Like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Heartbreak

Heartbreak and the Power of Scorpio

Arriving annually as the leaves change colors and fall, Scorpio is all about transformation. It’s a cosmic chance to release what you have for the promise of something new—something self-generated. A powerful sign ruled by forceful Mars and mysterious Pluto, the sun’s transit through Scorpio is an astrologically sanctioned time for self-exploratory retreat. It’s a place from which you can emerge stronger than ever and ready for anything, once you’ve plumbed the depths.

With that in mind, why not use this time to recover from heartbreak? Here are some tips for harnessing the transformative power of this transit:

Be Realistic

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Deliberate and thoughtful, Scorpio energies must take hold at the root in order to do their transformational duty. It took you how many years to get here? Right! So that means you’re not going to be miraculously cured overnight. We’re talking about meaningful change here.

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Go Deep

It’s time to face the facts: whatever happened in your last relationship didn’t start here. Your behaviors in love and otherwise are rooted in your past. Your fears, your insecurities and your desires have all impacted your methodology, however unconsciously. Don’t be afraid to face whatever hurt you long ago in order to triumph over what’s got you down right now. Odds are, they’re connected. And only by uncovering that connection will you be able to prevent yourself from repeating the same mistakes over again. This applies even if you weren’t the primary problem in your breakup—it always takes two to tango.

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Engage Fully

You’re not going to get over the sadness of a breakup by sitting around and obsessing over it. While it’s healthy to take some time to talk through your feelings with friends and family and cry over the failed relationship, you can’t put your life on hold forever. By engaging in your day-to-day life, even in the simplest and most mundane tasks, you’ll find that gradually your routine will become a safe haven. It will be your means of getting through the breakup and it will lead to positive personal growth. Just don’t get too comfortable and rely on it too much!

Why? Because risks are required for rewards, romantic and otherwise. When you’re ready, you’ll need to take a risk and get involved with someone again. It’s best to start small, take baby steps and gradually put yourself out there.

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3 thoughts on “Like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Heartbreak

  1. John R

    Bella I’m going through it now as a five-year relationship it’s been four months we’ve been struggling to try to stay together living in separate places. It’s really hard one of us have to walk away and I’m afraid I’m going to have to be the one to do it. Wish you were closer we could have a cuppa coffee and sit and talk regarding this this is very hard you are right. It all started when we had a stillbirth back in July 11 of last year. She either hasn’t gotten over it yet which I haven’t either it’s been a tough thing to face or maybe this just gave her an excuse to leave. Or me to walk away you would think that we might work together if this at least to find a solution for a comparable separation. But it’s tough it is a heartbreak that I will tell you

  2. Bella

    A Heart break does sucks !!!! NO It’s not @ all that of an easy thing 2 do , that is trying 2 get over some 1 who you R still madly N love with @ that … by knowing – recognizing it 4 what it was .. By knowing that U walked away from It was the best thing 2 do @ the time 4 me == it was some 1 who i truly did love let go of , I tell myself every single day it’s just temporally trauma , lol lol … yea it does get better – easier every day lol so I remind myself of this – that “” this 2 shall all pass “” !!!! Yes heart beak does suck big time ,,, but I have grown & learned 2 trust myself by finding out a lot about my self doing this time , with that being said a = MY broken heart will mend , as hard as it’s been YES it’s been 4 the better !!!! 🙂


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