Sex Mistakes Women Make

Are You Doing the Right Thing in Bed?

You live and you learn, unless you’ve developed some bad habits in the bedroom that your partners haven’t given you a head’s up about. Rather than continue along this train wreck of a path towards sexual dissatisfaction, check out a few faux pas worth taking the time to correct!

His Body is a Wonderland

While touching and licking different party of his body may feel good to him, he is much more interested in you tending to his one true erogenous zone—that which is down under. If you are anywhere but there, he’s probably wondering and hoping you get to the main attraction a.s.a.p.

Ease Off the Hair

While women tend to like some hair pulling (having long hair makes it feel really good), men usually don’t. Their hair is much shorter and closer to the roots, so lay off the hair, ladies!

Navigation System ON

Keeping quiet about what’s working for you and what isn’t is a great way to miss out on the Big O. While criticism may seem wrong, you can point him in a better direction that will get you both closer to happy completion.

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The Nipple Attack

Most men actually don’t enjoy the attention to their nipples in the way that women tend to. While nipples may be sensitive on both women and men, he’s not really getting something from the experience and is probably just hoping that you work your way south, like immediately.

Teeth are for Eating

When it comes to fellatio, teeth are evil. Even if you aren’t consciously using them, the fact that they are in your mouth means it’s a good idea to always be aware of them at all times.

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33 thoughts on “Sex Mistakes Women Make

  1. ben

    women are very sensitive in their joints. whn u r able to sexually handle the joints of ladies they will attain multiple orgasm. target the G-spot whiles u kiss. love romance

  2. Lee

    Ladies, maybe part of what this person wrote is true, but, you have to know your man, nothing is wrong with asking him while you are in the making love process what he wants, just watch your tone…
    “Baby, do you like how this is feeling, should i do it softer , harder, or whatever” Do you get my drift. LEARN YOUR MAN WOMEN!

  3. LiamStLiam

    By the way “Asking you man” is a good thing, not a bad thing.

    You ask him, he might also ask you.

    Don’t you want to please him?

  4. Gina

    Woman to Woman advice, date your man. Reverse play. The things he would do for you, instead you do it for him. Clear the floor and play some nice slow music and talk, kiss, feel each other. Tell him how much you appreciate him and how much he means to you. When it’s time to lay down, he will show you how much you mean to him. Oh what a night you two will have.

  5. Trixey

    This was fun to read but way off base with my man…. he loves foreplay as much as i do… and nibbling on his nipples too…. loves being “teased” as he put it…..

    guess i’m just one of the lucky women that have hours of sex instead of a 2 min quickie…. unless of course thats what we need at the moment and then we both head south for dinner…. just saying….

  6. Christine

    I am not a man but if men actually knew what playing with the nipples does to a woman or at least me they would want more of it. If I nibble it could be because I would like those nibbles back or just have his mouth and tongue all over me or I am eating this up…

  7. Melanie Jones

    Hahaha that is funny and probably is very true for most relationships however, I can positively say that I am a lucky woman cause my man is nothing like that he loves foreplay even if its for a really long time and he loves when I pay attention to every part of his body as he does mine. So sorry to all you ladies.

  8. Jenna

    Hi, I have to say that I found it to be generally true but this article might have been more helpful if it was associated with Astrological signs or something. I have a Sag boy with Cancer rising and Scorpio moon and he is LOVES to be kissed all over, have his nipples tended to and ASKS for teeth action.
    Maybe he is just delightfully pervy but I can’t imagine that he is the only one out there. . .

  9. Daniel

    I am a male who’s almost 95% different than what you have pictured a sexual man to be. I’m shaved bald, so go have fun ladies! Lol! Communication is the key! For me it’s great foreplay to talk about what turns each other on well before the bedroom. It builds that fire both in a sensual and sexual way. Once in the bedroom pay attention to the whole me, not just that zone. It’s the biggest turn off and stereotype!!! It’s an amazing dance of body, mind, spirit and emotions, so enjoy!

  10. Paul

    These are certainly not true for all men. I am definitely a man and I love having my nipples stimulated …. before, after and especially during!! I even have nipple rings, which I got several years ago, to enhance the sensations.

  11. Terry

    I commented about this on the topic of what miskates men make in bed. I wanted the women commenting there to understand that sometime, all you need is a little coaching to get her there. Don’t assume we use a crystal ball or consult a psychic before sex. We don’t know your body until we have had a chance to check under the hood. And yeah, a little instruction goes a long way. I hope some of the ladies who commented on the men’s mistakes read this thread so that they can see what I was talking about in my comment. The experts agree with me.

  12. Phoenix

    Who ever wrote this one doesn’t know a think about pleasing men…following these directions will be a sure fire way to have your man in the bed of another woman like myself who knows what she is doing…always going straight for the prize gets boring to guys….and who said guys don’t like to be touched, caressed and teased…..poorly written.

  13. Sha

    It truly depends on the man. My man loves for me to play with his nipples. I’ve been with a man who liked to be bitten and nibbled during felatio. You ideally should know each other well before having sex and all of these things would have come up in conversation. If not sure ASK!!

  14. Louis

    Most times women come into a realationship with poles bright lights & smoke,then due to lack of enthusiasim revert to a grandma, they say you must have truth in a relationship. Well you already lied. Dont put on a show to get in a relationship, if thats not the person you are. Then you wonder why your man is spending so much time at the strip club.

  15. Lisa

    I lost the love of my life on April 3, 2012 and he had balance problems and the law said it was accidentally fall and I dont believe that is what happened, I still think he was shoved down. I could be wrong but I dont think so. I was with him 2weeks before this happened and he didnt look good and I didnt come home to him. We had some problems and I left that was stupid of me. I just need to know what happened because I blame myself because I should have been there to save him like I did 2-3 times before every time something happened. I told him I loved him and I always would and he said he loved me too. I just need to know, I had a feeling the other night he was with me when I was sleeping, I could feel his touch.

  16. Debra K

    The passion should never die other wise you feel as though you might cry.
    When all the poor girl do is try. You have to have the electricity to plug in before you get to the bedroom otherwise it becomes to mechanical

  17. Marion

    Was pleased to see when I read this I make none of those mistakes. Have seperated from my husband but he’s started a relationship but he says the sex is only ok. Says better with moi.

  18. John E.

    Alina, Poor Alina, when it comes to what men like and dislike in bed during sex or love making or whatever you may prefer to call it. I think you need to take a step back and talk to more men, because you do not have a clue to what it is that we men may like. With the right amount of proper attention (ie) tenderness a woman can perform all of those things to her man and he will absolutely love it. There is no greater turn on for a man than to have his nipples, just the nipple not the areola pinched during intercourse. There seems to be a direct connection there between the nipple and the penis causing a much harder erection. Much as a similar connection in a woman between her nipples and her clitoris.


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