8 Relationship Head Games and What They Reveal

Playing Head Games

Do You Play These Head Games?

Head games are part of almost every romantic relationship, whether we play them with our partners or ourselves. Some head games are worse than others, but the reason we play them is the same—fear of intimacy.

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Love makes us vulnerable and seemingly weak and we don’t like feeling that way so we play head games. Head games make us feel like we are powerful and in control, when we really aren’t. But playing head games can cause problems for you and your partner and damage your relationship. Here are eight head games people in relationships often play and what playing them reveals about the player.

The Assuming You Know What They Think and Feel Head Game

The longer you’re with someone the more you assume you know how they think and feel. It’s better just to ask them. Humans evolve and grow  and that means their feelings change too. If you play the assumption game, it means you think you already know all there is to know about your partner. Curiosity is the spice of relationships and no matter how long you’ve been with someone there’s always something new to learn. Rediscovering your partner keeps love exciting.

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The Waiting for the Perfect Time to Leave Them Head Game

This game is played by the unhappy partner who is waiting for the best time to dump their partner. They could be waiting for a new and better partner to come along, or they could be waiting for their kids to grow up before they get a divorce. If you play the waiting game, you have to know that they time spent with someone you don’t love is time that you can never get back. It’s better to take a proactive approach and make a change. Whether it’s getting couple’s or individual counseling or just ending the relationship, it’s up to you. Just don’t remain idle.

The Withholding Sex for Favors Head Game

Don’t ever withhold sex to teach your partner a lesson or get what you want. Sex and intimacy are important parts of a healthy relationship, and if you deny your partner sex just to get your way, you’re damaging your relationship. People who play this game have less intimacy and more distance to look forward to down the road.

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The Rationalizing Bad Behavior Head Game

When your partner acts out, do you try to rationalize it? Do your blame yourself if the bad behavior is directed at you?Stop! Take you partner’s bad behavior at face value and don’t blame yourself for their actions. If their behavior is correctable, encourage them to seek help. But if their behavior is violent and aggressive towards you or someone you love, run. Abusive head games are the worst kind of head games.

The Silent Treatment Head Game

Giving your partner the silent treatment is a defense mechanism and a form of punishment. Does it work? Nope. You’ve just shut yourself down and playing this game shows you’re not receptive to what your partner thinks and feels. Silence is a breakdown in communication, and the only way to make things better between you and your partner is to make some noise. I’m not talking about yelling at each other! I’m talking about respectful communication that includes listening, asking questions and resisting the urge to shut down.

The We Just Define Commitment Differently Head Game

Commitment means different things to different people. You might define commitment as marriage and babies and a house with a white picket fence. They might define commitment as living together or having an open relationship with you as the primary partner. This is why you need to make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to words like “love” and “commitment.” Do they have the same definition as you? They should.

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The I Gave You a Gift So You Owe Me Head Game

The best kinds of gifts are given with nothing expected in return. If you give your partner gifts to keep them quiet, to make up for something you’ve done wrong or to get them to do what you want, you’re doing it wrong! Gifts should never be given to manipulate your partner. This isn’t what true love is about.

The We Got too Comfortable So I’m Breaking Up With You Head Game

Relationships have their ups and downs, but some people have the ridiculous expectation that their relationships should be full of ups and no downs. When the downs happen, that’s when a partner leaves. This is evidence of a fear of intimacy and a lack of maturity. If you’re feeling stable and secure in your relationship, that’s a good thing. If your partner thinks that’s boring and wants to leave, they’re not for you.

9 thoughts on “8 Relationship Head Games and What They Reveal

  1. brenda

    I started playing head games as a child as I wanted attention. didn’t care if it resulted in a bad result, I had the attention. I realize now my parents[both working hard] didn’t have the time for us five kids. but I brought it thru life with me and it’s a loss every time. I went to therapy and have seen it now and work on it. it was mixed in with low self esteem and I also gave myself away to have people care or give them what they needed. another loss. i’m ok now and thanks to all my helper’s i’m sure I will get better at taking care of my self. iv’e turned out to be happy with ME.

