4 Signs You’re Ready for True Love

 How to Know if You’re Ready for True Love

When it comes to love, anyone can say that they long for the real deal, but that doesn’t mean they’re really ready for it. There is a certain degree of self-acceptance, perspective and wisdom that needs to be in place before a person can attract their true love. Read on for some key signs that you are indeed mentally and spiritually ready to invite true love into your life!

You Feel Complete, Even When You’re Single

Projecting a poor self-image and seeking a relationship to avoid being alone or to avoid dealing with personal issues will not bring your true love. You cannot find a healthy partner if you are not healthy. True love exists when both people in a relationship are their whole, happy selves. In order for them to feel whole and happy they have to have spent enough quality time by themselves and used that time to build the best version of themselves.

You Understand that You Don’t Need to be in a Relationship

A true love relationship is really about wanting the other person to share their life with you, but not needing them in order to be happy. Co-dependency and a true loving relationship are mutually exclusive—each person must bring a whole, happy and integrated personality into the partnership before it qualifies as true love.

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You Won’t Settle for Anything Less than Unconditional Love

Being ready for the real thing means that you aren’t willing to settle for anything less. There are many people in unsatisfying relationships that fall woefully short of unconditional love. With true love, both people are willing to sacrifice their own comfort and happiness for the sake of their partner. It is obvious why this works so beautifully—when both parties give unconditional love to one another, neither is left wanting.

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You’ve Given Up Unrealistic Ideas About Love

It might sound counter-intuitive, but idealism has no place in a true love relationship. As imperfect beings, regardless of the efforts we have made to improve ourselves, we simply cannot achieve perfection. To be human is to be flawed, so even the most loving relationship will still face challenges and weather some storms. If you are expecting to find a relationship that coincides with some idealized vision you have of true love, you are certain to be disappointed. Only when you have developed a realistic and positive view about what it’s like to actually love another will you be ready to find your true love!

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29 thoughts on “4 Signs You’re Ready for True Love

  1. Bella

    This is 4 Maria , plz be careful I’m sure it’s just my legal mind working in over time I don’t talk or meet NO new folks on the internet period as N NO means NO BCZ if I don’t know you I’ll never get 2 know you I trust NO 1 sorry unless I see the their sheet some if my friends who are on dating sites ask me 2 run their back sheet 4 them lol lol ..love is love “” a heart wants what your a heart does want “” . So I can see your point of view it’s just that I’ve heard so many horror stories about scam artist THAT is = are out there ,, their stories are ALL the same & they are so convincing ( I love ya UR the 1 , I want 2 marry you BBB ECT ) .. I find it kind it odd plz be aware if they do post profile pictures THESE are ALL red flag excuses why the can’t meet U red flag , or if U are asked 2 do most of he calling ECT yes these are all RED flags warning signs 2 be aware … I’m sure I don’t need or half 2 add don’t U ever send NO 1 NO $$$$ ever 2 NO1 , yes I DO have a lot if nice things that’s ALL my own stuff nice house nice cars as a single mom I know I’m doing ok & yes I earn my own $$$$ the honest WAY , so yes that’s they way it will remain !!!! As N 4 EVER ,,, happy holidays be blessed ..

  2. MariaShirlie

    Can you really fall in love on website relationships? Ive been communicating with this person for almost over 5 months now..and ive only seen a picture of him.. the sound of his sweet voices got me really deep inside.. we communicate 4-5 times a day.. he supposed to come over and meet me and get married..but i got scared.. reason being what if he is not the one in the picture i fell in love with? But on the phone he is very sincere…i am really taking a risk here…

  3. Julian Steptoe

    True love begins with communicating and receiving love between yourself and others. This produces awareness of others, self, and truth, and inspires the journey to understanding. From infancy, this process develops along lines of sincerity, availability, proximity, and forges our perspective and projection toward others, and shapes our receptive interests. We cog through family and community, until we are sprung into solo flight, to land as a romantic member, greeting and being greeted by our inspired followers. We seek a mate, for we originate within a mating, and among them, we respond to the urgencies of urges, with capacities of understanding and accommodation. Whether we mate enduringly or not, endearingly or not, depends on the level of truth and compatibilities of understanding that each relationship develops.

  4. Bella

    Sorry my puppy is being bad boy , this is 4 “” tctrigger “” sounds like there is still a lot of love there “” is what I meant 2 say !!’

