Your Sex Life: Don’t Make These Mistakes in Bed!

Improve Your Sex Life With These Tips!

In a perfect world, sex and relationships would be easy. But since we don’t live in a perfect world, we have to endure life’s little mistakes. I like to call them “growing pains.” When it comes to sex and relationships, men are not always as tuned in to their needs as women are. They don’t necessarily understand their bodies as well as women understand their own. And, men aren’t the best at communicating their feelings. So they can’t always let a woman known what they like (or don’t like) in bed.

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Before you get upset, know that this isn’t only an article about the physical act of sex. It’s also about the things people do before, during and after sex. So let’s get started!

You’re too Self-Critical

Many women are too critical of themselves and their naked bodies. Know that the guy you’re with isn’t scrutinizing your every inch—he’s just happy to have a naked woman in his room! You’re beautiful just the way you are and if you’re with someone who truly loves you, he thinks so too and will make you feel beautiful, even when you’re naked. A man who wants sex wants to be with a partner who wants sex too, so be confident in your own skin and enjoy the moment.

You Don’t Initiate Sex

Your partner doesn’t want to initiate sex all the time. In fact, it’s a huge turn-on if you do it! Initiating sex shows confidence and it makes your partner feel sexy and desirable. You could be missing out on the best sex of your life if you’re sitting around, waiting for him to make the first move.

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You Don’t Sleep in and Snuggle

Who doesn’t enjoy morning sex after a good night’s sleep? Getting at least seven hours of sleep not only leaves you well-rested, it’s also good for your physical, mental and emotional health. It’s nice to wake up with his body wrapped around yours or your body wrapped around his. But if you like your space while sleeping, wake up and snuggle each other. Don’t set your alarm clocks on the weekends!

Your Focus too Much on His “Yahee”

If women have a “yahoo,” men have a “yahee.” Get it? During sex, many women tend to focus on a man’s “yahee,” but there are many other body parts that can make him feel aroused. Men get turned on using multiple senses, including sight, sound and touch, so incorporate them into your playtime. Put on some sexy lingerie, play sexy music for him and spend time with the rest of nerve ending in his body.

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You Make Assumptions

Lady magazines tell you what all men want in bed, but chances are they’re wrong 50% of the time. The truth is, each man is different, just like each woman is different. What one man likes, another man may not like, so it’s best not to make assumptions. If you want to know what your guy likes, just ask. And if he isn’t good at telling you, gently experiment with his body to find out for yourself.

You Tell Little White Lies

Some women lie to make their partners feel better. They may say something feels good when it doesn’t, or lie about having an orgasm. If you do this, you may think your sparing your partner’s feelings. What you’re really doing is making sex less fun for yourself. If every time you think about sex, you remember your partner doing something that doesn’t feel good, you aren’t going to be excited about having sex with them. So, be honest. If you don’t like the way they do something, tell them about it and be gentle, or show them what you like. He’ll thank you for the honesty when he realizes it will lead to better sex.

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Your Make Orgasm the Goal

You have the right to an orgasm, but expecting one every time you have sex puts a lot of pressure on your mate. Why not just enjoy the moment without expectation, guilt or shame if you don’t have an orgasm. Sex should be about having fun. Orgasms are great, but don’t expect that you and your partner will have one every time.

11 thoughts on “Your Sex Life: Don’t Make These Mistakes in Bed!

  1. seashell

    I believe that love is a wonderful gift between two people. But when your loving partner is watching porn, how am I supposed to feel sexy? Its a big turn off really. I don’t want to watch someone have an irgasm, I’m the one who wants to share that moment with him. So, what dies anyone suggest?

  2. Elizabeth Carol Steinmetz

    Hi I just got through reading my July 19th, 2014 Aries Horoscope about my sex life, and sex tips. Ok see its funny bc everything I read definitely hits the nail on the head, the thing is this horoscope is to late see im married to the man of dreams we have been together for five years, he just left me @ a month ago and I as i know my faults after reading today’s horoscope, I wonder would it had done any good for us if it had been over a month ago bc my husband is very self centered and in ways selfish. Do u have any advice for me?

  3. Angie H

    Gwndolyn Allen- Sweetie, he was showing his true colors…you probably saw the red flags earlier, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and just figured he just needed the love of a good woman. I went through the same thing…I realized I need to love and myself first, and stop looking so hard for a mate and just concentrate on me and my daughters well being- and living the most positive life we can. Yes, we are struggling financially and have no one but ourselves, but we are united in life and love…believe in yourself, you will be okay. I know someday I will find someone deserving of my love and affection; so I won’t settle for less than sincerity and happiness! Good luck..

  4. Gwndolyn Allen

    I broke with my boyfriend because he is so selfish. I were there for him when his father were ill and past away. now my grandmother past he were not there for me, like I were for him. everything is always about him!. my finance is not so great either,PLEASE HELP!.

  5. gregcross

    when make love to woman an u do everything to try make her have orgasm an she no she on medication for depression medicine an other medicine what should i do what should i expect me an my partner goal on make her have orgasm that add pressure on male partner so what do u suggest male should to please his mate i as male want to enjoy moment not stress over she have not had orgasm need some sexual tips to make better thank you for listening help me to have better sex life

  6. veronica

    at 65 my sufficient other and myself have no sex life…Too much stress now taking care of a mother who is sick…a man with low self esteem and a woman who is responsibily for everything in everyones life…. I never thought it be this hard…..I dont think everyone at this age is having sex – besides all of the above it hurts and I do not want to go on cancer agent creams….. Intimacy comes in many ways – I am not sure what else to think

  7. Shirley Rosenberg

    Thank you so much. You have given me so much important information. You have done so with your insight and realism, which is so appreciated. I shall keep this in my personal folder – thank you again!


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