Signs He Wants to Have Sex

signs he wants sex

Signs He Wants to Have Sex (Besides the Obvious One)

Signs he wants to have sex can be obvious, but there are some other subtle tells to look out for. Not that women need help to decipher the seven times a minute most guys are planning for sex. However, in the real world, we know that many men think about sex only a couple of times a week (if not a month). The all-night sex machine of the past is no longer. The modern man is capable of feeling stress, insecurity, and may not always be “happy to see you.” For the real men, who aren’t as reliable as Energizer bunnies, I present to you five (not so obvious) signs he wants to have sex with you.

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1. Sex is in the Air
Evidence suggests that men release their sexual intentions through pheromones that emerge through their sweat glands, saying, “Yeehaw.” This may happen even though his little man seems to be saying, “Why don’t you come back tomorrow.” So how are you to know when Mr. Sparky is ready to play? As it turns out, you really should rely on your instincts when it comes to these matters, as the brain can pick up on a man’s most subtle cues.

2. The “Oh” Face
You can tell a lot about a guy by studying the expression on his face. Women don’t have physical signals that are as obvious as men’s when it comes to deciphering sexual arousal. Research suggests that when a guy wants to get frisky, he will study a woman’s face, looking for telltale signs that she is in the mood. This is usually the very same curious look he gives while trying to figure out how to rub your breasts so that it feels good. This is what some women have come to know as his “oh” face (“Oh, you do want to have sex”).

3. His Leaning Tower
Men can get an erection while thinking about a woman or fabricating bird feeders in the garage. Women imagine that when he adjusts his manhood (think Michael Jackson) it is a clear sign that he is uncomfortably at attention and in the mood. This is not always the case. Researchers say there is a big difference between a physiological erection and one achieved from stimulation within his mind. This is one of the biggest reasons why the love drug, Viagra, is rarely refilled after the first prescription. Getting a man in the mood is often mistakenly believed to be all about his erection. However, what should really be involved is exciting his big head long before his littler one. Most guys in relationships like a little foreplay. Just because a soldier is standing at attention, doesn’t mean he’s ready for battle.

4. Mind Games
Unlike most things in life, a man can’t work hard in order to make himself “hard.” As it turns out, the best way for a guy’s sexual system to function is to just let it happen. Guys often allow their head to get in the way, and think that they can “will” their member into readiness. This is usually when he allows too much thinking into the bedroom and ends up having difficulty maintaining his normal performance level. What this means is that men are more likely to be aroused when they least expect it. It is not the lazy guy lounging in bed on vacation that will be difficult to talk into having sex. It is the guy, who is pinching his nipples, talking dirty to himself, and promising that this has never happened before.

5. The Nose Knows
Rather than base your decision to approach your guy solely on the direction his crotch is pointing, take note of other physiological cues, such as dilated pupils, increased heart and respiration rates, and the engorgement of blood within his face. The increase in blood pressure associated with arousal can make his lips appear full and red, while also causing parts of his face to tingle, which may prompt him to lick his lips, scratch his ears, or rub his nose (Interestingly, these are also signs of him lying, so try not to confuse the two).

In short, guys may not always be easy to read. However, if you can change a light bulb, you’ll probably eventually get the hang of recognizing the signs he wants to have sex with you!

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35 thoughts on “Signs He Wants to Have Sex

  1. Dj26

    Im a y0ung adult and me and my boyfie had our 1st tym sex w/each other, and it was an epic fail. We b0th want to do 8 better next time, but next tym s t0o far, if thngs aren’t cmplcated, i want it n0w , coz its better than talking to it at ph0ne, but its n0t a ph0ne sex. Jux reminiscing those m0ments. Honestly, i wanted m0re but he’s jux to0 c0ncern that smthng might happen to me and he d0esnt want that:)

  2. bikki

    by reading this i felt aaah…. i am 40+ but i like to have more sex….. i m getting wet…wet… wet.. if anyone GUY interested contact me.. … i am a female…..

  3. donna wackwitz

    i have been married 26 years, victim of sexual abuse, and not into the words sex, jig, bang, and the foul language word. i always believed that when two people have love feelings or in-love never tell the other person to kiss, caress, or anything to do but it should all come naturally not ordered. so if you want to make love to a partner or just simply romanticize it should be with a natural feeling between the two individuals man and woman. i have experienced many relationship or just being forced into intimacy relations without coming on natural and that makes a woman feeling like that what they are good enough for in the relationship. so i totally agree to a lot of comments it isn’t something that is very important between a man or woman. i’m a middle-aged woman and don’t need anything to improve our sexual part of marriage like some people say eat olives, hot oil, viagra, and hormone producers to get in the mood. i say my body knows when it is in the mood sexual arouses and shouldn’t be forced on.


    Am so happy with all the daily information in my email and the amount of education that it gives to me.more power to ur elbow.

  5. Moo

    My boyfriend wants sex when we aren’t very old, i don’t know what to do because I don’t want to ruin anything, but I also want to. What should I do?!

