Sexual Taboos: How to Express Yourself

4 Steps to Sharing Sexual Taboos With Your Partner

Oh those sexual taboos: toys, costumes, dirty-talk, role-playing! Sexuality is an important component of any romantic relationship, and yet all too often, one or both partners hold back from sharing what they fear may be considered sexually taboo. Ultimately, sharing fantasies strengthens a relationship and creates an environment which fosters happier and more satisfied couples. So release all that pent-up doubt, frustration or fear, and learn to embrace your inner freak with your dearest loved one using these simple tools.

Assess Your Relationship

The first step is to evaluate how trusting and honest your relationship is (two of the biggest elements of a healthy and happy partnership). You need to feel safe enough with one another to explore these sexual desires and fantasies. If this does not describe you and your partner, you may want to take a closer look at the quality of your relationship. You should also ask yourself if you’re ready to share your fantasies with him and ready to hear his. Since this is often unchartered territory, you may be apprehensive about what your partner will think or whether he will be able to handle what fantasies you might share.

Overcome Your Blocks

What blocks might be keeping you from actualizing your sexual fantasies in your relationship? Do you know what your fantasies are? If not, find a way to “connect” to your fantasies. Such self-discoveries can be achieved through meditation by creating the proper environment through music and imagination; your subconscious knows what you need and meditation will allow you to tap into yourself. Another block might develop from negative self-judgments about your fantasies that prevent you from exploring them. Fortunately, you can beat this through positive meditation as well as focusing on your worth as a woman and a sexually healthy human being with natural needs. A third block you may have, fear of your partner’s judgment, can be released through focusing on the strength of your relationship and the love you have built with one another over time.

“You don’t have to understand sex to enjoy it.” – Kelli ext. 5130

Suss It Out

Once you have done this emotional work, sit down with your partner and really share your needs. Paint them a picture of what you would like to try and invite them to share their own fantasies. Set up ground rules and safe words you can use if one of you becomes too uncomfortable at a certain point.

Take the Plunge

Buy what you need to set up the scene or environment you wish to explore. Plan a time and place to devote to your sexual experimentations. The amount of trust and openness this type of experience gives a couple will benefit your relationship in many ways, inside the bedroom and out.

“Keep your partner happy by being happy yourself.” – Blythe ext. 5339

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9 thoughts on “Sexual Taboos: How to Express Yourself

  1. Ellenina A. Whyne

    i still love my ex husband though we had divorce more than 10 years. the main mistake was having an affairs n told him that my hubby has a wired penis. he soon knew

  2. Kutie

    You people at CALIFORNIA PSYCHICS come off as SEX MANIACS yourselves.. the topic of SEX is all that you seem concerned about!!!!!

  3. Seriously Concerned

    This type of sexual “suggestion” is way off based…it may sound as tho you are trying to help or “encourage” those with sexual inhibitions or “hang-ups”…you are treading on psychological based emotions where you are “harming” rather than “helping”…..This business about sexual “taboos” is nonsense…..Sex should NOT be taken so lightheartedly, as you suggest. It is Personal. private, individual, and I dn’t think you should approach the matter so informaly, nor nonchalantly……discovering one’s “sexual self” should not be something discussed so publicly for ALL the world to see/know….Did you ever hear of the phrase….”sex begins in the brain”? some things like “sex” should be held sacred and personal, and so PUBLICLY discussed, in other words, or you proposing Free Sex Therapy??? If I were a Professional Sex Therapist, I’d take you to court!!

  4. Letty demata

    I need some advice on how to control myself about jealousy,i am a very jealous type of a woman i am woried if he lose from me ,i love him so much..thanks

  5. ben-cynthia

    As a sagittarius -they say we are freaks but I don’t see myself as extremely shy to explore and loosen up…what do I do

  6. Tapas Kumar Sarkar

    I want to make friendship with good looking, open hearted, smart lady (30 to 42 years)
    within Kolkata, South 24 parganas in W.B., India


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