Psychic Quinn: Does Your Relationship Have an Expiration Date?

Your Relationship’s Shelf Life

We all make purchases at the store that have an expiration date or shelf life. Whether it’s food, cosmetics or medication, the products we buy are good for only so long before they expire. Some relationships have an expiration date or shelf life too and they are often the relationships I get called most about. Let’s take a deeper look at them, how to make them work (if possible) and what you can do if you’d like to move on.

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The Long-Distance Relationship

If you are bold enough to dive into a relationship with someone who lives miles away, you are a brave soul. Many of these relationships start on the Internet or during a vacation. Other relationships evolve into a long-distance relationship when one partner has to move for work or school.

Long-distance relationships take a toll on the emotions. When partners don’t see each other often, it can feel like they aren’t really in a committed relationship or even in a relationship at all. Infidelity can happen and the chances of getting caught are slimmer than if you lived in the same town. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you have a better chance of making it work if you and your partner have plans to live in the same city in the near future. If you can’t foresee a time when you’ll be sharing the same zip code (no more than two years later), it’s best to let the relationship go and move on.

The Relationship With a Married Man

If you’re in a relationship with a married man, chances are you’re biting off more than you can chew. He’s made a legally binding commitment to another women to spend his life with her. If he leaves her for you, it’s going to be costly (financially, mentally and emotionally) and chances are he won’t leave her anyway, even though he promises he will.

At first, the secret lunches, trips, and quickies seem exciting, but eventually they lose their luster and you’re left with his wife’s leftovers. So, how long can you realistically put up with this? Maybe a year. But you’re better off finding someone who is unattached.

The Relationship With a Married Woman

She may be comfortable in her marriage, both emotionally and financially, but you’re the handsome man at the office and she finds you irresistible. Perhaps you share a glass of wine one night after work and she tells you she’s married. You may think you’re going to win her over and get her to leave her husband, but she won’t and six months later, you’re feeling confused by great sex. Is it love too? Probably not. Let her go and move on.

The Dating for Many Years Relationship (Oprah Syndrome)

So many of my callers have been in dating relationships for multiple years—even more than five years! They ask me if it will ever evolve into something more, like an engagement or a marriage. It’s one thing to be very young and dating for several years; the couple needs time to mature and build their careers. But when couples in their 40s and 50s have been dating for several years, I wonder what they’re waiting for. If you are divorced or single and over 35, a relationship that is still in the dating phase after years of being together isn’t going anywhere.

To keep life moving forward you need more than an intention. Move in together if you both don’t believe in marriage, but if you both believe in marriage, get married! Rings and a piece of paper can do wonders for a relationship. Just don’t wait around for a marriage that will never happen.


My callers always ask me for timelines, but the truth is that they set the timelines by making themselves available to change or by making themselves move forward. The world isn’t going to change on its own for you. You need to change it by moving forward. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck.

When it comes to your romantic relationships, it’s a good idea to draw a line in the sand at some point, because life waits for no one.

I am waiting to talk to you and help you move forward.


25 thoughts on “Psychic Quinn: Does Your Relationship Have an Expiration Date?

  1. shirley jean johnson

    My precious husband pass away and there is suite filed concerning his death, will I get a good settlement or no settlement if yes could you predict when and how much.I pray for the best out come ,could you tell me what you think cause my husband death, I know what the doctors says i need another option I miss him so much, my heart is so broken. will I ever heal. Thank you

  2. Angela

    This comment is to Shirley. I am in a similar situation going through a divorce and have reconnected with my first love. We both have younger children and honestly I don’t want to break up their family although I love this man. We have talked about possible future together some years out as he is a great dad and loves his children very much. I have been unhappy in my relationship for years, and because of how me and my first love broke up I chose money over love…I will tell anyone…don’t do that. Love, real love will see you through the worst of times…however if the money tree is ever bare you will have nothing to sustain you other than obligation and that will make you bitter and frustrated. I will suggest to you that you see other people and make some new friendships. If you are to reconnect with your first love in a relationship of permanence, it will happen. However, I must tell you based on the fact that the wife keeps changing the phone numbers so that you all can’t connect easily…tells me that she is all in and isn’t going to give up “her” man without a fight. She obviously has a great control of her household as she keeps changing the number. Again, start to get out and maybe you will meet someone uncommitted who can share the time that you have on this earth with you. If your guy loves you as you say he does…NOTHING will stand in his way to get to you. My situation is due to a bad breakup…way too much drama to explain here but my guy is really trying to do his best at an apology for breaking my heart to the point that I determined that I wouldn’t love anyone again…not like that. I think that once he feels he has apologized he will be gone again back to his life and wife. I am prepared for that…are you prepared for that. It is wonderful to be in love, but you need to be in love with someone that loves you and will honor what the word love means. Love may mean sacrifice, but it doesn’t mean settle. You need to have an honest conversation with your guy and own the situation that you are in and make a determination as to what you are going to do. See then if your love has now gotten stamped with an expiration date.

