Relationships and Karmic Markers

I have often considered the question,”What precisely is attraction between two people?” At times I have jokingly expressed to callers that it is nothing but bad karma. In truth, I am convinced that attraction IS karmic necessity about to be fulfilled.

Astrologically, two natal charts may be compared to reveal precisely how the individuals will interact with each other. Major aspects between their charts will show strengths and stresses within the connection. Though the karmic push may be so strong for two people to connect that refusal to manifest the relationship may be difficult, seemingly impossible, by free will the connection can be refused.

On a cosmic scale, it really makes no difference, since a new opportunity will present itself, with another individual, bringing with it a new set of karmic imperatives. I have recognized, that when I leave a relationship and enter into a new one, I do often bring with me the same karmic lessons. This has taught me over time that though the face may change, the “SONG” remains the same. In other words, it does not matter where you go, or run, because there you are. This is perhaps where the adage pertains,”Jumping from the frying pan into the fire.”

There is much talk today about soulmates and twin-flames. Now from an astrological perspective, all I see is karma between two individuals. I often witness close similarities between two people. I once had a partner who was born two days before me, at approximately the same time of the day. This rendered her natal chart nearly identical to mine, with the exception of her Moon placement. We were so much alike, we did not even have to speak. We moved around each other with a quiet flow, seemed to have the same interests and astrology was one of them. I actually view this relationship as a twin-flame connection. One might ask, “So why didn’t it work?” The only thing that makes sense to me is that I was not ready to be happy. I still had way too much karma in other areas of my personality to experience. I needed to grow.

The concept of soulmates is entirely different. When people ask,”Is this my soulmate?” what they really want to know is if this other person will make them happy for the rest of their life. I once looked at a relationship where all of their planetary connections were dramatically stressful. Only two configurations were positive. I actually told the woman that I had never seen such a pattern, and I was surprised that the relationship was working. She told me that it was not easy at first, but they had worked through all of the difficulties quickly. In other words, they DID THE WORK. I see this rarely, but I do see this.

Most astrologers will agree that the stress that accompanies a karmic relationship is where the growth occurs for the individuals-this is where the action is. I have discussed the concept of soulmates with my mentors, gifted souls. Some of them are on California Psychics. We are in full agreement that the person you are with at any given time IS your soulmate. There are no coincidences. You are meant to be with that person at this time. It is always about choices, growth-deeply karmic.

Ultimately, it all comes down to “It’s what you do with what you got.” Two people can CHOOSE to support each other in growth and work through the karmic stresses with strength, courage and love. Sooner or later intention and commitment to growth cut through all of the karmic issues in a relationship. Then you can take the relationship chart and throw it right into the waste basket. In this respect the relationship chart is akin to “Things to do today.” Once completed the couple is now free to create whatever they wish. Safety issues no longer rule the relationship dynamic. Love rules!

28 thoughts on “Relationships and Karmic Markers

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  4. Marc

    I love this site and the material in it. It is an important part of my life. I view Cal Psychics as a life resource, especially the articles such as this one. Often these pieces seem to speak to me about relevant, current issues of mine. But…..there are no coincidences, and I am supposed to read all of this material.

    Have a nice day, people; and thank you, Cal Psychics.

  5. barbara

    hi Miss Perfection,
    I think the guy has lots of issues to sort out before being able to start a good relationship. either you relax and be less anxious and sit and wait for a bit or you let him go to sort out his problems and dont worry to much about him. things dont look to start easy. but who knnows?

  6. Confused Capricorn

    Loved this article today… I have met someone almost 3 years ago and after a year realized there were feelings there. I know he is the one, but he has now had a gf for a year… everyone I talk to says he is with her out of convienience and I might agree. Recently we started hanging out I thought I could stay just friends… not going to happen. So I am in a state of what do I do? He knows my feelings, we keep coming back to each other 3 times now.. I can feel him with me and when he is distant I feel that too… any comments I would love to hear.

  7. Miss Perfection

    Thank You Philip, for such an enlighting article.
    i have recently entered into a relationship( not sure weather to call it that).
    Every friday a pass through a certain area to get home..and on this particular Friday i see this gorgeous guy who takes my breath away. i take no notice and leave.
    the next Friday i see him again, we exchange glances then smile. He then strikes up a conversation with me.
    The next Friday i see him again and this time he askes for my number i give it to him and he promises to call me.
    He ends up calling mr that same night and i ask him “does he have a girlfriend?” and his reply is KINDDA!
    he says “im living with my ex-girlfriend, but im not sure if we will get back together” i then ask him how long have they been broken up and he says “2 weeks”.
    Now hes got money problems and cant really keep up with money.. but on the other hand he knows i like him so why hasnt he taken our relationship to the next level, and more importantly why hasnt he thrown his EX- girlfriend out!???
    Please Help!

