Sex On the First Date: The Rules

On the First Date

Should You Have Sex on the First Date?

When people are polled about how long they should wait to have sex with someone for the first time, the results are usually somewhere within the second or third date. The “third date rule” has been around for quite some time, but there are people who don’t like to follow the rules when it comes to sex. Here is what to consider if you’re considering having sex on the first date.

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Rule #1: Not All First Dates are Created Equal

Not everyone on a first date is meeting someone for the first time. Sometimes, friends become lovers and one day you wake up looking at a friend you’ve been close to for years in a different way. Great friendships can spawn lasting love and great sex, so the first rule of sex on the first date is not to worry about the number of dates. It’s more about the quality of the connection you share with the person you’re with.

Rule #2: Orgasms, Revenge and Rebounds

Studies suggest that sex on the first date rarely ends in orgasms for women, especially if their motive is revenge or rebound fulfillment. So if you’re looking for great sex as a woman, you might be better off rediscovering your own sexuality, rather than exploring it with a stranger. And when it comes to getting over an ex, studies suggest that rebound sex may seem like it would make you forget about the pain, but in reality it’s only prolonging it. According to research by Lynne Cooper, Ph.D, at the University of Missouri, rebound sex can leave you more hung up on an ex and ultimately less likely to settle into a new relationship.

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Rule #3: Don’t Do it to Keep a Guy’s Interest

A lot of guys want to have sex on the first date. However, any guy who wants to sleep with you, but is also attracted to your character, will be willing to wait. And any guy who barely knows you, but who’s disappointed by not having sex on the first date probably didn’t feel too much of a connection with you, and won’t be calling you anyway. So don’t have sex on  the first date just to keep a guy interested in you.

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Rule #4: The Only Opinion That Really Matters is Yours

There are some people who will think less of you if you engage in sex on a first date, and there are some people who won’t care. All the really matters is how you feel about it. Have sex on the first date if it’s something you really want to do. And as long as you prepare yourself for what could come of it, you won’t be making a wrong decision for yourself.

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Rule #5: You Make the Rules

There are many rules you have to follow. But when it comes to sex, the only rules you should follow are your own. If you feel guilty after having sex on the first date, know that that guilt is entirely self-imposed. Sex on the first date is okay, as long as you are okay with it. Sex on a first date is also a choice, which means you can choose to do it or not, as many times as you’d like.

8 thoughts on “Sex On the First Date: The Rules

  1. Cassie

    It truly does matter about the connection you have with the person vs. the number of “dates” you have had. My current lover was a friend for quite some time before it happened between us. We are still together after years of deep, abiding, loving friendship. And I have to say, you make your own rules. Just remember that the choice is always your own.

  2. Ivory Psychic ext 6551

    Another thing to consider when having sex with anyone is that during the intimate encounter of intercourse you are allowing your aura to interact and merge with another person’s aura for that interaction. Everyone puts his or her best foot forward when meeting someone new. You might like the person s/he presents to you in the moment but you might not yet know if it is his/her real personality or a “best behavior” smoke screen until after the first date or dates. When allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the giving and receiving of your energy and someone else’s it is probably best to be as certain as possible the type of energy you are about to expose yourself to.
    Not sure if you are interpreting your potential partner’s energy correctly? Give me a call and I can help you tap in to find out!

  3. Jess

    My fiancé and I had sex on a technically “first date”. I ended up asking him out the next morning and we’ll be together for 8 years on November 29th. So a lot of parts of this article are spot on.

    Its all about where you want it to go from there. Like what #5 said, its a choice and what you choose to do after that is a choice too. My fiancé is such a great person and we had such a good connection, that we made it into a relationship after that.

  4. Raj

    you should not have sex on first date, it could be disappointed you.
    without knowing a person and having sex can be create many situation for you?
    yes if you know the person nothing harm to do, so
    do it and enjoy

  5. Ray

    my experience with sex on 1st date is that I later discover addiction and narcissism are in play. I’ll wait for sex now thanks.

  6. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    according to “Dr. Ruth” never have sex on a first date…
    according to “Psychic Quinn” having sex on the first date might be the best date you ever had… first dates can and do evolve to forever-after’s.

    if you are confused about your first date sexual launch call me… we can find the reason and make sense out of something so profound.

    Buddha Bless ~


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