  5. Bella

    Sorry magus is 4 “” tctrigger “” I 4 got 2 say ask , once again I’m not sure who your referring 2 it sounds like there us slit if live still there , only you know in your own heart if it’s 2 late 4 love now that you’ve found your footing again , but if you feel like it’s 2 late I’m just wondering why you DO think it’s 2 late ???? 🙂

  6. Bella

    This is 4 “” tctrigger “” , I’m not really sure who you are referring 2 .. sorry you felt like you were trapped in chains I bet it was bc if a divorce & that’s just awful I see you do hace your footing once again YEA It sounds like you finally figured it out … YES you are very SELF worthy of LOVE / hugs / kisses on your head . FYI if it don’t give you chills OR goose bumps when she kisses you then you might still have BE with the wrong girl … Hopes this helps hope she calls you ASAP !!!! Happy holidays 2 you !!!!

    Sonia I’m still worried ABOUT & 4 you plz be careful I see RED flags RED flashing warning signs going off right & left . Have you made real contact as in talking 2 this person yet , I hope so … Happy holidays 2 you 🙂

    Jim how did you know from the beginning no no 1 knows NATA from the start that is why @ the start we R all filled with high hopes full of love that this will be the 1 & only 1 … How do you know they IT will never be ??? Keep the faith happy holidays 2 you & yours , 🙂

    Brian Brian Brian YES “” a heart wants what a AKA your heart wants “” only you can make that call as far as waiting 4 her “” if it’s meant 2 be it will BE “” however I was guilty OF this what ever you decide 2 do plz don’t put your life on hold 4 them on IN a holding pattern 4 just them be blessed & cheerio . 😉

    L C 1 is company 2 IS a crowd been there done that they’ ARE’ both were great wonderful men but jealousy killed US , with 1 of them (1 ) I still love very much it was a 3 + years something or another , well with the other 1 he’s been my rock BFF from the UK BFF 4 over 30 + years until I realized I was always the 1 who kept him grounded he’s a rocker who’s 54 years old he needs 2 get with the real world view of things & I got tired of his possessiveness dye 2 my health issues yes it was ok with me in a GOOD way but I left BCZ I got lost in the process … In the end I walked away from both if them bc it wasn’t working 4 me as it was / IS now !!! FYI I wouldn’t want 2 be in your shoes like I said 1 company 2 a crowd , I went with my heart I thought the 1st 4 years my soulmate UNTIL I MET the my last 1 then when he came along everything I knew went out my window lol lol I think it was the mind blowing SEX word lol , yes I miss / love him every single day but I don’t miss his BS I wish you many blessings 2 you & yours happy holidays 2 … maybe this helps you out !!!! 🙂

    Jeffery trust your gut = your OWN intuition it’s usually correct & dead ON !!! I wish you well happy holidays 2 you !!!

  7. tctrigger

    I couldn’t remember who you were. I now know. the great guy in chains worthy of a hug and kiss on my head. am delighted you even remembered me. can you contact me please. or is it to late?

  8. Carmen


    Thanks for the the emails I receive from your site. I<m fascinated about the accuracy or feedback I get from reading you guys. I find things you speak make a real lot of sense.

    Seriously I always look forward to reading you.

    Carmen Borloz

  9. Brian Farrington

    What happens when you can only think of one person evern thou she says that you need to move on, do you wait to see what happens or do you move on.

  10. Freddy Alvarez

    I would just like to know the first name of the person that is in love with me. I lost my wife of thirty two year, April 10 th, 2012, so money is an issue. I have a very good that I spend time with, please help, just a name. 🙁

  11. FREDDY A


  12. Jeffery speirs

    I have a female friend I just want to know if we are ment to be or am being used for money I can’t afford to
    live with out. Or is it ment to be love?

  13. Janice

    I have been waiting to find that true someone for years, and years not saying that I don’t need true love everyone need someone to love. I have always felt complete with a man or without a man, but when I do find that true person if he does exist. How would you know if you both would be happy together if you never spent quality time with a person if you never seen a person before? How do you know if you want to spend your time in a true relationship if he does exist?

  14. Mary

    Ok these are good points to consider. I personally think I am my happiest with someone who accepts that I am who I am and gives me that freedom. However I am a little concerned about the point that each has to give up personal happiness for the other. If both give up the things they love for the other, wouldn’t the end result be there are 2 unhappy people? Just thinking…

  15. sonia

    How do I know If I have found my true love and that this person is the right person for me and I do feel a connection and the person we have been talking on the email for the longest time about two or three months and we even exhanged numbers as well too and never had a person feel so connected to me as they do and is this true love and is this how it is o post to feel like, please give me advice sonia cavicchia.


    this message should have been around when I was younger and single, this is truly great I hope the young women and single ladies read this column.

  17. L. C.

    Your article about actually being Ready for True Love, has come at a very propitious time for me. Two guys whom I can fall for big time are in my life….rethinking where I AM after reading the
    four points, is reallygood for me! Thank you!


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