Five Signs it’s Real Love

Is it a Real, Lasting Love This Time?

I often get calls from customers who are distressed about a new love interest. They want to know if dating this person will lead to something bigger and better. Will it lead to love or another heartbreak? Are they wasting their time? Are they worth investing emotions into? Should they give them their heart? If you’ve been hurt before, your going to be cautious when it comes to love.

Even though being cautious can be a good thing, there is also such a thing as being too cautious. If you put too many guards in place, love will have a much more difficult time finding its way to your heart. After all, love is a gentle and free-flowing force and that makes it unlike any other emotion. It won’t survive and thrive when confined or too structured.

Here are some classic, yet simple ways to know when love is real. They are especially good for those of you who are cautions with your emotions and heart:

1. The Person Genuinely Enjoys Your Company

When you go out on dates, does your mate focus their attention on you, or are they easily distracted? Do they smile at you and laugh at your jokes? Do you have an emotionally intimate relationship that isn’t just about sex?

2. You Share Some of the Same Interests

Even though “opposites attract,” being too different from your partner can lead to a great deal of misunderstandings and heartaches. If they two of you share some common interests (movies, music, gourmet cooking, hiking, etc.) then you can do things together that create a deeper bond and lead to greater communication.

3. You Have Similar Backgrounds

It’s important for you to be able to relate to each other’s pasts. Even if one of you grew up on a farm and the other grew up in the city, there can still be many similarities found within each experience. For instance, maybe you both had parents who insisted on family dinners or you both enjoyed going to the movies as children. Find out how each of you were “formed” and then celebrate the coming together as well as the separateness.

4. Your Physical Contact Creates an Emotional and Spiritual Bond

Do you feel an amazing “rush” when they kiss you or even just take you hand? That’s more than just a sexual attraction—that’s an emotional and spiritual bond that tells you you’re on the right path—together!

5. There are Frequent, Mutual Displays of Affection

Do they give you gifts or cards “just because”? Or, do you only get gifts and cards on birthdays, anniversaries or holidays? Even a quick email or text to say “I’m thinking of you” can speak volumes. It’s a sign of devotion that can last throughout the ages.

You should never be afraid to show your interest and, even more importantly, never be afraid to receive the love offered to you. Both take great courage and both offer astounding rewards!

To help guide you to (and through) the journeys of life and love, call a trusted psychic like me and enjoy the possibilities of the positive!

4 thoughts on “Five Signs it’s Real Love


    It is nice ,thank you very much.
    my heart was broken firstly now to know my real love one is God bless you

  2. maureen

    These are amazing tips! Thank you!!!
    Please,i will appreciate it more if you can send me a mail detailing who my soulmate is,or how and when i will meet him. Its usually not clear talking over the phone.
    Best Regard!

  3. Melania

    Thank you! and yes, i want to know when, where and how? i meet my soulmate ! I do not understand English when you’re talking on the phone with me !Only by mail, so I can read….How are we doing?


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