  2. Missy

    There is a man at work that I have a strong interest in. Last week, I was in my work area and he just about walked on top of me to get to where he was going. Then, on another occasion, he walks by and stares. In addition, our boss will walk by and smile and he isn’t far behind.

    Can you give me some input?
    thank you

  3. chloeChloe ext: 9421

    Wow Eric!
    Absolutely Brilliant! Genuinely wonderful insights here!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Love & Light,

    Psychic Chloe [ext. 9421]

  4. Anne

    Forgive me for tending to disagree with this viewpoint. I feel that some people never desire to resort to head games. Manipulation of this nature is a worrying concern and quite often male orientated in order to gain control over a female. These days the younger generations have more respect for their partners and have progressed away from the head game arena.

    My partner is now fortunately over head games. They are a very cruel form of mental abuse and in his case were instigated by interfering relatives who needed to spend more time helping others and reflecting on self-improvement than interfering with other people`s lives.

    We should remember that there is usually an `audience` watching. Innocent children need to learn how to relate to future partners from their parents. They are permitted to at times get away with their own little head games but should be made aware that they are unnecessary and that there is a better way to relate. If children learn to see their parents interact positively at least the foundation has been laid for happier and more productive future generations.

  5. Pam

    I agree with almost all you said but there is one thing that should be said in my opinion. The “silent treatment” should be right up there with the physical abuse, it is mental abuse, and as hurtful to a person and actual physical abuse, and maybe even more so. In fact I think I would rather be hit that get the silent treatment because at least then you know what you are fighting. Mental abuse doesn’t leave marks or scars that anyone can see, and even if you know what it is, it’s very difficult to prove. The scars are much deeper and in my experience, they are much more profound because they are left on your soul. You are left wondering what you did wrong and what you can do to fix it, and try asking for help from outside the relationship, the reaction is usually one of unbelieving and even ridicule. It’s not the same as walking away from an argument to cool down, it’s a calculated form of punishment that leaves the victim totally powerless to overcome it. And usually it leads to self-doubt and anger at oneself, which starts the snowball effect and not only are you being punished outwardly, but inside as well.
    Okay, I’m off my soapbox, other than what I just stated, you are so completely right, games just are not healthy in any relationship, they do much more harm than good.

  6. Emerlinda

    Sir, All these head Games WE experiencing seven years. You’re right, intimacy was our great problem.. he tell me always he loves me and I am important but mostly in words not in actions.
    Sex as expression of love and closer friendship was 50/50. he always committed to his job and very less time to sit and talk.. I cannot understand, this is abnormal but if I ask him, he just replied..I don’t know.. ‘maybe im tired or dying’ is that right answer.. sometimes it make me feel like a a horrible bomb..but I need to handle, I decided to marry him and we just two..he is turning 56 and me turning 53.. How I wish we can have time for ourselves too and not 24 hrs a day short but quality time to treasure.
    Thanks for listening thru reading my feeling.

  7. Traci

    I have been talking with this guy for almost 2 months…. we have exchanged pictures and we text and chat everyday.. several times a day… I was married for 24yrs 2 kids now divorced 4 yrs… He has never been married, no kids. We have set up a time to meet and get to know each other better… I adore him.. he says he likes me too…. to be honest he is not in my league of men that I have usually dated, before marriage and even my husband, don’t want to sound like I’m all that because I’m NOT! I have always dated and married very good looking guys…..I’m a pleasingly plump beautiful woman with a great sense of humor… the guy I’m talking to is not great looking but I just click with him. He is now acting like and saying he’s not that attracted to me… lol. I so want to say how I feel.. but I don’t. Yes he wants to meet but with no expectations…I just said I am not chasing him and if it takes this much energy to get his attention… he must not be the one for me… Am I being to hard on him? I feel his opinion of a committement is much different then mine…. anyway…. this is my comment..lol.. ty for letting me leave one.. what do you think?…… feeling not very confident in California.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Loved this article, Eric !!!!

    You did it again, Eric and all of these points make perfect sense.

    Eric, hope you and your family had a nice summer….keep these articles coming.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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