  3. melissa casey

    I was messing with a marry man annd nnow he blames me there divorce now and I let him move in it dint work why. Then I went back bernald and he want let the pass go we always fussing cause want to acuse all the time and I’m beening faithful to him.

  4. Marc from the UK

    Sometimes a long distance relationship can be some one who is actually just living near bye. If you are not ready to commit and need me time but also enjoy the company of them, then maybe the best move is to keep a camp at both ends, especially if you are older then your priorities are different. If however you have kids, then maybe the priority is to set up a camp with both of you living together as a parental unit, giving a house a home and putting your efforts in to being a family. No two people are the same. I often find the most difficult people to please are those who are so set in there ways, that maybe a long distance relationship is the safest option for your sanity lol…………..

  5. Rosa

    why do long-distance relationships are such difficult? I thought it would be easy but it is not and that makes a knot in my throat!!! I wish those relationships would be different and end up in a good commitment.

  6. Patricia

    I am dating some one for 5 months . We are still correspoding each others by phone and watsapp. The sweetest thing about this man he buy me an engagement ring and ask me to marry him, . I said yes do u think is a good thing or a bad thing to make a move like that. Tell me i am waiting urgently for your answer.

  7. Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

    hi everyone,
    please forgive me if my past message did not get posted. I just got a new computer and maybe when I switched up it got lost in space…

    I want to thank everyone who commented about this article. being I too had long distance relationships and met people on the internet highway I understand the frustrations of different kinds of love relationships.

    perhaps my last post will catch up somehow. if not I will come back and leave more info tomorrow.

    there is no doubt relationships are hard even the good ones. so if you are having a good time, feeling the love, if it’s at hand or far away I wish you the best.

    Buddha Bless,

  8. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Hello everyone,
    I am so happy that many of you found this article helpful.
    Not everyone is wired the same way and can deal with the hardest relationship with ease. More power to you. I totally get that Love trumps all.
    These are just some guide lines that I have discovered over my many years of doing readings. As well as having my fair share of relationships, long distance, over the computer, and marriages…
    So I not only speak from my psychic view point but experience as well.

    It is always good to follow your heart as long as it is not hurting. Whatever you do, always put yourself first when it comes to love.

    View the situation 360 degrees – and always have a plan B.

    I would love to talk to each and every one of you one day. So please keep me posted as to your discoveries, accomplishments and decisions.

    When you give love to someone, sometimes you get it back from that person or from someone else. Truth is what you put out you get back…

    Buddha Bless,

  9. David

    I’ve just read this message and can relate very closely too it! Today my used to be Girlfriend dumped off my belongings, while I was at the local hospital visiting my Dad. Apparently after six years she’s decided too move to Lousianna to be with her daughter. Lately things have been touch and go since I’ve been carrying for my elderly father. I try too bounce back an forth between her and him but I guess it’s just not enough… Since she mentioned that she needs a change! I thought we could work around this moving thing….. But her daughter has a stronger hold on her then myself. I realize it’s family for her…. But she’s almost 30 yrs old and still crying for Mommy..! Soo long story short she’s leaving me and I’m here stuck with too many questions that I need too work out and concur.

  10. Will Freemn Jr

    Hello My name I Will Freeman Jr. I’m from Texas I been talkin 2 this Lady her name is Ina Rose Jeffery from Nigeria talkin w/her for 6 months now tryin 2 get her over herr in the states she ready 2 move in w/me & my families she Beautiful Woman what I need 2 do is she playin me? or go ahead make that move 2 get her herr PLZ!! help me waitin>>

  11. terrie baker

    i am in a realationship about 30 years not marred and i don’t think he is not wanting too get married and i am couse myself i haven’t not being with anybody when we r together and he has i just want too know if i should move on with my life sometimes but i don’t no were to stay r go on i wish i knew i would love to talk to one of ya’ll about but i don’t have no money at this moment but i am plain on talking to one of ya’ll soon about my life!!

