Secrets Men Keep From Women

What Kind of Secrets is He Keeping?

Everybody keeps secrets. In fact, the majority of couples are withholding at least one whopper from their partner, and even 20 percent of the happiest, most “honest” lovers admit they aren’t always completely honest. Luckily for most men, women are terrible secret keepers. In fact, in one British study, it was found that the average woman could only keep a secret for 32 minutes, before she exploded like Old Faithful. Men, on the other hand, are better at keeping secrets—sometimes to their own peril. Today, we talk about a few of the secrets that most men keep from women.

I Love You (He Loves You Not)

If you want to know how a man really feels about you, read his actions. In almost every relationship it is the man who spouts the L-word first, and on some occasions it is used to urge a women to have sex with him sooner.

The Little Things

Surveys suggest that 42 percent of the dings on your car that your guy has blamed on someone else were actually caused by his own carelessness. And in case you were wondering, no, he probably hasn’t changed his sheets for the last two months, according to most polls.

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“Need to Know” Basis

Men are rarely completely truthful about their past relationships. Most men will tell you everything they “need” to, and keep the rest to themselves. However, this is not always a bad thing, considering that men do learn from their mistakes.


Financial infidelity is a big topic. Polls suggest that the number-one reason men hide the contents of their inbox is because they don’t want their partner to see the confirmation e-mails for the things they’ve bought. In addition, the majority of men age 18 to 34 who are currently dealing with serious credit issues will not volunteer these problems unless you ask, and even then some will lie.

His Paycheck vs. Yours

While men are busy secretly spending their paycheck, they’re likely wishing their women were making a bigger one to compensate for it, according to surveys. There was a time when a man wanted his wife to maintain a small role in the financial health of the household. While many men still want to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex of money-making, over a quarter are secretly wishing their significant other made more than she currently does.

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Curiosity Killed the Relationship

Would you really want to know what your guy has been Googling? According to most surveys, you would not! Eighteen percent of all men are actively erasing their logs and recent downloads just to ease their guilty conscience of the incriminating evidence they are leaving behind on their phone or PC.

His Wounds from Childhood

Almost every man harbors bad feelings from his childhood; many of these resulting from interactions with his father. But he’s not going to volunteer that information to his significant other, and even if she asks, he will probably water down the details.

His Happiness

Men know what women like to hear, and try to keep the status quo, regardless of how they really feel about the relationship. Use your Spidey senses ladies, as many men don’t start talking about their unhappiness, until it is already too late.

His Need to Vent

One in 10 men keep secrets about the amount of stuff they’re sharing with a close friend about your relationship. Everything from your sex to your worst habits may be known by his friends, but at least they can keep a secret better than you (theoretically).

He Wants to Get Married

Men fear marriage, like a caveman fears a saber-toothed tiger. However, secretly behind this fear, most men want to find love and commit to it. In fact, in a longitudinal study from the early 2000s, 47 percent of all men felt marriage was “very important,” and 19 percent of bachelors secretly wished they were hitched.

His Second Life

Surveys suggest that one in 20 men have a secret smart phone. Two-thirds of men choose not to share their PC passwords with their significant other, and of the ones who do, a portion keep a separate e-mail for flirty messages.

He Cheats

According to some surveys, over 50 percent of men have had sex with one other person while in a committed relationship, and nearly 15 percent admit to having relations with five or more. The good news is that he feels guilty about it.

He’s Happier than His Secrets Suggest

And now for the really good news. While all these secrets may give the impression that your relationship is in trouble, a Parade magazine survey suggests that the majority of men are quite happy in their existing relationships. So happy, in fact, that nearly 70% of men “never” think about leaving their wife, which is in contrast to the 50 percent of women who have thought about it more than once.

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20 thoughts on “Secrets Men Keep From Women

  1. Sudeepa

    Daniel, I love you for what you have written and wish most men are like you.
    Erich, you need to grow up and be a man truly!

  2. Rosrio


    I believe in the kind of man that you claim to be!!!! If I can’t have a relationship where I can trust my man I let him go!!!! better happy by my self that miserable in company. You give me hope, I wish that you find a wonderful woman.

  3. Nina

    Here is my answer to the need to

    “Need to Know” Basis

    Men are rarely completely truthful about their past relationships. Most men will tell you everything they “need” to, and keep the rest to themselves. However, this is not always a bad thing, considering that men do learn from their mistakes.

    SO DO I !

    For months I was the only person he could vent with, now that the dust has settled …… let’s check out my agenda …. you should have asked me before purchasing the tickets ….

    You can ring in your 60th birthday alone in front of your television set!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    gsdmom is right.

    These articles are written by some of our psychics, the others are independent writers submitting articles to CP.

    What , I feel, confuses some blog readers is the picture of the spot-lighted psychic underneath where it says ” By ” with the authors name.

    The picture of the highlighted psychic with the article does not necessarily mean that psychic wrote that particular article.

    Always refer to the top left hand corner where the date and time is posted, underneath it you will see ” BY “.

    As it’s not fair to the independent writers ( not getting the credit for their work ),

    nor is it fair to the psychics taking the heat for something they did not write.

