Sex While Family Visiting?

To Do or Not to Do When the Family is in Town?

The holiday season is a wonderful time for sharing our living space with visiting family and friends, but as we all know, the close living quarters can put a damper on a couple’s sex life. So what’s the best answer for whether or not to “risk” the hanky-panky? You may want to consider some of these points before you decide how to manage the “fun and frolic” you and your mate are accustomed to.

“Keep your partner happy by being happy yourself.” – Blythe ext. 5339

How Private Can You Be?

Are your guests on the other side of the house and several floors down, or are they across the hall? Are you a particularly noisy couple or can you restrain yourselves from sounding like a trip to the zoo? Just as importantly, does your door have a lock on it? If you think there is a good chance they will be able to hear you or see you, you are most likely putting them in an awkward and uncomfortable position.

How Important Is it to You?

If your family is only in town a short time, you should ask yourself how important it is that you have sex during the few nights they are there. If you feel it’s worth risking putting everyone in a possibly uncomfortable situation, then at least you are making the conscious decision. Now, if your guests are are enjoying a more lengthy visit, you may want to consider the point above!

How Conservative is Your Family?

Some families are more conservative than others—something you will want to take into consideration. If your family is comfortable talking about sex, then they will probably not be as judgmental if they accidentally hear the sounds of lovemaking coming from your bedroom. However, it’s best to keep in mind that most people, family members or otherwise, don’t really want to hear you in your more personal moments.

“Sex can be very emotional, but remember to look at sex in a practical view too so that it won’t dictate how you think you feel emotionally. If you can enjoy a person with or without sex, then that’s  a special connection.”

Are You Prepared to Own Up?

If you decide to go all-in anyway, be prepared for potential consequences. If your visitors heard anything the night before, it may make for some uncomfortable conversation—or awkward silences—over the breakfast table the next morning.

It all really comes down to respect for your family and guests. You have to know that you run the risk of being overheard if you choose love-play over delayed sexual gratification. If you are willing to take that risk, and believe that you can be discreet about it, then perhaps you can make it work for you!

“Sex can be very emotional, but remember to look at sex in a practical view too so that it won’t dictate how you think you feel emotionally. If you can enjoy a person with or without sex, then that’s  a special connection.” – Leo ext. 5265

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6 thoughts on “Sex While Family Visiting?

  1. tnewman

    We are going on 20 years marriage and We do alot with family members all year around camping and all where we are in the same room because tent camp on the beach and we still have a lively sex life it is called the beach water and the pool. and we are not quite when we do. Hoildays are jsut the same small courters. Now then we are quite. But I am still wondering how my 4 boys and 3 girls got here. lol I know it was not from a bird or cabbage patch that is close. So love it up and be Merry! Just be quite and happy.



  3. Mary

    DavidWM makes a good point – “afterall, it is YOUR home” AND vice versa.” Discretion is a good thing to practice,however. Being quiet and discrete behind a locked door is the best way to handle intimate matters.

    I had a male co-worker who was candid about his sex life with his wife. Once about two or three days from our offices Christmas to New Year’s shut down, he took a loud phone call from his wife. He told her in a complaining way “Let’s have sex tonight before your parents come to visit!” Hah, hah, hah! Victoria reserve in the late 20th century (old boss talked to his wife in summer 1985).

    Funny how some of us are still too awkward to acknowledge sexual intimacy! Like it’s an elephant in the room that nobody is supposed to talk about. As if babies came from the cabbage patch!

  4. Robinson Guanzon

    Hahahhhhahaha… LOL!!!

    Its difficult sometimes… but there’s a quitely sometimes more yummier in short time full of fun.. When the times come that both of couple are almost in the end part..

  5. DavidWM

    Straight OR Gay, I think whenever “family” visits; YOU have ALL the right to do as YOU wish. Afterall, it is YOURr home! AND vice versa. However, as with any circumstance, at least try to “keep it down”. There is “a line” as to respectibility. What year is this this anyway? It is NOT 1811, but 2011. LOL Happy Holidays……Sexies!


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