Religious Sex Toys for the Faithful

The Religious Rev Up Their Rockets

Sex toys have long been an accepted part of mainstream culture – for everybody except the highly religious, that is.

But that could be changing.

The Daily Beast reports:

Joyce’s sex life can be divided into two acts: before and after the Turbo 8 Accelerator.

The evangelical Christian from California’s central valley had never had an orgasm alone nor with her husband of 25 years. “I didn’t know I wasn’t having one,” the 59-year-old mother of two told The Daily Beast. Yet after chatting with some church girlfriends, she learned what she was missing. “’All that happens to you?’” she asked. “They looked at me like I was crazy.”

Joyce, who requested that we use only her first name, and her equally devout spouse never would have found the bullet-shaped vibrator or the array of “marital aids” they’ve ordered since, if it wasn’t for the Christian sex toy websiteBook 22—introduced to her by a friend after their chat. “I’m a Christian, but this is awesome,” she said. “It was like being newlyweds again.”

Sex and religion have long been perceived to be at odds, with carnal pleasures representing sin more than saintliness. Yet in recent years, a handful of savvy Christian, Jewish and Muslim entrepreneurs have embraced the notion that the two can coexist in a way that jibes with doctrine—and even glorifies traditional values by strengthening marriages.

Enter the religious sex-toy industry, which carefully markets and sells a range of sexual-pleasure products to the faithful. With the voice and disposition of a summer-camp director, Joy Wilson founded Book 22 a decade ago, when she had trouble “getting her body to respond” to her husband after their second child, and her online search for remedies yielded scandalous imagery that offended more than it helped. The pioneering site, named after the Biblical book also known as the Song of Solomon, now faces growing competition from rival vendors including Hooking Up Holy, Intimacy of Eden, and Covenant Spice.

And the industry grew exponentially this fall with the launch of the Orthodox Jewish shop Kosher Sex Toys, and last year with the Muslim vendor El Asira. The sites even enjoy the support of many community leaders. “Religious people do it like everybody else,” said David Ribner, a rabbi and sex therapist based in Israel, who works as a consultant for Kosher Sex Toys. “Why shouldn’t they have access to toys that make their lives more satisfying?”

To be clear, the “religious people” targeted are married, heterosexual religious people; pious sex-toy vendors market their products exclusively to these couples. Unlucky in love and looking for some solitary fun after morning prayers? Look elsewhere.

What do you think – is this a good sign?

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One thought on “Religious Sex Toys for the Faithful

  1. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I’ve read the Christian Bible two times from cover to cover, and I never found any passage that condemned sex in general. In fact I found quite the opposite.
    While there is no difference in a vibrator bought at a Christian vendor and a vibrator bought at a non Christian vendor, people have a right to support the businesses they choose.

    I visited the Book 22 website and it is nice. I found the prices to be comparable to non-Christian sites, and I didn’t have porno pop ups or ads while I was there. That was a huge plus for me. Some products have even been repackaged to remove images that the owners felt were offensive.

    I do not believe that we should have to be married in order to use vibrators or have orgasms and I find it disturbing that the company does not want to sell products to people who are not married. It feels discriminatory. The website implies that this policy is due to God’s wish that people remain virgins until marriage – but the lack of a vibrator has never ensured virginity.

    Reed x5105


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