Psychic Success Story: Getting the Family She Wanted

Getting the Family She Wanted

Her Ex Was a Nightmare

A Summer romance is something to enjoy, but what happens when a summer love turns into a nightmare? Luckily, we have the angels to help us out. Sometimes the angels share messages my clients don’t want to hear, but they really need to hear them if they want to heal. Here is Renee’s story.

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He Left Her When He Found Out She Was Pregnant

Renee called me in the summer of 2008 to ask about love and family. She already had a daughter from a previous relationship (The father was not in the picture.) and was six weeks pregnant with her second child. The father of this child was abusive and had left her once he found out she was expecting. Renee wanted to know if they would get back together and she wanted to know if this man would be a father to their child.

Messages From the Angels

It’s important to know that sometimes psychics share messages from the angels that don’t make sense right away. But that doesn’t mean that these messages aren’t true or aren’t important. The angels wanted me to tell Renee:

  1. In time she would feel great happiness.
  2. The father of her child would be present at the birth, but not in the way she thought.
  3. She would get married in a natural setting.
  4. There were twins in her future.
  5. She would have meals with her family around the dining room table every night.
  6. She would continue to grow her family.

Renee was a little puzzled and hesitant, but I gave her some homework to help her cut cords with her abusive ex and push her life along a bit.

Here’s How Her Predictions Unfolded

A few years later, Renee called me back. She said the father of her unborn child never returned, but what happened was an absolute miracle. She met a great guy two months before she gave birth and he actually came to her bedside to see the baby—a boy—at the hospital. This man had a daughter who was a Gemini (Twin sign), who was the same age as Renee’s daughter. After getting to know each other, the girls became inseparable. They actually refer to each other as twin sisters. And every night, the family has a traditional dinner seated around the dining room table. Renee married this man at a national park and they now have a child together. They have never been happier. So you see, the angels’ predictions came true.

Better News Than What She Could Have Expected

Sometimes the messages we get from the angels are not what we want to hear. But, nevertheless we need to hear them. And sometimes the angels bring better news than we could have ever expected. If a psychic tells you that the messages from angels are for your highest good, believe them. Why would Renee want to get back together with an abusive ex when she could meet an amazing man who would help her create the family she always wanted?

The angels will always show you the blessings coming your way, but only if you are willing and open to hearing their messages from a psychic.

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  1. Michelle Booker

    Wow amazing I felt her in this story haven’t been through that situation but I been through it I love reading these stories


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