  12. Bel

    Hi I’d love to talk to someone as I’m devastated. My ten yr relationship has ended and he’s with another woman but readers have told me it won’t last. I can’t call as I’m in Australia xx

  13. Martha Chapman

    My boyfriend and I have lived togethet for 8 years. He and his wife legally separated 20+ years ago and their only child recently turned 20. I mention to him I feel that he must hold some form of false hope with his wife because he wont complete the last step of his divorce and I feel he must still love her. To me he wont or cant attach or commit to mr because of their “marriage”

  14. Alice

    I think this is rubbish. I’ve been in a long distance relationship/friendship for going on 5yrs now. He’s recently divorced, going on 5yrs. Im in no rush, why would I give up on him, because we’re not in the same zip code? Love & Friendship has no distance, just like grief has no expiration date.

  15. Jennifer Hendrix

    Quinn, You give some good general advice in the above article. However; It’s up to the individual(s) involved to decide what works for them. I’ve been in a Long Distance Relationship (online only so far) for a year and a half. We’re making plans for our first face to face meeting in October. We share the same goal of wanting to live together eventually. He lives in another country so this will take some time.

    I’m not sure if our relationship has a “shelf life” but at this point in time I’m happy. I don’t feel like I am sacrificing anything to be in this type of relationship with him. There is nobody local that I’m interested in. I do trust him and I feel like we will be engaged before the end of this year. I do love him and I know that he loves me too.


  16. Jah

    I have girlfriend of 2 years she lives in usa and I’m from philippines we already met twice here in philippines and I have plans of gong to usa thru fiance visa or me studying,do you think we can make it by next year.

  17. Hector

    Good Morning Mrs. Quinn.

    We are in our fifties and have been in these four year relationship on and off for her daughter does not like me. She move 40 miles away from were I live. We love each other very mush. We see each other every two weeks. I wanted to married her four years ago when we got engage. The daughter does not work or go to school at all.
    I am ready to move forward with my life. But I still love her.

  18. chris

    what future does melanie kelley birth date 5/29/79 and I chris comstock 9/26/71 have and or a sean marriott 11/25 /78

  19. Shirley

    I am in a relationship with a married man. we were first loves. I lived in Ohio and he lived in Wisconsin. I was 17 and he was 18 at the time. we fell in love writing back and forth letters. We did see each other about three times. Everyone was telling me that long distant relationships did not work and for me to break it off with him. I did so and I have regret it to this did. over the years I have often though of him. I married a guy I did not love to get out of the house with my parents. I was married for 26 years. unhappily. During those 26 years we did talk a few times . Well 14 years ago I got a divorce. He was the one who gave me the courage to do it. He and I are still talking . sometimes everyday for months and then not so often. We are both in love with each other. We want to be together. He will not divorce her as of yet because he says he has too many commitments as of yet and he is Catholic. His wife’s father in his 80’s live with them and his 36 year old son still lives at home. He says that as long as they are there he can’t leave. He says once that the father in law passes away and his son moves out then he will tell the wife that he wants a divorce. I told him that the son will probably never leave because he is a lazy bum that is mooching off his parents and why should he leave. His wife have a hefty bank account that he has no idea how much money she has saved away. He also has a hefty bank account that is in both of there names. He says he will give it all it her and just leave. I told him not to do that. I made that mistake my self when I divorced. I let my ex husband have it all . I even gave up the right to half of his pension which I am entitled to. He tells me that he can be himself with me. that he can not talk to the wife like he does me. he says she does not understand him. We know that we are soul mates .We know that someday we will be together . I am tired of waiting for someone that is a coward and don’t have the balls to stand up to his wife and tell her that he is not happy and he wants out. His wife knows about me. She changes the phone number a lot so we can not talk but he always calls me and gives me the new number. he tells me that he loves her but he loves me more and differently. I know he does and I am ok with it. I understand he will always have a love for her. He is just not IN LOVE with her. I am considering moving to Wisconsin and helping the situation along. What do you think?


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