Shocking Fetish Discovery

Meg writes:

Last year I met a man who I instantly connected with. He dropped several hints as to what kind of relationship he would like to have. “Cuckold” is the term used. I thought he was joking, this type of thing seemed rather medieval to me. Now I know it to be a new fetish — so to speak. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant at first. Then when I realized (too late) that I could really get into this, he withdrew from any further contact. After all the secrets we shared, and the intensity of our connection — he disappeared without a goodbye. I thought for sure this was “the one.” Now I doubt myself & my instincts. He’s gone and I have no closure.

Greetings, Meg. It might come as a shock to many women that one of the top modern male fantasies is watching their partner have sex with another man. A variation of this fantasy is a fetish known as Cuckolding, in which an entire lifestyle is created out of the woman sleeping with other men at her whim. She will be very dominant and her partner very submissive — serving her and the lovers she chooses, even joining them in sexually submissive roles. This lifestyle is alive and well and thriving all the time. For some it is just a role playing game. Something to do on occasion for adventure. While for others it is a very serious sort of polyamorous lifestyle that works well for certain types of people.

As for your situation specifically, Meg, people involved in alternative lifestyles can often sense when someone supposedly “mainstream” might have hidden preferences or tastes that they aren’t aware of. It seems to me that your fellow saw in you a strong and sexually vital woman, someone who might never be happy sleeping with just one man, or only with the man with whom she has a relationship. I think he saw your need to be in a steady, trusting partnership with a nice sort of man, and also your desire to be taken by a very controlling man. For him this would be natural. He already knows his place as a submissive pack male. He accepts his own nature and he was trying to get you to realize yours.

Unfortunately I sense that he felt he pushed too far, too fast. And while you certainly were wise to think such a drastic step over carefully, I believe the hesitation made him wonder whether you were considering doing this because you were really into it or if you were simply trying to please him. Remember, this man is submissive by nature. He’s not going to speak up and tell you all the things that worry him. More like him to slink away when he’s overwhelmed. Which is what he did.

So now what are you waiting around for? Why wait for him to call you? He is the submissive one. I advise you to contact him and tell him you want to see him. He wants you to track him down and make him respond. Once you’ve got him back in your grasp, tell him how things are going to be and what his role is. Be very direct, be very detailed. Go with it by instinct and I think you’ll find you do it very well, and that you like it.

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