Psychic Success Story: From Romantic Uncertainty to an Engagement

From Romantic Uncertainty to an Engagement

Restless Nights and a Traffic Jam of Thoughts

While love is one of the most rewarding and challenging emotions humans seek for themselves, it’s also a very common reason for people to seek out a psychic’s advice. I’ve worked with countless romantics to help them make their love lives work.

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Most of Her Life Was Already In Place

Julie was a twenty-something with the majority of her life in place. The one missing piece? A partner to share in her successes. Though Julie was an independent and intelligent professional, and had been dating the same guy for roughly six months, the uncertainty of where the relationship was headed caused her restless nights and a traffic jam of thoughts throughout her day.

“The One” or a Waste of Time?

Was this guy “the one,” or was Julie wasting time with him while a soulmate waited in the wings? Many people don’t realize that psychics can help determine whether or not a connection with someone—even someone you love with your whole heart—is a healthy bond or one that doesn’t serve your higher purpose. Julie, however, knew exactly that. Instead of waiting for the relationship to run its course, she took the opportunity to gain more insight through a psychic reading.

Julie’s Top Concerns

Julie had three major concerns:

1. Were her feelings true, or driven by something else, like her desire to raise a family?
2. If her feelings were true, did her partner feel the same way?
3. Was the confusion she was feeling keeping her from making changes that would benefit her future?

What Psychic Marin Saw

In Julie’s case, she had genuine concerns about her current relationship, simply because her previous partners left her feeling abandoned and insecure. When the phone reading began, I was immediately able to tell Julie that her boyfriend was the right fit, and I confirmed her fears stemmed from the past, and that her beau wasn’t the cause of her strife. Her energy and my guides confirmed why she was struggling.

Learning to Trust Her Own Intuition

I shared tips on how to move forward through the messages I received from the guides, and I emphasized the importance of Julie learning to trust her own intuition (and her partner) so they could work through these little ripples without giving up.

A Little Pep Talk and Some Reassurance

Basically, all Julie needed was a little pep talk and the reassurance that continuing to work on herself meant the relationship could thrive. Not only were her feelings true, but her boyfriend’s were too, and he was quite capable of handling any circumstances that came up later. Her confusion, it seemed, had nothing to do with the relationship.

A Marriage Proposal

A year later, Julie called back to say the conversation we’d had validated her decision to say yes to her guy’s recent proposal. She’d worked hard to trust him and herself, and in doing those things, their relationship flourished.

Providing the Truth

As a psychic I lovingly provide the truth. For Julie, knowing where she was headed gave her more opportunity to grow and nurture this relationship and grow and nurture herself as an individual. In truth, when people utilize the information they’re given and realize it’s for their greater good, the universe responds to their action and rewards them with what they need (in its own time, of course).

If you’re ready to know whether or not the person you’re seeing is one of your soul mates, I highly recommend setting up a love reading with a psychic. Not only will this help you see clearly, but it can ultimately lead to an everlasting love, just like Julie’s.


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