values or changing you into someone you don’t want to be, you should move on. The unhealthy effect of staying in such an environment builds resentment and unhappiness, inevitably creating a miserable relationship or workplace.

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Feeling Unfulfilled

Feeling valued, satisfied and challenged are basic human needs. If your needs are not being met by the people and environment around you, you will feel disappointed and unsatisfied. It’s best to reevaluate your priorities and plot another course of action as it’s almost certain that these changes will be an improvement over your current situation.

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Lessons Learned

If you feel that you have learned all you are going to in your current environment, it’s time to look forward and make some changes. It’s a big world out there! You deserve to feel stimulated in your life, career and relationships and if you know you have plateaued in any of these, be courageous. Break free from your comfort zone and fears and work to move forward to the next best thing waiting for you!

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6 thoughts on “3 Signs it’s Time to Move on in Your Life

  1. Len Obrero

    I accidentally found this very interesting article at a time someone so close to my heart is on the crossroad of both love and career. I will definitely share this with her, and coupled with sincere prayers , I hope god will guide her in her decisions.

  2. John

    Crossroads sounds good I was in the know when I let things continue as it still looks like time will hold me until that road shows me where its at , the next things only steps to anew future.

  3. Nora ext. 5891

    Sometimes a change of scenery helps with deciding if its time to move on, even if its just a day trip or a drive in the country, it changes the energy surrounding you and helps put you take a step outside yourself for a fresh view.

  4. Chrissi

    should you go if only one is true or go for the full set- the situation might improve- I was in a marriage where we lived with my mother in law for 20+ years as we couldn’t afford anything else I had to compromise both my dreams, hopes, and standards to try to live there but she has passed on now and we have started building a home for us from the house it was-during that time I had a son- he grew up with my values and standards even though mother in law didn’t share any of them- and in fact tried to undermine them- fortunately my husband also shared my values even though his mother disagreed with them, though when she died she apologized for it so things can improve


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