Relationship Advice: When it Comes to Love, Are You Settling?

The 5 Signs That Indicate You May Be Settling

If you’re contemplating staying in a relationship, even though you know it just isn’t right for you, you’re settling. When you’ve given up all hope of finding Mr. Right, you’re settling for Mr. Right Now. There are many things we do to indicate that we have settled for the person we’re with, and have given up on looking for the person we’re meant to be with. Here are five signs that you’re settling for a person who doesn’t meet your needs, whether they be emotional, physical or mental.

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1. You’ve Changed Your Looks, Habits and Behaviors for Them

Do you keep your opinions to yourself in order to avoid arguments?
Have your modified your body or do you dress in a way that only appeals to someone else?
Do you only participate in activities that make them happy?

2. You Overlook Their Intolerable Behavior Because You Don’t Want to be Single

Have they cheated on you one or more times?
Do they disregard your feelings?
Are they overbearing and domineering?
Are they physically or emotionally abusive?

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 3. You’re With Them for Superficial Reasons

Are you with them only because they’re attractive?
Does their financial stability attract you more than anything else about them?
Are you mistaking great sex for compatibility and intimacy?

4. You Think You Can Change Their Annoying Habits 

Do you think you’ll get used to their annoying habits?
Do you think they’ll change for you?

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5. You Think You Can’t Do Better

Are you convinced that you won’t find anyone better?
Are you letting insecurities about your age or looks keep you from meeting someone better?
Do you think you’re unlovable?

 Learn to be Alone and Happy

Dr. Phil said it best when he said, “I’d rather be alone and happy than be with someone else and be miserable.” This is a good attitude to have when looking for Mr. Right. Settling for someone is like putting a bandage over a gaping wound—it’s a temporary fix that won’t last. Settling for someone who isn’t right for you leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Settling in love is not fair to you, but it’s also not fair to the person you’re with. They deserve to be with someone who is attracted to them on all levels—not just for their looks or the security they can provide.

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If you feel like you’re settling in love, know that you deserve better and that better is out there.

15 thoughts on “Relationship Advice: When it Comes to Love, Are You Settling?

  1. grace

    Dr Phil is right and he is good. I have met and oh yes attracted scammers like I am wearing a sign saying scammers welcome unreal. No more and I am very cautious now and one day a honest man for I know they are out there. I am a psychic medium but cannot read me just others and have met many who found a soul mate. The key is be you and do not settle for crap pardon the language lol and good luck to all

  2. Marc from the UK

    Totally agree, stay single and at peace with yourself, never force a relationship to be happy, it simply cannot work, it eases in to place and then like all engines, requires maintenance and servicing !!

  3. Beth

    That is a great article. I know a lot of women who have settled for a man that is not even willing to marry them yet they somehow think things will change at some point. If your heart’s desire is to be married why would you settle for someone who can only offer you a dating relationship. Most people are lacking courage and faith and that is why they settle for less than God’s best. It is our own fault if we settle for behaviors that don’t line up with what we know is right. A friend once told me the right man will go in a straight line from start to finish. After 14 years of being divorced in my 40’s and after seven years of dating on the internet I did finally find my prince charming on an internet dating site. The key is never to give up. Yes, there are a lot of liars, cheaters and less than honorable people on the internet, but there are also just as many sitting in the church pews every Sunday…and I am saying that as a Christian woman. My husband is not Christian, but he has better behavior than most of the men I’ve met at church. Be persistent, never settle and have faith that God can deliver the desires of your heart as long as you don’t settle for less!


    Yes, thank you for the article Geraldine. And I agree with Dr. Phil. I have been dating for
    awhile (internet) and frankly I am going to retired from dating. It is so disappointing and tiring, all I am looking for is a life partner (no marriage). But, all I get is scammers, liers, men who only want meal tickets and my citizenship. I am totally tired of the whole dating scene. I am going to concentrate on me.

  5. Psychic Fiona ext 5178

    If you settle, everybody gets disappointed. No one can give their all whole heartedly if it’s not real. Sometimes the best comes last.

  6. LJ

    Henry, you are so right and you have a great attitude towards finding ‘the one.’ That’s why I’m confident that you will.
    Thanks for your input.

  7. LJ

    Thank you to all for the heart-felt comments. Chuck, more than just agree with it, you need to put this advice to good use and don’t waste another 5 years on settling. More than settle you have sacrificed everything you have and are and you deserve much better. Good luck my friend.

  8. Jackie

    My old boss was divorced before and got remarried. He wasn’t happy and had a kid with the new wife. He wouldn’t leave her because he did not want to go through another divorce. I would rather be alone and be happy than be with someone and be miserable.

  9. gala


  10. chuck

    Wow! Most of that is me. OK who wrote this article for just me… Lol
    The women I’m with is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life, she even has a loving personality sometimes but I’ve changed everything about my life just to be near her going on 5 years now. I lost my business, house n even lived in my car just so she could keep me close to her. She has a current boyfriend that she had when we met n has kids by him and says she’s going to leave him but hasn’t yet. I know I sound pathetic but I fell in love but this has to stop sooner or later. Every time I talk about us she avoids the subject and this causes us to argue. In 5 years I only made it close to second base with her. I feel used and resentful.

  11. Henry

    I just broke up with a woman who was way to controling.Never settle just bc you feel know one else is out there especially with our new technology today.There’s always someone out there.Just build up the courage and give yourself a chance.

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree with Dr Phil all the way….. don’t settle, people, life is too short.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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