  8. cathy

    Oh dear ,the passion will be intense ,but will fizzle as boredom creeps in,bad tempers and moods.Enjoy while its good.Cathy

  9. Sonia

    just met a new guy hopefully this one is the one as I am looking to find my soul mate. I feel a really special connection that I have never felt before. He is Aries and I am Libra never dated an Aries guy before

  10. Patricia Pisces

    Dear Phillip,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. We are what we choose. And trying to run away from our own path, will only make us come closer to it.
    I had (and still have) that experience. I believed in prince charming. When I met my actual husband, I stoped believing. The hardest lesson I learned through our very difficult relationship is that we have to MAKE IT WORK, otherwise, the frog will never turn into a prince.
    If we all face and accept what’s in front of us, then, and only then, we will have the ability to overcome the difficulties that may oppose.
    What we should never expect is life to be all in pink. If it was, then what would be the purpose of living and experiencing life?
    Karma is our unique heritage. Let us embrace it so we can move on to the next stage.
    Patricia Pisces

  11. Dale

    Thia ia so true, I don’t stay long in a relationship cause I never feel ready. I want one but I know I need to learn first.

  12. Bren

    why is it that I feel so attracted to a man I can not be with? Is he feeling the same towards me or is it purly friendship on his part? How will I know

  13. Jasmin

    Good evening Gina Rose,
    thanks so much for the reading today!! I’m still so blown away…can’t believe u still think that DS is the ONE!!!
    Wow I’m so glad I talked to u tonite…u truly are the best!!
    U always show me the right path…luv u so much…big hugs!!
    AND HAPPY B-DAY to u!!!!

  14. crazycancer

    Hey Gina Rose,
    I’m too confused for all this excitment stuff…your question marks are valid. I kinda feel like I messed up somewhere…I joined an activity to forget about a guy. Then I messed that up by letting a new guy get in my brain. It’s not like I can avoid him by taking another class…he’s there all the time. He own the place. I’ve just put myself in a position to have to go somewhere else…to forget about two guys. Seriously, what is wrong with me???

  15. balancedesires

    Hey There!
    I can say first hand that I have had the experience in the universe bringing both my boyfriend & myself together! Wayyyy too many strange coincedences & learning from Abigail on CP that our spirit guides brought us together as they were connected in another life together. It was truly unstoppable. The depth at which I love this man is truly like nothing I have ever felt & my boyfriend says the same thing! Love all the articles I read on this site & wonderful to connect with so many talented psychics! Bless you all!

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi crazycancer,
    My Guides say that this new guy entering the picture is no coincidence…..the “Universe” is presenting you a choice…..a choice by which to learn and grow, thus bettering your overall Karma. Exciting stuff huh ????
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. crazycancer

    Oh, my goodness…this article is blowing my mind. I was just thinking about this crazy situation going on in my life, and I was hoping to see something (anything) from you, Phillip. My “love” life is so confusing right now; it’s making my crazy. And, I keep asking myself why this is happening? It’s not what I ever thought would happen. I was working on a difficult relationship, with a guy that I am totally in love with, and took up a sport to give me something else to focus my energy on. Who would have guess that my instructor would have me second guessing the path I’m on??? I like him, and I don’t want to. And, he likes me, and he is free to fully be in a relationship. I am soooo conflicted. And, I keep asking why is this happening? This is not what I wanted to happen. Why is he coming into my life at this point…just when things were kinda looking up, this new guy enters the picture, and he doesn’t even know he’s messing it all up. :-p

  18. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for the beautiful and enlightening article, Phillip!
    I have learned a lot from the past relationships (all of them–not just the romantic kind)in my life. The most important lesson has been, no matter how difficult or blissful a relationship is, it is never a waste unless we use our freewill to choose not to take some sort of lesson from it.
    I’m in the midst of a difficult relationship and it has been torment most of the time. Although it has been hard, I have learned so much from it and my beautiful daughter resulted from it. I will never regret any of it because of what I’ve gotten in return.
    Like you said, lessons transfer from one relationship to another. There are things that I learned in another really difficult relationship (with my mother) that I have come to recognize and understand in this relationship. I am sure that there are things that I have learned but still have yet to recognize. They will probably appear in my relationships in the future and will be helpful to me then.
    Adversity has been a great teacher. It has made me a better person. I learned who I want to be and have been able to become that person.
    Thanks again, Phillip!
    Lise 🙂

  19. Lisa

    I’ve never quite believed in soulmates as that “one true person” for you. I believe some of my best friends to be my soulmates. I’ve always been aware of karmic markers but did not know it by name. As a teenager I was drawn to PC and events always seem to throw us together. Upon graduation we went seperate paths but always felt as though there was unfinished business and certain markers would remind me of PC. Twent four years later he enters my life for a couple of year and is gone again overseas. I often think of him and know that I will somewhere down the line see him again. I think our paths will forever keep crossing.

  20. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Phillip-thanks for this wonderful article.
    I totally agree-I think some people are not ready to be happy. I guess we have to conclude that choices absolutely have consequences…Finally, as simple as it sounds, it is so true, but if we learn from our past relationships, we are automatically on a better path!
    Miss Krystal

  21. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Phillip……
    Karma is not to be under estimated…..but we are all on the earthly plane to learn and grow.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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