3 Reasons He’s Falling Out of Love With You

Are You Losing Love?

Have you recently been feeling a lack of love from your partner? Have they become distant and less communicative than usual? While this can happen time to time in any relationship because one or both partners have an argument, other stresses and upsets, it doesn’t usually last too long once the clouds disperse. If your guy has been extremely distant over a long period of time, this may be some cause for concern.

If you are afraid that he might be falling out of love with you then you must look at your relationship from a logical level and try not to get too emotional while doing so. Here are 3 reasons why he may be falling out of love with you. Some issues you may be able to fix and some you have no control over, so think over each area of the relationship carefully and be gentle with yourself and your partner.

Men Need Attention Too

Many women believe that their guy is a rock and that he is manly, strong and untouchable when it comes to feeling a flood of emotions. This is entirely untrue. Men, just like women, need a lot of attention too and love to be taken care of, adored, touched, complimented, supported through tough times and spoiled. Men crave the same amount of attention and when a woman neglects their man and does not pay attention to how he may be feeling, mentally or physically, they might lose him.

Boredom Can Kill a Relationship

If things have fizzled out and if there is no spice in the relationship anymore, you might want to fire it up with new ideas, new fun and new adventures. Boredom is a silent killer in any relationship and if your man has grown bored of your routine-like behaviours, he most likely is falling out of love with you. Love needs to continuously blossom. It requires challenges, growth, union, fun, spontaneity, adventure and more.

A relationship needs to be nurtured and if your idea of fun is coming home every night after work, watching the same shows and then reading a book side by side in bed, you might have already lost him. Keep it fun, work on projects together, travel and break regular routines.

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When You Are Not Loyal

While cheating can definitely break up any relationship, this is not what we are referring too. When a woman doesn’t support and back up their man throughout their relationship, he might lose interest. Think about how your best friend backs you up and stands up for you. You should both require this within your committed relationship.

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You are a team and if you listen to the opinions of others and talk about your man’s private issues to friends on a constant basis, you are heading on your way to being single once more. Men need to know you got their back in everything you do together.

If you suspect that you may be lacking in any of these specific areas within your relationship, make a conscious effort to change and take action where needed. You might be able to rekindle the love between both of you and give your man new found confidence in his committed relationship.

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One thought on “3 Reasons He’s Falling Out of Love With You

  1. DeeDee

    I think that it goes both ways in a relationship. I feel that I’m falling out of love . I have no communication with my man . I’ve lived with this guy for two years . I’m a people person and I’m very observant . I know what he will do at any giving moment . I’m a loyal to him and this relationship. But I’m tired of the lies and not talking about what we can do to move forward. I can’t give what I once did and that’s trust . I feel that he should own up to the cheating and at least care enough to be a man about it . I was taught as a child that it’s not good to lie ! Why can’t men and women tell the truth ? I would rather be told the truth no matter how bad . You ever wonder why as people we are so excited about good news we love to share it. But no one wants to get bad news. Where not that excited. To many lies causes stress and heart ache . I think that if any person is sleeping around and having affairs you owe it to your partner and yourself to end the relationship. Because nothing good ever comes from doing wrong to the person who loyal to you. If you have to cheat you don’t need to be in any kind of relationship. That’s just my opinion. Always be true to yourself because we all deserve to respect .


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