Sex Life Experiments: Dirty Talk for Beginners

You can spice things up in the bedroom and get more erotic with your lover by using these steps to learn how to talk dirty.

Open Up to the Erotic World of Words

A whole new erotic world of sexy banter and steamy sensuality awaits you if you are only willing to take that first step. While it may seem intimidating from the outside looking in, warming your way up to this type of bedroom play can bring you and your lover a heightened sense of eroticism that’s well worth the effort. Once you get these saucy basics down, you’ll gain expert status in no time!

Tone of Voice

An easy and fun first step towards a smooth and sexy repartee is choosing a desirable tone of voice. A lower tone or vocal breathiness can really set the stage for hot bedroom talk and help you slip into a more confident frame of mind.

The Feast of Foreplay

Warming things up makes everything flow more easily, including your carnal communication skills. It’s a lot easier taking the bold verbal plunge too, when you’re turned on and not thinking about how nervous you feel trying this for the first time.

The Compliment Kick-Off

One way to get the ball rolling with dirty talk can simply be to compliment your lover. Instead of keeping all those sexy thoughts to yourself, share them with your partner and watch how fast that heats things up and paves the way for more provocative utterances. Need some personalized advice about your bedroom antics, contact a psychic today!

Asking Questions

Not only is asking your lover what they like guaranteed to teach you more about their personal hot spots, but it opens up the dialogue for all sorts of interestingly lascivious wordplay between you two.

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The Mixed Bag

Knowing the sensual power phrases that work doesn’t mean you can’t throw in other saucy phraseology to keep your lover guessing. You don’t know what works till you’ve tried it, so just go for it! As in any part of physical intimacy, if there is something your lover is uncomfortable with, you’ll learn what to omit from future steamy escapades.

Role Play Rundown

When you are bold enough to talk dirty with the best of them, role-playing is an exciting next venture. Personality types and accents can change in a heartbeat, offering each of you an opportunity to experience one another in a new, and lascivious light.

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3 thoughts on “Sex Life Experiments: Dirty Talk for Beginners

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    great article…
    once i was looking in the mirror, having fun, and the darn mirror
    lights out for this gal.
    love your insight terilynn 🙂

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The tone of voice tip is a winner……

    ….sweet whispers in an ear, that’s being gently nibbled on, can be sexy !!!!!

    Have fun…..Gina Rose ext.9500


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