    Gina Rose )O( ext.9500

  5. Sophia

    I am so glad to learn all that because it only confirms about my loser boyfriend who claims that he loves, but he has proved to me over and over the opposite. The worse part is that he had totally refused to end the relationship because of pure conveniences. So, I have my own secrets now. I have been cheating on him with a smoking sexy guy, and to be on the safe side, in top of that, I bough one of the biggest penis to masturbate myself when my hot and sexy guy is not around.

    I know the selfish Bastard has cheated on me, and has been browsing the porno sites to play with himself. He had my cheating coming for a very long time.

    I have never believed in cheating or having two men at ones, but the loser has refused to let me go, and has refused to make me happy at all. Now, he can suck it all.

  6. gsdmom

    Hey Guys? Michelle didn’t write the article. Eric Leach did. Please do not bash her.

    I must not be a typical woman (thank God) because I can and do keep secrets. Not of the type listed here, but ones others ask me not to share.

    Daniel, you are the real deal. I do hope you find another lady to share your life with. She would be lucky to have you.

  7. Melisa Brown

    This is for Daniel R.Engel, a true man in every sense of the word. Like you, I also seemed astonished at what was being said of a “typical man” and an “average” woman. If this is what is acceptable in a marriage, no wonder so many end in turmoil and divorce. I hope you find an untypical woman, since you are by far a very rare being, a real man. As for the women who keep saying there are no goods ones left, I found one, here is one. They may not come wrapped in sparkle and bows, you have to look at their hearts, that is where the real gift lies.

  8. Dolores

    Thank you for this. But what if your man constantly insist your cheating even if you think everything is fine and dandy.

  9. Daniel R Engel

    To Psychic Michelle: I certainly do have a comment regarding your article posted on First of all, where in the world did you get your know it all statistics? I’m in NO way like anything you mentioned in “your” secrets men keep from women. My wife died 20 years ago and although I meet someone for a diet coke or lunch occasionally, I haven’t even had a girlfriend since she died, but if I did, I’d NEVER do the BS you listed. Where did you canvass the men, from the welfare roles? In the GHETTO? It almost sounds as if you condone those sleeping with others, even FIVE additional sex partners, ((CHEATING)), but they say they love her? Trust me, they DO NOT LOVE HER. And I for ONE apparently would never tell a woman that I LOVE her so she’d let me have sex? So many men have secret cell phones aside from their regular one to hide their secret information? I hate having just one and I REFUSE to TEXT. You say 70% of these men don’t want to leave their wife but 50% of the wives considered leaving their husbands? Well if they CHEAT, and have secret cell phones and secret passwords for the computer email, and all this secrecy behind her back, so for these men it’s like living single with all the FREE benefits at home! Men FEAR marriage like a saber-tooth tiger? I would love it! You say a man only starts talking about his unhappiness when it’s already too late? IF you TRULY LOVE someone, then sweetie, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! Men want their wives to earn so much money while these so-called men secretly buy things? I always SUPPORTED ((MY)) family and even worked 112 hour weeks extensively when I had to, and I NEVER secretly bought anything that she didn’t know about. You say men can keep secrets better than women? Well, obviously so since they’re still married. Men Men have troubled memories of childhood? If you only knew. Michelle, I suggest you rewrite this article again in 30 years after YOU have enough common sense to think on these very issues but if you have a husband or boyfriend, I’m sure he loves your article so he knows what he’s allowed to do. I believe in LOVE which MEANS absolute TRUST, SHARING, AND NO NEED FOR LIES OR SECRECY! It also MEANS NO CHEATING or we simply DIVORCE and find somebody that will be TRUE to their partner. I suggest you stop canvasing the GHETTO WELFARE LINES for your super knowledge and if this is what you think LIFE is about, then your claiming to be Psychic must be in error too. These people you studied are in no way a MAN.

    Daniel R Engel

  10. lovegirl

    Most of this study confirms what I have learn from my relationships–boy men are a piece of work–and 70% love to keep their little secrets while in my case I’m pretty much an open book. I’m learning to listen more and say less—

  11. donna

    Yeah I’m so happy he ain’t thinking about leaving me but where does that little worrying come in that I’m not going to catch anything while he is cheating really people think that this is all fun and games but then someone usually get hurt.while other people don’t have to worry cause the others don’t cheat or they just dont care.

  12. GymRatWP

    I certainly take offense (yes, I know, not very Zen-like) to references that all women are “average” and can’t keep secrets. I have several secrets that not ONE soul has ever known about. I will take those to my grave.

    And literally all of these items listed are ones that I have personally done or am currently doing myself. I’ve never been a “typical” woman (thank you, Creator!!!!) but in any number of ways I’m very much like men are. Although I’m sure there are many men (my boyfriend included) that would take offense to being viewed as what you refer to as the stereotypical man!

  13. Giana Liaci

    I’m thinking I d like to give a gift certificate to a friend with you. How is that done? Do I pay by credit and then they are able to call network with a pin # of some sort and ask for you?

    Please let me know, and thanks for all you do.



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