Psychic Violet: See Your Next Lifetime

Have We Met Before?

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with someone and felt like you’ve known each other forever? Well, chances are, you have. But I am not talking about years ago; I’m talking about lifetimes ago! It’s quite possible that the evil boyfriend you had in 1982 was that evil classmate who used to bully you in 1882. And it’s also quite possible that the person you’ll be married to for 50 years was your best friend or even your sister in ancient Egypt.

I talked with Psychic Violet ext. 9662 about this very-real phenomenon. It all begins with your soul contracts. These are contracts your soul makes with the universe and other souls, prior to entering your body before birth. In these contracts, you agreed to have specific human experiences and to meet certain people who have lessons to teach you in a lifetime. Once your soul takes human form (is born), you subconsciously carry out these agreements.

Who do you have a soul contract with? Psychic Violet knows and she wants to tell you!

What do I mean when I say “subconsciously?” I mean that you don’t know who you have a soul contract with. You can’t be certain just by looking at a person. You’ll need a psychic like Psychic Violet to do that for you.

A Magnetic Pull

I remember the first day of my college sophomore year. I had just transferred to a new school and I didn’t know anyone. My first class of the day was a survey of early English literature. I sat in the third row, directly in front of the professor’s podium. There was an empty seat next to me. Just as the lecture was about to begin, I turned to the right to see a woman named Amina in an X-Files t-shirt running down the aisle. It looked like she was running from something, rather than to something. She had a backpack on and then several canvas bags filled to capacity on either arm. Amina crawled over an entire row of people (and hit them all in the head with at least one of her bags) and sat right next to me. You’d think that being late to class, she would have taken any empty seat at the back of the room, but she didn’t.

We both remember that day like it was yesterday, but it was over 13 years ago. I recently asked Amina what drew her to that seat next to me. It turns out it was the same magnetic pull that drew me to her the moment she ran down the aisle. We couldn’t explain it, but we just knew an instant, magnetic connection was made that day. Violet says “If you feel a magnetic pull between you, it is because you have known each other in previous lifetimes, many times over. You think about them, and they call you the same day. You share a deep, spiritual connection.” That’s exactly what my friendship with Amina feels like.

You’re the _____ I Never Had

Amina and I joke all the time that we were married in a past life. Not only is she the wife I never had, but she is also the sister I never had. But how can that be? I learned that if your soul has gone through multiple lifetimes with another soul, chances are you’ve been a lot of different people to each other. Violet explains “You may be in a romantic relationship in this lifetime, but in the next one, you could be siblings and you could have been parent and child in a previous life. In each lifetime that you connect with that soul there is a lesson that needs to be learned.” So the role our souls play in each other’s lives depends on the lesson we both need to learn.

What lessons do you have to learn in this lifetime and who is going to be the one to teach you? Psychic Violet knows.

See You Next Lifetime?

Relationships, good or bad, aren’t limited to a single lifetime. According to Violet “If your souls decide to meet in another lifetime, it will happen.” That’s great news if you have a friend or lover you’d want to see again. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love over and over again with the same great soul? But what about that jerk, former coworker of yours? You don’t want to interact with his soul again, right? Violet says you don’t have to. “You can ask your angels and guides to clear your energy around that person. You can ask them to clean out any old contracts between the two of you. You need to set a clear intention and you can do this by writing it down and asking for help with it.” Think about that the next time you tell someone “I never want to see you again.” Maybe you should add, “in this lifetime or in any other.”

Why Talk to a Psychic?

You interact with so many people on a regular basis, whether they are coworkers, lovers, family, friends and even enemies. Wouldn’t you like to know who they were to you in a past life? Wouldn’t you like to know why you have such a strong connection to them? Maybe they have a way of behaving towards you and you can’t figure out why. Well, Psychic Violet can tell you who you were to each other in a past life. A reading with her can bring clarity and closure when it comes to your old, new and future relationships.

9 thoughts on “Psychic Violet: See Your Next Lifetime

  1. Constance

    My daughters don’t like for me to speak on things going on in their lives because they come so close to my prediction that now they don’t want to know what I think; but when I need them in a pinch I picture them in my mind and call them in my spirit or sometimes out loud to call or come to me and they do. They call it spooky. When financial crises arise, I call for an answer. Its not always money. Sometimes its a method of negotiation that I had not thought of before. Sometimes I can see trouble coming in other areas & cannot dodge it to save my life and literally have almost lost my life several times. This is the part that makes me wonder if there is a reason why I keep going through this and what is the lesson I need to learn or is this not about a lesson. Is it about retribution. Do I have to keep grinning and bearing it or is there something I can do to acknowledge and release it in THIS life or do I wait for the answer in the AFTER (this) life?!? I practice forgiveness and wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Constance

    Ever since I was about 4 yrs old, sitting on the floor watching dust glide down the sunrays coming thru the window, I have questioned everything from why is blue blue and why can’t it be called red – to -what is wrong with my family & why is each generation destined to keep failing in life and do we have a family curse on us or is there just a curse on me which is affecting all of my relationships? Throughout my entire life I have had a survivor mentality, looking for the lessons and believing that this too shall pass! I go from feeling like a complete failure with a wasted life to being happy that I have had love and children and grandchildren that I was blessed to have lived thru some things that were designed to keep that from happening. I believe there is some central truth to other doctrines and religions, so sometimes I don’t know what I believe, except that things I have lived thru could have only been God and that some things are out of my control & I don’t belong here. NOT SUICIDAL!!

  3. iane

    “You think about them, and they call you the same day.” But mine is that I thought of him that night and prayed then the next day, we saw each other and had a chat..great!

  4. arise

    (Last part of the comment below) End of story, I sought out a friend with metaphysical knowledge. She showed me how to break the “cords” between him and me. The next time I saw him I felt very relaxed and free. He actually said to me, “You did it, didn’t you? Like a child, you went and pulled the plug.” Yes we do have a choice.

  5. arise

    Seren: I had a similar experience with a former landlord. We were always at odds and I couldn’t figure out why there was such a negative emotional charge in our encounters. Then during one conversation I had a strong feeling that he had been an overbearing mother in a former lifetime and I was the child that was under her thumb my whole life.

  6. aishah

    my soul mate from my past life and we both felt it from the time that we met. His moon and Saturn in the same sign as my sun,mercury.In his venus oppose his venus,mercury. we both have our north node in Sagittarius,south node in Gemini we feel so connected,we even look a like.

  7. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    Great article! So many people do not realize that they have control over whether or not they reconnect with someone in another lifetime…

    I remember one challenging karmic triangle I was experiencing 22 years ago. Thankfully, my awareness that I had power over whether or not I would clear my ties with these two people in this lifetime or carry it over into another, caused me to take action to fulfill my contracts with them in this lifetime.

    And oftentimes, the other people involved in the agreement will intuit that you are bringing the connection to a resolution: one of the men involved sensed what I was doing and let me know that he knew that I was clearing everything out so I “wouldn’t have to come back for them again,” as he so succinctly stated.

    Knowledge is definitely power 🙂

  8. Emmanuel Yartey

    I want you to tell me who and what I had been in my previous lives as well as what I will be in my present lifetime.



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