  6. Peaceful

    I’m in my late 40’s my sex drive and nature is off the chain so it do very .Its alot of things we do to turn our mates off .That cause the sex drive to be low .I think doing it too much takes the thrill out of it.I say just wiat it out till you both can;t take it any more .GREAT SEX .Good things comes to thoses who wait.Mainly sex is so out rated .When guys find them self not wanting it every day they go out in the street thinking somethings wrong if they don’t want it every day.But like you all say statistics show its normally to not be a sex machine.WOW WEE !!!and Ladys stop ridding your men to death thinking it will keep them out the streets.They could get out of bed with your go nect door and get hard all over again.

  7. Robert McNamara

    What the hell is this, please don’t feed confused young and inexperienced women with this non-sense my wife is laughing at this article, please be resposnible for what you put out in public.

    You have to write articles with proven facts and high percentage of trial so you can say based on this trial 90% of men out of 100% are such and such.

  8. Dickerson

    Well when it comes to sex its all bout safety and I would advise anyone before sex to get to know your partner first, but I’m young and healthy and full of energy and thats all that matter.

  9. Ruth Barnett

    had a run in with an old friend which i had sex with in the past ,to make story short i saw him at a concert and exchanged numbers,well come to find out he was only interested in one thing sex,because when he saw that i was,nt going to give it up he basicly stopped calling .I think that was rude and so unattractive in a man.It would have been different if that was what i wanted which was,nt.Jerk.

  10. marc from the uk

    SO TO BE DIVORCED ! Hilarious article you have written, candid humour and inviting. You will be ok for sure, it just takes a while to de-compress and then get with it again. Good luck and be happy you are already I am sure.

  11. muzamil

    i am also a young boy, i am virgin , i want a partner with which i have a sex……………. if any one she will contact me on my mail………………

  12. Sotobedivorced

    During 35+ yrs of marriage, beginning was great. After a couple of kids, he was interested in sports with his buddies. I was “rewarded” with sex whenever he decided! What a crock! Sex life was great (still think about it) – my one and only! However, after rejected and more rejections, it was years between any forms of affection. Won’t miss that! But will miss the sex that was good – when HE was in the mood! Ridiculous! I missed out during what should have been my most active years! Now, afraid of what’s out there! Darn – short changed again! Should have divorced years ago! Mid 50’s, still sociable, but won’t just jump in bed with first one that comes along! Feel cheated & mistreated and mad that now I’m in this new lifestyle just because he was tired of being married – just wanted to focus on work – owns own company! Darn – I wished I wasn’t dealt this hand but will deal with it! How can I quit feeling so resentful?



  14. Chocolate

    Im in love with my ex even tho he hurt me by marrying are neighbour to give her citizenship he’s always trying to things for an telling me he will always be in mylife what do I do im lost

  15. jane

    I amnot having sex at the moment other than with myself and that is few and far between. I am disabeled and cannot get out into the world much. Can I hope for a sex life someday? I want one again. I’m game. I keep hopeing.

  16. Morgain Le Fey

    This is slightly off topic.
    My man has recently had prostate surgery for prostate cancer.

    I would sure like to find some other women who are helping their men through this sort of thing.

  17. YAJNA

    They say that a man’s virility declines with age. Well, that’s true, however the rate that that happens can be vastly different for different men. For example, a man who has been very sexually active and especially from a very young age, say, 15, should expect difficulty around the middle age, and a marked decline in desire and the ability to perform and to produce strong offspring. In contrast, a man who has been very composed and had little or no sex in his life will generally be far more powerful and virile comparable to the libido when he was twenty years old extending beyond what is considered “middle age” because he has not exhausted his power.

  18. invnoone

    I agree with you Shane.Absence is better.You can mingle and still have fun at the same time with or without having sex.Don’t get me wrong a person can still snuggle ,kiss,and all of that within their limits but also know to put on the brakes if it becomes too intense, but for yourself don’t do it if you are teasing the other person because then you would be playing with the person’s emotions and that would hurt if they are really into you.

  19. Gopinathan k

    That was great.True men are not always on the look out for sex,especially after middleage.
    But the physical indications are not true as per my experience. For a women the physical
    indications once u have mentioned before in an article might have been true but not at all for men.

  20. Whispers

    WHAT? OMG..have never run into thsi problem with a man. Does it say men only want sex twice a week? Do they mean to say women? Even the men my age are sex hounds (late 40s)
    I would give anything for a man to see me for more than the sex he wants. Where are these tired worn out men? I could use the rest!

  21. Marc from the UK

    Very funny article !! And made easy to read, Congrats to the author once again for being entertaining and factual.

  22. jayem

    great article! and here’s part of the reason why guys are changing – the following is a link to a documentary called “the disappearing male” which explains what has happened to men’s biology since the industrial revolution… it’s very sobering, and the subject pretty important.

  23. Shane

    Life is great and so is sex. Love and sex is always best and I wish it were more frequent. Can’t have everything in life we want though. Patience is a virtue…..It is also so depressing when the other doesn’t want the same as you. When are we both satisfied? Plain old abstinence is the best for all…..


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