Be a Sexplorer!

When it Comes to Sex, Do You Like to Try New Things?

Part of being an explorer is having the courage and confidence to step beyond your comfort zone. A sexplorer is really no different. However, a lot of men and women don’t know how to tell their partner what they want when it comes to sex. Men and women are guilty of fibbing about everything from their orgasms (80 percent of women lie about theirs) to their feelings (a quarter of men lie about being in love during sex).

Men and women are so worried about doing the right thing during sex (which sometimes turns out to be the wrong thing, especially if it involves telling a lie), that they forget there is a whole landscape of unexplored fantasies that are just dying to get out. Many men are embarrassed to share their fantasies, worrying that their partner will think they are weird, silly or too bold. This is one of the biggest reasons why over 50 percent of couples are dissatisfied with their sex lives. And while you may think you know what your partner wants when it comes to sex, the truth is that you probably don’t unless you have asked them and then sexplored the possibilities.

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Here’s the thing: Some women wish they could have more sex, while others just want higher-quality sex. Some men wish they didn’t have to feel the pressure to perform once a week, while others wish that one night could be split up into a whole lot of quickies. Some women love the smell of their man fresh out of the gym, and some men may have a fetish for their women’s stubbly legs. You just never know, but the best way to find out is to get your freak on, and do it with an open mind and an open ear. Here are a few tips to get your sexploring off to a good start:

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While every woman has her own fantasies, a good portion have a hidden desire to be dominated and conquered by a man. As long as she feels safe and secure with him, she won’t mind putting this fantasy into action in his careful, yet enthusiastic arms. Most guys won’t have a problem with this either, as many fantasize a great deal about being in control of the moment with an innocent, unsure, yet willing participant.

But why stop there? Studies show that the more dominant we are in real life, the more we want to experience submission in our sex lives. And it doesn’t always have to begin with a whip! Let your wild side out just a little bit at a time.

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Christian Grey and Edward Cullen are two guys many women wouldn’t mind meeting in the dark passages of their imagination. There is something exciting about sexploring beyond the everyday into a world of mystery, intrigue and safe danger. This is where role-playing comes in, and it will allow a couple to play out their fantasies in a safe environment.

Does it sound silly to you? Well, think about the over 90 percent of lovers who regularly engage in fantasies about various people and situations. Consider all those articles you have read about how to keep the fire burning in your relationship and realize that role-playing is probably one of the easiest ways to shed your old bedroom antics and bring out a new side of yourself—perhaps someone you’ve been wanting to be for a long time.


No sexploration would be complete without considering the fantasy of being watched. I’m not talking about inviting your neighbors over! I’m just suggesting getting acquainted with the idea of others watching you and your partner. Whether you admit it or not, it’s something you’ve probably thought about. Most people have. Have sex in a room full of mirrors. It’s an easy way to fulfill this fantasy. It’s like watching yourself through a stranger’s eyes.

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And now it’s your turn to think about your wildest fantasies. Choose the least crazy one and plan an evening to “show and tell” your partner!

6 thoughts on “Be a Sexplorer!

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Eric,…..every couple needs to shake things up now and then to keep the sex fresh, and fun.

  2. Trish

    I’ve talked with my partner about things he wants to do sex wise an he tells me he’d like to have 2 girls at the same time, (Typical Man) but how I feel about that is, I strongly think that if we were to do that we’d wreck Wut we have, I think the trust we’ve established would become weaker an eventually we’d end up breaking up. Am I wrong to think this? I love him more then any other man I’ve been with in my life an wana make him happy completely but I don’t think this would be the smartest move for us.

  3. Sheila Hostetler

    WOW, Miss Krystal, thank you for such an honest, open, extremely eye-opening article as well as check points in between for help or pointers. I loved that too!
    And FYI, one of my ex’s used to call me a prude. Sad thing is, he was right and I want to become that “new me”! Thanks again Miss Krystal for every word of your very informative and helpful writings.

  4. john gould

    It’s very good I:LL try it some day when I can fin a woman that I can go out with THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOHN GOULD

  5. Araanza

    Hi there!! That’s true, I wish my sex life a luttke bit more unplanned, bold, without my partner asking is this a good time to make love!! Lets don’t plan the right time, that turns me off, and im sure, a good number of women as well!! We love a men that can take the lead role and know how you want it and when, and just lets get crazy before reaching the bed!!! Wow!!


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